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Or the emperor could’ve told him about the warp gate and just been a better father figure to the primarchs

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Are you questioning the Emperor's actions?


I thought it was both

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SPARTANs were just genetically selected, no in-utero editing. It is unclear if the SPARTAN-II alterations were genetic or chemical in nature.

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trying to surf off germany's current soft power

Wouldn't that be the more worrying thing? Other users judging a poster by their flag rather than their posts


It appears that there is a manual review of posts going on, what is the justification for this?


It works that way in most communities and it only affects a small minority of cases.

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

When we can't see the list of banned words, AM doesn't message us saying it's being held, etc. How are users supposed to interpret the situation?

When we can't see the list of banned words,

Thats kind of the point. Otherwise people would try, just like you did, to circumvent it.

How are users supposed to interpret the situation?

There is no reason to interpret anything here. If its fully removed, you will receive a message. Otherwise you can expect it to appear in the new queue eventually.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago

circumvent it

Because it doesn't break any of the rules.

you can expect it to appear in the new queue eventually

And this isn't available for users to see anywhere! That's my frustration with y'all's actions: you're using an invisible rule book we can't see and banning us for breaking rules we can't see.

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Scots certainly sounds like the bastard child of English and Norse:

home - haem

language - leid

north - north

island - islain

strong - strang

weak - weak

day - day

night - nicht

snow - snaw/snae

wind - win'

fire - fire

troll - troll

cat - moggie

Hearing Nordic languages always makes me feel like I'm at home, and sounds so close to being understandable.

Dumb question: how prevalent is Scots in this day and age? Is it a living language, or more of a cultural treasure?

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Not a dumb question at all! Depends what you mean by "Scots".

Some people will speak proper Scots as a language (Doric like I grew up with for example), some people will read Scots poetry (Robert Burns for example), and for some people it'll be more of a dialect of English (just using a few Scots words - lower-class Glaswegians are an example).

Imagine peas the size of the Millennium Dome. Corn as big as Big Ben. I say yes.

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Original Poster12 points · 2 months ago

I'd settle for strawberries which don't go mushy 2 nanoseconds after being picked tbh.

No place to pick them near you? I go strawberry picking pretty often in the summer it’s great.

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Original Poster5 points · 2 months ago

Yeah, but they don't keep - that's my problem with them.

A reminder that when you have a vested interest in something going badly and you observe that it currently is going badly you keep your mouth shut so it will continue to go badly.

A reminder that when you have a vested interest in something going badly you don't produce statistics, analyses and graphics showing that it is going badly because if you do it motivates people to try and fix the thing going badly, which is the opposite of your vested interest

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-14 points · 2 months ago

It's going pretty well - investment is up and there has been no capital flight. JP Morgan made a foolish gamble, and will pay the price in not being in London - it is in their interest to foment dissent and try to screw Brexit up.

foment dissent

LOL. "Foment dissenters". Only one step up from "traitors"

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Well they're American, they can't be traitors.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago


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It's not a huge issue. Labour just makes it one because they are the opposition. They can hardly say, "Theresa you are doing a splendid job on the economy", can they?

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Well that would be kinder and gentler.

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4 points · 2 months ago


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Fry this punk

Minors (even when tried as adults) can't get the death penalty or even life sentences (without parole)

UK doesn't exist?

Original Poster45 points · 2 months ago

It has less then 1% of FTTP household penetration.

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Fuck, that's poor.

Just incredible how so many young people in usa and europe are turning to communism even after all the misery it has caused

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You can thank the Frankfurt School for that.

More evidence that Communism is an extremely murderous ideology, yet we still have members of the UK opposition calling for it.

Why TF do you have a spoon at 2AM?

We successfully defended Scotland against them.

I can see how it could be abused but as long as there are logs and a system in place that makes sure that they aren't profiling or targeting that annoying neighbor then I see no issue.

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In Oregon, the tech was powered by a 300,000-person database of mug shots that powered a mobile app. Officers could use the app to cross reference people's faces with any criminal record.

It's all down to who's in the database: and according to the article, it's only criminals - so no abuse could take place AFAIK.

This is exact. It is simplifying the workload for the police. The only problem is that it shouldn't be enlightened to detain someone. It should be enough to have reasonable suspicion that the ID is fake or the person isn't who they say they are. It is perfect for the investigation of it. The biggest benefit will be tracking identity thieves.

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Agreed, not used to detain - but certainly flag for an IRL policeman to stop and question.

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Original Poster854 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

That's what they get for publishing this story yesterday.

What's really infuriating is that that article isn't labelled as an op-ed.

The deal was to designed to prevent Iran from getting nuclear missles by halting their nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. It was highly effective in meeting its goal since it did just that. A year before the Iran deal was signed the options were either

a. Let Iran get the missle b. Go to war with Iran to get it to halt.

The US and it's allies allies managed to get compromise a solution much to the chagrin to the hardliners in Iran who wanted the sink the deal. Now Trump just validated them. It was all done in the name of undoing the things that Obama administration did.

If Trump really cared about getting Iran to stop its other activities, then he would set his policy towards achieving those other seperate goals in Iran. He didn't. Why? Because it was never about that.

In case you haven't realized it, Trumps whole foreign policy is about shooting from the hip to achieve short aims and approval rating without thinking towards the long term. Iran is probably going to start up it's program again, it's moderate faction that is willing to open up to the world is probably going to lose seats to the hardliners, and we're going to be back to where we were 4 years ago.

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prevent Iran from getting nuclear missles


in exchange for lifting sanctions

Meaning Iran will have more resources to pour into a nuclear program when the deal ended.

The US

Didn't agree to anything. Obama acted without Congress.

I'll take two please. Have them stand either side of my door.

Because intrinsic traits create no similar life experiences or desires in those who share them amirite? What a terrible argument.

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similar life experiences or desires in those who share them

None of which override the individuality of the person.

Funny thing, people tend to bond over common experiences. You don't have to be perfectly identical to bond. It's weird that you think people shouldn't bond over experiences they have if they didn't "choose" to be that way.

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It's weird that you think people shouldn't bond over experiences they have if they didn't "choose" to be that way

Because we know where that leads. The 20th century is defined by where that leads, and I have no intention of going there again.

My argument is that there are far more important differences to be teaching children than this.

And mine is that is also an important one. Especially now that we have different types of family and all legal, while a few decades ago it wasn't (and in many countries this includes even divorce).


You are claiming that they are too young for any sexual or relationship orientated discussion, so I ask if you think the same when the family asks a 4 years old boy about his kindergarten girlfriends.

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we have different types of family and all legal

And this isn't important to kids. Economics, basic psychology, how to study, critical thinking, etc. are all far more important - yet few if any are taught in schools.

when the family asks a 4 years old boy about his kindergarten girlfriends

What a family talks about is not the business of the school. What the school teaches as fact is of great importance to all in society.

So, kids are too young to learn that there are different kinds of relationship and families, but old enough to learn economics?

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Economics a child can grasp and make use of:

I have a shiny Charizard, it has high subjective value, therefore I can trade it for many other pokemon.

I can earn 50p per glass of lemonade I sell, how many do I need to sell to buy that new video game?

Timmy having two dads is irrelevant to a child, as are the side effects of long-term use of oversized dildos by Timmy's dads. Let children be children.

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