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No I'm not ready to go just yet..

So all I have to do to avoid a ban is not comment. Seems simple enough.

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Yup, count me out

Silly that it's a rule if it's never followed. It seems tough to enforce being that a split second makes all the difference. Seems like there should be a half meter line in front of the goal that the goalie can be in at any time during the run up and kick but can't cross.

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An Irish U19s keeper jumped the line a second early and received a straight red card. Shame the rules aren't enforced at the highest level. Looks like it came back to bite Schmeichel during the penos anyway

ID: AyyDee

27 yrs old D3 div3

Always looking for chill ppl to play with

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Just added ya. Irish..

PC, Plat 3, Looking for a 2s teammate, preferably in the 13-15 range because I get nervous when I play with people that are older than me :(

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Yo, what's your steam name? Gold close to getting to platinum. Aiming to get into diamond

!goalbot Keane, Aston Villa

I may be alone in this, but I can’t imagine people who are this into yoga would be very interesting to talk to.

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I hope you're alone on this, because that is one of the most irrational things I've ever heard on reddit. No I dont do yoga.

Ya know how sea turtles lay a bunch of eggs cuz not all of them make it to the ocean? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I absolutely love that analogy

Is it just me or did that wave normalize really quickly?

I love the structure and setting. But... interior design seems a little pretentious:

  • the TV is on some kind of elaborate painting aisle (kudos for not having an oversized TV though)

  • Edison bulbs (Okay, part of me likes these, but it is the pretentious part of me)

  • That golden tree (seaweed?) statue - I hate everything about that.

  • The cabinet appears to be an antique Chinese piece, which is kind of incongruous with the rest of the room

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I find this comment pretentious.

681 points · 2 months ago

Congratulations you played yourself

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Congratulations you placed yourself FTFY


It means nothing unless he goes out and signs a new deal.

Let’s see what happens in the summer

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Didn't he sign a new deal last year?

You’d think 200 years would be enough time to forget about revenge, You were wrong!

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Where are you getting 200 years from?

-72 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago


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This midget got more pussay than you admittedly ever have, or ever will

If you expand the post with the little arrow thing from the sub it opens the original post instead of just the image.

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Exactly, what is the big deal here.. no need to be calling someone an asshole because they crossposted someone elses content.

I feel like I'm going crazy. Why are you bring downvoted for pointing out this guy is a lazy reposting asshole?

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Why is he an asshole?!

Smalling defending or Sterling finishing? Pick one!

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Obviously Sterling's Finishing....

smalling has to go. I despise every ounce of flesh in that man

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He is a fucking muppet

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Engage with your account manager and the customer success community as much as possible. I've found this to be extremely beneficial.

12 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Don't do chargeback requests for legitimate purchases. Even then always try to work with the merchant first. Doing chargebacks can and will lead to bad relations with said merchant preventing future activities or purchases.

Suggesting someone do a chargeback for an otherwise legit purchase is a horrible idea. No matter the reason behind it. Keep in mind that this will never go to Rockstar. This will hit the company you got the shark card from. It impacts their rating with their creditor and merchant account provider. So if your intent is to hurt Rockstar then you are doing it all wrong.

Example: You bought a shark card via Steam for use in GTA Online. You do a chargeback because you want to hurt Rockstar "where it hurts". Congrats you just now got your Steam account banned/locked because you did a chargeback against Steam. Not Rockstar...

EDIT: Clarification point here. If you got the Rockstar Club release of the game (not attached to any other distribution platform) and it went to Rockstar's website then any chargeback will hit Digital River. Other distribution platforms~~ (I believe)~~ redirect to the store page for that store.I'm going to load my Steam copy and check. Be right back. Confirmed that releases on 3rd party platforms (not on Rockstar Club directly) will redirect to the platform you purchased through even though they do still install said platform.

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I have experience in this area. A chargeback request would initially involve liaising directly with the merchant, which you assume to be Steam however may not be the case, as a part of the overall process. Regardless of this, you are within your rights to request a refund for a product or service directly connected and contingent on a service for which a valid, in-date contract/TOS has been broken. For example, if you purchase headphones and an accompany case/special cable, however the headphones are malfunctioning then you are within your rights for a full refund for all products inside an explicitly agreed time period.

There will be no further repercussions for the completion of a chargeback as said refund would be deemed lawful by the issuing transaction provider, i.e. their account will not be banned.

If you want a refund then you should be attempting (within your best effort) to obtain that from the merchant directly so that they have the opportunity to help you out as best as they are able to. In this case you would contact Steam via their support channels and advise them to the incident and see if they can process the refund.

A chargeback would be used in the event that you could not obtain the refund from the merchant via normal means and you feel you are entitled to it for some reason (be it due to this or a fradulent purchase). Regardless this still won't necessarily hurt Rockstar.

Chargebacks against merchant providers may have their own effects beyond the merchant account action.
TL;DR Steam actually restricts the associated account for the duration of the dispute. Knowing banks this can take up to 3 months even if the bank opts to do a courtesy refund up front to cover losses.
EDIT: Based on the wording this may actually be the duration of the internal review if there is one. That could be longer...

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I've addressed your first paragraph in my above post sufficiently, I believe.

I seem to not understand your reasoning behind believing any refund will not ultimately impact Rockstar. Please elaborate on this if you could. What I believe you're saying essentially is that Steam are the full resale owners of the shark cards, as opposed to being 3rd party handlers.

I feel I have also addressed your 3rd paragraph.

Your final point is news to me, but understandable given the circumstances (if steam are the indeed 3rd party to this transaction). This comes down to a matter of deciding what is of more value; the amount in dispute or your access to the content while the dispute takes place. I know where my decision would lie. A point to note here is that any chargeback dispute involving steam would lock the content, provided it is solely accessible through steam, and restrict your account from purchasing through steam for the duration of the dispute. Access to other content on your steam account will not be affected.

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I haven't downvoted you mate, that button is absolutely misused throughout reddit anyway. And I agree that Smalling doesn't have the qualities of a United starter, just saying there have been far worse players this season and there are even more mediocre ones in our squad.

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Agree fully with your entire comment.

I just feel that, regardless of any uptake in Smalling's recent performances, he needs to be replaced. Along with a number of players in the squad. But I genuinely struggle to decide where the issue lies. Below are players whom come to mind right now as starter quality, but of course a lot of these cannot play together, frustratingly.


GK De Gea - Starter Romero - Squad

Defence: (RB) Valencia - Starter (CB) Bailly - Starter (CB) Lindelof - Squad (CB) Rojo - Squad (CB) Jones - Squad (LB) Young - Squad

Midfield: (CM) Matic - Starter (CM) Pogba - Starter (CM) McTom - Starter (CAM/RW) Sanchez - Starter (CM) Herrera - Starter/Squad (CAM/RM) Mata - Squad

Attack: (ST) Lukaku - Starter (LW) Martial - Starter (LW/RW/ST) Rashford - Starter/Squad


Defence: (LB) Shaw (LB/DM) Blind (CB) Smalling

Midfield: We certainly need a midfielder to bridge Pogba - Matic. Could be found in McTom, however.

Attack: We need a right winger.

I struggle to find where the true holes in the team are though bar LB and CB.

I truly believe that the main issues we have are entirely related to our back line. We need to sign 3 defenders (LB, RB and one CB). I completely agree that we need a midfielder and a right winger as well. We can rotate Scott depending on the match but we need someone really good to play there, partnering Matic and Pogba in a midfield 3.

I've also firmly believed since Fergie's last years that we lack important quality in our depth. During the end of Sir Alex's tenure we were crying for signings and he brought Kagawa who didn't work out, Zaha who wasn't good enough, Powell fucking hell... And not a single defensive reinforcement.

From our current defense I'd only keep Bailly, Valencia and Rojo as a backup. Jones is always injured and sometimes too inconsistent. Blind is wank. Darmain is wank. Young is playing because Shaw is simply not good enough.

Lindelof has been very good coming with the ball from the back but defensively he's easily the worst CB we currently have. Poor reading of the game, concedes too many fouls, and he isn't reliable at all.

Even so, we need to get a proper right back to rotate with Tony, a proven left back and a world class CB. We desperately need a right winger, though Alexis should be playing there. And a midfielder is a must.

Jones, Blind, Darmain, Fellaini, Young, Smalling, Shaw, even Ander as much as I love him as a player, they all can go. Lindelof has next season to prove he can actually defend, otherwise he has to go as well.

Anyone who doesn't perform well for more than a couple of seasons has to be sold or we'll be budging into mediocrity.

Just my opinion, of course!

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You've put that into words better than I could. I feel our backs are dealing with a lot of pressure due to the lack of coherence between the midfield 3. So, hopefully with signings in these areas we'll start seeing less pressure on the back line, better retention of the ball and more penetration up front. We've a solid base, but after 300m+ spent you'd hope that would at least be the case. Fingers crossed we hold on to Martial and De Gea, because otherwise I fear the worst.

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