“Super Women”, out of an 80s guide. by Christaller in climbing

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Made from the very rope she's climbing on, no less.

SABR Proposal: by GemV648 in Planetside

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The 2x burst out DPSs most weapons in the game, the gun is absolutely amazing as is. Took less than a month to aurax it, was a joy the whole time.

Does this count? by Ramonfromnz in MurderedByWords

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/u/Ramonfromnz, thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, it has been removed for violating the following rule(s):

  • Rule III - Quality Control, Not enough context for a burn/murder

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What invention is way older than people think? by Randomosaur in AskReddit

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The first computer was invented in 1804, a punchcard programmed loom

Is it worth it to join the game now? by Not_A_Unique_Name in Planetside

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Honestly, this is the only mmo fps, you should absolutely join

Whip on Black Friday by NegativeK in climbing

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

Left Handed Lead Belay with GriGri... by doshido in climbing

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Yup, as was mentioned then, grigri not intended for left handed use.

Discovered new way to burn paracord ends! by hunterppp in CampingandHiking

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This is not just spam, it's also silly and wrong. The mantle needs to be melted to the core or it'll loose a significant amount of it's strength under tension.

This old thread in /r/chemistry discussing the validity of Friction Labs marketing claims by Power_2_the_people in climbing

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Their rep came in to talk to us a few months back, he basically said it was the same chalk everyone else uses because only three or so companies make chalk, friction labs just purifies theirs a bunch more.

Friday New Climber Thread for January 12, 2018: Ask your questions in this thread please by AutoModerator in climbing

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Try /r/treeclimbing, /r/sfwtrees or /r/arborists, but if you're actually going to be trying to do tree work at the advice of a Reddit general questions thread, you should probably hire a professional.

If you're actually dead set on doing it, I can talk to you about some actual safety systems in context.

Left Handed Lead Belay with GriGri... by doshido in climbing

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You could try one of the half dozen symmetrical assisted braking devices, mammut smart, edelrid megajul, black diamond atc pilot, et c.

Laser bong by jumpinjellibeans in woahdude

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A different person responded each time yo.