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The problem isn't autofill. The problem is players in ranked who can't play all roles

I guess it happens but that seems like a nightmare to deal with so many different vendors under one company.

TBH - it doesn't make sense for any company to decide to run a different PBX from their HQ vs branch offices.. Managing that seems like a pain and I doubt the telephony staff would go for that either.

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Also a lot of those lines are entrenched in hospitals that must keep there systems up: ER, patient rooms, ORs etc..

I work for a vendor that is often cleaning up all the old stuff and as a new voice engineer its interesting to see how physically convoluted analog is.

I also don't see it dying because of faxing and alarm systems. There's a lot of businesses and entities that still rely on them to work.


Kill secured

How do you cope with any weapon slower and seemingly immobile in comparison to IG?

How do you cope with any weapon after IG?

Per the comments.. I'm so pleased with my purchase!

I didn't want to drop the money on a new Yamaha so I ended up getting a new Mendini. I'm a struggling beginner but I just really wanted to get my hands on one December 2017. I did an only regret my purchase based on comments like this.. I haven't played a quality sax yet so no comparison.

SRNDs and labbing. The exam material is a great source of what you need to know.. use the aforementioned to learn it. I didn't read more than two chapters for any of the NP Collab exams

Got NP Collab recently. I feel like 60 to 70 percent of the exam is good and the rest was irrelevant. Grammar was good honestly. Few questions I had to emulate the Jackie chan meme.

The exam material is honestly your best source of what to study. Then hit up those SRNDs and labbing.

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Interesting.. I'm not judging you I just find it interesting that people sell this shit.

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Yeah - I think it's good timing to revisit the topic though!

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The implication is he bought more.

Sure the random noises are annoying but you sometimes hear some funny conversations

"C'mon baby when you coming over? You getting your hair done? PLATINUM BLONDE?! GOSH DAMN you going to like so fine baby come over when you're done so I can stick it in your butt"


Lol - returnished

My only thing about this is how would those that bought CPU for only one month justify that purchase? How would anyone know it would have been worth it for just a month? If that purchase was

Haha thanks for the info.


Correct - many others are mining with more resources.

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