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Who's the most beautiful person in the world?

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Your mom 😎😎

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Awww thank you ❤️

This thread needs more replies. (SIU)

I live 30 minutes from there... So beautiful!

What the fuck. That pizza shop is from my town here in Italy. They make good pizza too.

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What town?

It’s Porto San Giorgio

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A song in both English and Spanish language. The chorus is Spanish and it's about looking at a girl in a club. Thanks :)


Reggaeton Lento by CNCO and Little Mix?

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That's the one! Thank youso much! :)

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New iOS user here. I'm looking for an app that offers "free" anime? Like torrent apps or something?

(I hope I won't get banned for this question, it doesn't say anywhere in the rules I shouldn't ask for "illegal" apps 😁)

Edit: a letter


This is beautiful! Location?


For example:

Passive: Master Yi

Q: Ashe

W: Vayne

E: Jax

R: Aatrox


an app, by that you mean an app for your phone?

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Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

Yup :)

if you're an android user then r/androidapps

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Original Poster2 points · 24 days ago

And r/iosapps for iPhones?

Thank you!

I want this shirt! :( where can I get one?

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Ordered directly from China using Superbuy as an intermediary. If you do order you should probably go up two sizes from your normal size as they fit very small.

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Thank you so much!

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This is [NO SPOILERS]! Please delete the comment because it contains spoilers

I'm going there tat the end of September for a business trip. Anything in particular that's a must see or do?

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Good luck on your business trip!

My word of advice is: don't take and guides or GoT tours; Google the filming locations in Dubrovnik and see them yourself. Also, eat and drink outside of the Old Town because you're gonna pay at least $20 for a pizza and a drink (if you're lucky).

Also, it's great that you're going in September because it is less crowded than in June/July/August (at least I think it is) :)

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