Ok, explain yourself not so anti-Turkish, unbiased mods! by vwghk in EuropeMeta

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Certainly looks weird, especially with mods participating in the thread you linked.

What kind of people frustrate you? by Kords in AskReddit

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build their lives around something they enjoy

That's called external validation, and has pretty nasty consequences.

Does r/Europe have a right-wing bias? by Horny_Hipst3r in EuropeMeta

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some mods are racist

We're all racist. We're all sexist. And we don't need to keep pointing it out. However it's whether these biases are relevant which is what really matters.

For example: if one saw an Indian looking person, one wouldn't associate that person as European. This is literal racism: it's judging them based on their race. It's actions based on racism which are wrong, not benign words. "That's why Nazis genocided Jews" it is the action which is the problematic part.

Does r/Europe have a right-wing bias? by Horny_Hipst3r in EuropeMeta

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I personally wouldn't say it's European either, but then again I'd also say Constantinople. The map which represents "Europe" to me is this one: no Turkey and only the very west of Russia.

As for why people in general don't consider Turkey European, but do consider Russia, I believe that is rooted in Christianity. Turkey has not been Christian for quite some time, whilst Russia has been. That shared religion (even if different flavours of Christianity) is an in-group which people associate with.

What kind of people frustrate you? by Kords in AskReddit

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what do you base your entire being around?

Maximising my pleasure vs pain.

Doctors should prescribe more antidepressants for people with mental health problems, study finds: Data from 522 trials, involving 116,000 patients found that every one of the 21 antidepressants used were better than a placebo. by madazzahatter in worldnews

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It is normal to feel sad. It is normal to feel unloved. It is normal to feel disconnected, or less than or a failure.

That is not what mental health issues are.

The answer is more community

That can be part of the solution for sure.

The answer isn't more drugs

For an overwhelming majority it is. They work, we know this and can measure it to prove it - that's part of what this report is.

Mike Pence Uses SpaceX Achievements to Knock NASA - Private companies will probably play a bigger role in space travel: “While American industry and technology have leaped towards the future, our government agencies too often have remained stuck in the past” by mvea in Futurology

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“It is here today, in the 21st Century, that the modern marvels that launched from these grounds prove that the public and private sectors are achieving far more together, than they ever have apart,” stated Pence.

I really wish media outlets would stop misleading.

Believers of extraterrestrial life, what expierience did you have that made you Believe? by onmytrike in AskReddit

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the universe is infinite, not finite

Ehhhhhhh, not knowable. The observable universe is certainly finite, and we by definition can't know what's beyond that.

However, even within this finite universe, it is a statistical certainty that we are not the only life to exist.

[Serious] What small thing really changed your life once you started doing it? by TheFindus in AskReddit

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Antidepressants. One tiny pill every morning is all it takes to make life worth living again.

[Serious] You randomly wake up in Central Park on September 4, 2001. Using only the knowledge you currently have about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, how do you save as many lives as possible? by beardlesshipster in AskReddit

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Contact the secret service with details of everything - I don't expect to stop the attacks with this, only get brought in by them for questioning afterwards.

When brought in I would use all the future knowledge I had to prevent the invasion of Iraq (stopping the creation of ISIS), and focusing the military on destroying the Taliban from a distance.

What kind of people frustrate you? by Kords in AskReddit

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People who base their entire being around some segment of their identity.

Does r/Europe have a right-wing bias? by Horny_Hipst3r in EuropeMeta

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I know for sure there are few in mod team too

What? You're joking, right?

France Introduces Tougher Immigration Bill, Raising Outcry by Gsonderling in europe

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Criminals get deported, people without criminal history don't.

What jobs are safe from future AI? by RCGardner95 in AskReddit

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Professional human

Athletes, actors, anything where you're paying someone to perform as a human.

What jobs are safe from future AI? by RCGardner95 in AskReddit

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That's a collectors edition toy I would pay for.

Berlusconi's comeback shows that Italy still struggles with its fascist past by dont_tread_on_dc in europe

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I believe the solution for my country lies in the hope that one day a United States of Europe will emerge. It’s true that support for the EU has fallen in Italy. But common European rules are what prevent Italy from further sliding into populism and from eroding democratic principles. Being part of the EU acts as a bulwark against our worst instincts.

Literally calling for non-Italians to interfere in Italian politics.