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I started with udemy and a couple of common task I needed for work, ie log into a devicewth ssh and run troubleshooting commands.

From there you can build.

Network to code slack for sure then. auto registration at

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This was downvoted?? Let me help fix that.

..Remove humans from sentencing. Set a menu of sentencing, no if ands or buts. ..Make education mandatory. ..Make job training part of release program.

So so many things, but this would be my start.

Start here. This will get you started on the path of certification, what you should study, and even a practice exam or two!

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Half of the jncia is learning the benefits of Junos, the fundamentals are in the test as well. You learn how juniper does filtering, options for working with the configs etc. Knowing more than one cli makes you more valuable.

You need

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I know what glassdoor is but I need someone who has joined amazon recently. Sometimes from my experience glassdoor salaries are not accurate

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I will agree that the numbers can be off for some positions/companies, but you have a change to put in the details tha t are needed (country/experience/etc) to give you an idea. There are a lot of variables to get a clue to the TC packages. I can say for me when I checked glassdoor it was within 5% of my TC for the company I joined. So its up to you.. used glassdoor as data points and get some idea, or hope someone chimes in information that MIGHT apply to you.

They used to pass you to a few teams that you might be a fit for. Each interviewer is tasked with a specific thing, thought process, technical depth etc. Make sure you have your basics at the top of your mind. Osi model, open protocols and mpls. If you bring some scripting skills to the table, you might get a shot. If you can pick look for the azure team that does the work on the wan. Those guys were tuff when I talked to them. I didnt make it but I'm hoping you do. Good luck.

My last team by degree/current job

History/Business Analyst

History/Web Developer

English/Software Engineer

Chemistry/Software engineer

General Studies/Web Application Developer (me)

Astro physics(seriously)/Software Engineer

Business/Business Analyst

No Degree/Software Developer

Graphic Design/ Web Developer

There were, of course, people who held degrees in IS, IT, IT management and so on but for the most part it didn’t seem to matter what your degree was in, or if you even had one.

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This fukkking awesome, thanks for this

Congrats... make us proud !

Small networks will probably be going toward auto provisioning and automation tools developed by vendors since they won’t have the skills in house.

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Nope... how can they? The types of network that doesn't see the value in evolving the network wont even know what auto provisioning is, and they will not have anyone on staff that can do it. Lol sorry both of the legacy net. Engineers will live on

Hence what I said: networks not worth working on.

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If its your first IE, I think its a stretch, not impossible but in your shoes I would do the CCNP-SP and then decide, any decent employer will see this as progress and not complain too much. Most ISPs have a few juniper devices as well, so you might get just as much out of grabbing mid level certs in juniper (JNCIP-SP) .

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Ok thanks! We actually use a mixture of Cisco and Huawei but I'll certainly check the blueprint out! Have you had any experience with the juniper certs?

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ahh sorry, Americans assuming things are the same everywhere.... then again maybe every ISP in the US doesn't have juniper too, but all o the ones I have worked with do. Again. sorry for the assumption But yes, I passed jncia easy for any ccnp ( I hold a CCNP r/S as well) I failed jncis though, rushed it and paid for it. My point was just think about another vendor than Cisco if you have those in your network. Typically a engineer that knows more than one vendor is more valuable than one that can only "speak" one vender

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well based on ..." The problem is I don't have a degree or any certs ".. I vote to fix the problem :), no charge for that advice BTW :) /end a$$hole comment

ok seriously, CCNP moved up to entry level because everyone and their grand mother had a CCNA... then couldn't deliver on the job. Companies lose time and $$$ with a bad hire and its not always easy to ditch them, this is why so many companies start with contractors while having a FTE position open. You haven't kept yourself relevant so if you want to make a move you have to address that. You hopefully have good experience from your current position, if so that could help a lot. Experience > certs (and degrees for non mgmt positions), however Experience + certs (+ degree for mgmt positions) is ideal.

" The issue is sometimes my job stresses me out that I lose motivation. " << this just means you don't want to leave bad enough yet, when you do.. you will fight through this small hurdle.

IT as a whole is constantly evolving, so sure VMware isn't as important as it was, but those skills help a lot in the cloud. You can grab any entry level cert and "get in" I suspect your company hired out to save $$$, but I'm guessing.

Azure had some free courses, I think AWS has some as well but udemy has $10 courses on either all the time, so is a chance at a cloud job worth $10 for you? of course it is.. good luck

Don't focus on the "title" as much as you focus on experience, I think the experience you are getting is GREAT.. broad but that's a plus IMO as well. You have been exposed to a few areas in this role. Ask yourself... "Self... what do you like to do? which area would you work in ALL day if you could?"

Then go get deeper knowledge in THAT area, this can include certs if you want, but get current details in that area... Then go find a new position that lets you do more of what you like.

If you want to wait and hope for that position at your current company.. fine... If you want to move faster.. leave.

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It is your own fault unfortunately, but at least you will not make that mistake again.

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EXACTLY, its not HRs job to make sure YOU know YOUR value, relax and get the experience from the position and take that into your next job. If you didn't see the other offer with your own eyes... it could be "inflated"

Experience in a niche field. Great resume. Great portfolio. And you gotta impress in interviews if you want to get to that level. Also once you get to be a fairly senior manager head hunters seem to hit you up all the time. Also it’s a lot of networking in your field, make great impressions left and right, all your managers and associates love you, and they’ll always think of you when there’s job openings.

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Excellent reply, I would also add exposure like ebook blogs and or courses in your niche.

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Entry level for the networking world, though, wouldn't you say? While of course it'd be nice to have as knowledge for a help desk tech, I'm unsure where/what case it'd necessarily be a requirement for that position.

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This depends on the help desk, if they need a solution network resource for some reason it makes sense.

Eve ng is another alternative to gns3 if you get good at labbing things up and Wireshark I think you will before than "good"

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I didn't get you sir ! You are talking about alternative for Wirshark or gns3??

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sorry is a gns3 alternative. I was just making sure you knew there were other options out there.

Quit. If your work is special you will leave a gap when you leave. If it's not... Keep learning. Keep growing.

The group I work for uses word documents to build templates and I hate it so much.

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I have never heard of this..Excel but never word wow.

No, I spent years in networking but there are tons of things I don't know because I did not encounter them. I study more but unless you work where you get to deal with it then it can be difficult to really pick up.

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I gave thtis dream up in 2011, after narbiks bootcamp back when the book was still printed. Don't beat yourself to much. Chasing the dream still makes you a damn good engineer. My understanding is time management is just as important as knowing the technologies. Oh on the lab there was also a odd question in the 8.x range that is only worth 2 or 3 points... That breaks a lot of stuff unless you really know that area.... Skip it ..

Good luck, be proud you are even trying so many y of us don't or don't anymore.

I can't comment on the online training itself but I recently did an official class room training and the actual labs were hosted online and look pretty identical to your screenshot so I guess it's the same environment. They are actual virtual IOS/ASA/... images so not some demo version like you would get on the exam. So if you don't want to bother or can't set up your own virtual lab (GNS, EveNG), I would say this is perfect. IF you care to pay the price of course :)

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Setting things up is where you learn the most .I also use eveng but I'm starting juniper certs.. don't pay that much.. Is my vote

It's not the role or title that will help or hurt you, it's what you do in the position. If you are using Java to test, those skills transfer directly back to TDD. I would pick up some side projects to keep you GitHub contributions active for the role you want to end up in. Focus on. The skills you gain from the move to determine if it's a good move or not.

I would tell myself not to get distracted by $$ and go as deep as I could in my field (networking). I stopped at ccnp because the money grew faster than expected. Then after the ccie I would have finished a degree any degree, just to have more options. This is assuming I started over 20ish years ago.

If I had to start today... I would learn python and get deep knoowledge there. Then look at getting mid level networking certs with top global companies. Get a couple cloud certs .. maybe linux. Then go back to school.

Ccnp DC for me then I need some juniper certs then linux

well at least we can make "some" $$ on the exit, that 420 price is not bad... although t I wonder if its a pun on typical "420" references...

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