Bringing a fanny pack to the parks? by amusedpandas in WaltDisneyWorld

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My favorite park bags:


they're not high fashion but being able to sling it to the front in a microsecond to get sunglasses, sunscreen or a poncho is hard to beat.

How do UX professionals address high bounce rates on landing pages? by helpfulFrenchBulldog in userexperience

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If they bounce, they didn't get what they were expecting/wanting.

What were your ads promising? Does the page they get to deliver on that promise? Run tests on alternative content to see if the bounce rate improves.

What are the search terms that bring people to your page? Does it address those things or are you getting hits on search terms or adwords that don't properly describe your site? If that's the case, you need to be paying for different adwords or you need to change your business.

Are the old Disney movie's portrayal of racial groups (Dumbo's Crows, Peter Pan's Indians, ETC.) Only a modern controversy or did people have problems with them back when they came out too? by SIRUNKLYDUNK in AskHistorians

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Ever since the home video boom of the 1980s, Disney have made very conscious decisions about which films in their catalog to release at any one time. This is more formally known as the Disney Vault.

However, to maintain interest in the films, and as an entertainment proposition itself, Disney would regularly release videos with excerpts from the films, shorts and other items. In particular, sing-a-longs and other videos containing just the songs were popular. Zip a Dee Doo Dah would feature context-free in these popular home video items, maintaining the exposure of this catchy tune.

Also, Song of the South did have re-releases as recently as 1980 and 1986. Anecdotally I have friends who grew up in Kentucky during the 80s who were shown the film at school projected from a reel.

Films centered on adolescent relationships (developmentally positive or negative) by powderdd in TrueFilm

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There's so much to unpack in Son of Rambow (2007) regarding these themes and it's a charming film. An imaginative and creatively repressed boy from a strict religious background becomes best friends with a disobedient school prankster over a shared sense of adventure after seeing the movie Rambo. In addition there's a relevant b-plot about the cultural impact following the arrival and eventual departure of some french exchange students.

Creating a DVD ISO for Amazon? by Super_EMAS in editors

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DVDs allow for data files in addition to the VIDEO_TS content (for DVDs with DVD-Rom support). Make a file big enough to pad out the image and re-make the iso with that data file on it?

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk by tedward618 in StarVStheForcesofEvil

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To be serious for a second, the counterpoint is part of a continual debate around the differences, physiologically, between adolescent and adult brains. It's not as clear cut as '15 year old brains are less mature than 30 year old ones' - you have as much grey matter to store knowledge at 11 or 12 as you do at 30. There are maturation processes (a winnowing of unused pathways) from puberty onward but this is very gradual and happens even until a person's mid-40s.

With adult and teen brains being similar, it could be argued that the difference between teens and adults is more to do with having experience of situations (and ways to react to them) than something strictly biological. So, how much Marco retained in terms of experience when he changed back into a 15 year old would be important.

[Fan content] Blu-Ray vs. 1080p Remaster by austenisariot in TheLastAirbender

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I found the remaster to be heavily warpsharped. I understand why, it hides a lot of the aliasing problems you get with upscales, but once you see it you can't unsee it. Looking forward to checking out the blu-rays for something a little less manipulated.

Best Restaurant for EPCOT Fireworks viewing? by denismeniz in WaltDisneyWorld

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Have you seen them before? If you haven't then don't rely on a restaurant. Reason? Everyone wants that awesome view, which means only a few people will get those views. If you can't get a good view you may not be able to see the fireworks at all despite your best efforts. Having dinner earlier and then finding a good spot later may be a better for you.

Who, when, and what do I ask in order to get the 'good' seats on Soarin'? by [deleted] in WaltDisneyWorld

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The suggestions here are great. The other way to have your pick of the Soarin' seats is to book an 8am dining reservation at garden grill. The food is ok, the characters are great. Finish by 8:45 and they let you on before the park entrance folks have even shown up. Did this the first time I went on it and we were the only people in B, middle row.

Buses at AK Lodge - Are they really that bad? by CarolineH10 in WaltDisneyWorld

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They come every 20 minutes with the occasional bad delay making it 40 minutes for a particular route. The bus to DAK is on a loop so they are pretty frequent unless there are a lot of scooters.

On the whole they are fine but can be frustrating. If you have a morning ADR then you may want to Uber/Lyft/Minnie Van to be safe but otherwise they are ok.

Is it really going to be -19 on Sunday? by PM__YOUR__GOOD_NEWS in Omaha

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The feels-like temp is -41. I'm staying indoors. Under blankets.

Weekly Question Thread - December 26, 2017 by AutoModerator in WaltDisneyWorld

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Well, this week is a special hell but if you got to the park maybe >90mins before park opening at the latest you would likely have a 45 min wait until they moved you into the park and a 20min wait before the dropped the pandora rope and let people ride FoP. You could be done with riding FoP by 9:15 and do the rest of the park.

FoP is much more worth it. If you are lucky and ride in the first few rooms, you can get out and do the river ride at 9:00 as basically a walk on. Otherwise don't despair, you aren't missing that much in the grand scheme of things.

Tips on best seat for Flight of Passage? by ahufana in WaltDisneyWorld

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I've been on the end and it's not nearly as bad as soarin. YMMV

Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge? Pros and Cons, Please by SilentNightingale in WaltDisneyWorld

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No fee, but a tip wouldn't go amiss.

It takes a little while to transfer and unlike Magical Express they do not take it to your room directly, but you can call bell services to bring it up if you want or you can pick it up right at the desk. Bell services operate 24/7 so if doesn't matter how late you return from a day of touring when you transfer resorts. We picked up our bags after a late night at the Christmas party!

You can even call Bell Services to collect luggage from your room the morning you transfer but I preferred to just stop by on my way to the park so I could get on with morning touring.

Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge? Pros and Cons, Please by SilentNightingale in WaltDisneyWorld

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Do a split stay. WL for the days where you are touring MK and Epcot then transfer to AKL for the rest. Bell services can transfer all your luggage for you while you are at the park. I did this on my most recent trip and it was fantastic (stayed at the Poly, did MK and Epcot then went over to AKL).

The only downside to a split stay imo is that you will have two 180-day mornings for dining reservations but honestly dining is easy to get because people change their plans a lot and you can pick up reservations for pretty much anything. Fast passess work just fine for booking your entire trip at the 60-day mark, so you will still be fine getting those important Pandora, Mine Train & Frozen passes.

If a split stay isn't your thing... I personally adore AKL, but I've never done WL.

Pandora Wait Times During EMH by lettucetacobout-it in WaltDisneyWorld

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Your instincts are correct, the automated suggestion is wrong here. For every 100 people, maybe 1 or 2 go to river journey. If you are in the early rope drop crowd you will ride FOP quick and can get in the river journey line with a short 10 or 20mins wait.

In fact, touring plans historical data shows this to be the case. It was EMH on saturday, admittedly a much busier saturday than the one the OP is talking about, but these were the observed times:

FOP - https://touringplans.com/animal-kingdom/attractions/avatar-flight-of-passage/wait-times/date/2017-12-16

River Journey: https://touringplans.com/animal-kingdom/attractions/navi-river-journey/wait-times/date/2017-12-16

River Journey stayed fairly low during EMH but FOP was a full two hours the whole time. What this means is that if you are not in the first few hundred people into the park then you are waiting an hour or more regardless of EMH.

If you want a better comparison, find a historical date with a similar predicted crowd level and see what the actual numbers looked like.

Weekly Question Thread - December 05, 2017 by AutoModerator in WaltDisneyWorld

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Visiting on Sunday for 6 days - weather forecast looks a little chilly. I have two questions on that:

1) Will the drop in temperature affect visits from locals - perhaps making the parks a little quieter (like rainy days can do) or is it not cold enough?

2) How bad will it feel waiting for night time shows with temps in the 40s? Is this gloves level or just a light jacket level?

Disappointed in Disney World Customer Service by bobbychoi in WaltDisneyWorld

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OK so you can buy the insurance but claiming when you were aware of the condition before travel would be a challenge, just like you can't claim for a weather event if you bought the insurance when the storm was already on the map.