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2 points · 3 hours ago

That’s a good catch. Considering it is mentioned in the first season, and it’s being made by the same guys it would make a lot of sense.

My only reservation with that is that one is syfy and one is Netflix so unless Netflix buys out z nation idk if they’ll really be a direct spin off

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It's still produced by The Asylum, and has a Z Nation showrunner on it

Is this an official spin off?

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Yes. It's being produced by The Asylum

No filming is allowed during SDCC panels- it’s how they keep them “exclusive”. They’re really strict about it too 😕 We’ll probably have to wait 6-8 weeks just to see the trailer for Z5.

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Well that's lame.

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6 points · 15 hours ago

i am also curious. why so?

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It's just protein powder but with less protein. Which is why it's cheaper

Det er international hyggegruppe bare i videoform

Here's hoping it's as campy and fun as Z Nation.

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It won't be. Black Summer was the period in the Z Nation apocalypse where the majority of the population died out because resources ran out

Assistance til chaufføren er vel allerede noget vi ser i de nyeste biler? Overser jeg noget?

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Jo men hvis jeg husker korrekt skal du stadig røre ved rattet hver 5 sekund

I believe they re-edited 4. I gave up on it when it came out, but actually enjoyed it on a recent rewatch. Haven't made it 5 though.

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The recut is worse imo. A episode consists of like 50% dialogue by Ron Howard

The Goldbergs is a better 80's show. It's pretty well received.

I've never watched more than a minute or two of it at random times.

I can't remember if it has a laugh track or not, which is common with the shows in it's timeslot.

Stranger Things is a about as 80's as you can get.

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Goldbergs has no laugh track

Specifikt Viaplay eller bare sådan generelt?

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Generelt. En god 1080p bluray film starter på de 16-18 mb/s og 4K ligger på +50. Netflix UHD varierer mellem 8-16 mb/s kan forestille mig Viaplay er det samme hvis ikke lavere.

Du får altså ikke en særlig høj billedkvalitet på streaming i forhold til fysisk medie. Det er selvfølgelig svært med sport, men jeg synes ikke det vil kunne betale sig. Du vil kunne se marginalt forskel på 1080p og uhd i den bitrate

2 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Ved du noget om hvornår vi skal forvente ordentlig kvalitet? Vidste faktisk ikke at Viaplay sendte i 4K.

Og hvad er det som begrænser? Er det for dyrt for Netflix og Viaplay at udsende det i ordentlig kvalitet eller er det fordi det internet vi kan få ikke er hurtigt nok, så derfor er der ingen grund til de sender det ud?

Edit: Kan læse det er i testfasen, så måske det er derfor?

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Internet infrastrukturen til den almindelige borger er der simpelthen ikke endnu så det kan svare sig at sende så et kraftigt billede. Det vil også være dyrere for tjenesten, og hvis folk ikke ved bedre og stiller sig tilfreds med et ringe billede fordi de tror det er standarden er der ingen grund til at lave det om

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Just emulate the with pcsx2. Its simple to set up and it works great

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you can get most of them on Dolphin via Gamecube. Usually it runs a lot smoother than PCSX2

BO1 had very limited mod tools compared to WAW

Bright should have been a police procedural

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Do you have ABS enabled. I think it’s called brake assistance in the settings. With it off, breaking is an absolute nightmare. Once I discovered ABS the game was sooooo much better.

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It's because the game is retarded. You have to calibrate the pedals every time you open the game

15 points · 7 days ago

End result just buy an OSW and stay away from shitty Fanatec

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Don't be a tryhard and just settle on a G27

Det du beskriver, og andre folks kommentarer dertil, minder mig om at jeg er heldig, når jeg kan sidde og glo ud i luften 4-5 timer om dagen på en havetraktor, og samtidig leve af det.

Det tætteste jeg kommer på rundsave på albuerne, er når der er kø på kaffemaskinen i pedelstuen.

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Det lyder fandme comfy as fuck

Fucking boomers mand

Original Poster2 points · 8 days ago

Vejdirektoratet giver adgang til en del af deres kameraer på statsvejene, så jeg tror det er lovligt.

Ja det er egentligt rigtigt nok, men om det skriver de

Kameraerne sender ca. hvert 8. sekund enkeltbilleder, hvilket betyder, at der ikke er mulighed for at streame billeder live,

Hvilket der er tale om her.

et eksempel

Det er et "live stream" og i modsætning til vejdirektionetat, virker det til at være en direkte adgang til kameraet.

Kontakt evt kommunen, som jeg går ud fra ejer de kameraer (eller har bedt et firma sætte dem op til noget overvågning af trafikken), og spørg om de er klar over at der er fri adgang til dem

Ja det ville vel være vejen frem. Tænker Tranbjerg er århus eller sådan noget, det må jeg vel lige få googlet.

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Desværre er det ikke




73 points · 9 days ago

They should turn Tony Hawk's Underground into a movie.

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Yea but do I have to watch it twice before the protagonist punches Eric?

2 points · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

Its real. Netflix have ordered a Comic-con pannel for the show. In the description it states "This Netflix original series is the highly anticipated spin-off to SYFY's hit show Z Nation" Link here. Edit: However this one is called Black summer not Reverend. Maybe they are not set on a permanent title yet but there does seem to be a spin off coming.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

Yea but the Spin-Off is a prequel since Z Nation takes place after the events of Black Summer. Reverend clearly features season 3 Murphy in the second pic.

Yeah, but the #mockbuster makes me think this is a bit of a joke.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

Well. The Asylum who is also the production company behind Z Nation has done a lot of Mockbusters. Like "Transmorphers", "Atlantic Rim" etc.

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9 points · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

Someone will always be mad af for anything. Reiza is a small team so people should keep this in mind vs unrealistic expectations. For example, I could be mad af for Reiza not having production values up to the level of Polyphony Digital. But I'm not.

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Well they did make a crowdfund campaign for a entirely new game, so i would feel cheated too if i backed that campaign

10 points · 11 days ago

Åååh gud - er han på jagt efter de der tissevideoer? :O


... Nåååh.. koncerter.. okay da

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koncerter er bare et kodeord

Alright, so I recently wanted to get a run in this and the undergrounds and... where the hell do I get a copy?

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The easiest way to is the use a emulator. Dolphin runs them very well

Original Poster3 points · 10 days ago

The article gives props to Russell Hodgkinson but isn’t so kind to Tara Holt. I get what they are saying about Lucy being whiny but is that the fault of the writing or the actress?

I think my favorite incarnation of Lucy was Kelly Washington at the very end of season 3 who embodied the naïvete of the character but was somewhat less abrasive. But she is a Murphy, isn’t it kind of the point to drive everyone a little nuts? I think in that regard she was the perfect daughter for Murphy. But despite Lucy’s brattiness in the end she displayed the sacrifice of her mother Serena who gave her own life to save her loved one.

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It's definetely the fault of the writing. Her arc should have been much longer, or just not have killed her off at all. She was definetely not a bad actress she was just killed off so fast the viewer never really got any kind of relationship to the character.


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