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Comment deleted8 months ago

Because when you write tests in code you uses Mocks.

That's what #[test] means, and this... assert_eq! (response_receivers.get (&Component::Hopper).unwrap ().try_recv ().is_err (), true);

this is how we pass the test. We write code to test our code.

Also welcome to Reddit.

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I want to make sure that people feel that their voices are being heard. Asking legitimate questions about the development of the product is encouraged. It is very difficult to always reply because it takes away from development time. We try to be very active online and sometimes sacrifice our family time to interact with those “late night” community members. We have several developers that want to stay behind the scenes and not be public facing. We encourage our developers and team members to be very vocal and interact with the community. Why? Because we want to ensure that the community feels updated and informed. Crypto can be a dangerous place for new people, and lot's of people have been scammed or have been misinformed resulting in bad decisions. This is why we have our first local meet up tonight, to meet us face to face. To see what we really do. This is also why we are very excited that we are bringing more team members on in 2018. I want to make two quick statements on our Reddit and share this with the other social media channels.

  1. If you have been banned from one of our media outlets (Slack, Telegram, Discord) for what you think are invalid reasons let me know. PM me on reddit with your username and platform and let me know.

  2. Our Admins try to answer technical questions to the best of their knowledge. They are not the source of pure truth at all times. So please give them grace. Allow them to say "I don't know".


If you're willing to answer some questions I have one. Today I feel the biggest question bouncing around this sub is why have we heard Justin say they are wrapping up Alpha 2 and just recently a Dev tweets that they are working hard towards alpha 2.

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Original Poster20 points · 8 months ago

Give Dan a bit of grace. He was replying about a piece of the node... We are working on correcting our messaging regarding product testing and releases. This also means we are changing how we announce releases. Keep in mind team members are not all co-located in Ohio. The terms alpha, alpha 2, beta etc all have been thrown around and have been misinterpreted both internally an externally. This is our fault. We are addressing our communication with each other and will announce publicly what each release means. These features will be identified very clearly to avoid confusion. We are building something very large and very complex. Anyone who has a sense of the product and wants to support it would be encouraged by what we have done in a very short time.

Why the copy/paste responses?

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