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Holy shit

7 points · 1 month ago

If this is a legitimate project where you'll need to deliver a product, and not something more exploratory, I woudn't give a second thought to anything but ETH. Ethereum is the largest platform with most community support, documentation, tutorials, etc., so unless you have some experience building on other platforms, you should really get started on ETH. If you have some concerns, you could always port the project over to another platform at some point down the road. But for now, it will probably be easier and quicker to get started on Ethereum network.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Thanks, this is a legit project, for a venture backed startup. I've been hired by their investor. How easy is it to port over a project from Ethereum, similiar in scope to Kin ecosystem, to another platform later down the road?

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2 points · 1 month ago

A lot of this is uncharted territory, not many projects have had a need to port over from eth to another platform. I'm gonna go ahead and say it's not trivial though. But surely it can be done with enough time/effort/capital

This project is FARRRR from dead. The subreddit is just pretty calm most of the time. Have a look at the Github, Aragon has funded a bunch of projects/initiatives, and have had consistent progress on their platform as well. The survey app is on mainnet and already being used by other projects, and the development plan states that Beta will launch to mainnet in August, although I am not sure if the team is still on the same timeline.

Original Poster4 points · 2 months ago

I found this presentation searching "Radspec" on YouTube, prompted by a recent tweet from Jorge in support of the initiative. I hadn't seen it posted here yet, so figured it was worth a share. Seems to be recorded May 2018.

Looking forward to hearing his talk. Brett's recent presentation at Blueyard was super informative, and I think it's always cool to hear from the devs on a project. Very relatable and very inspiring

Welcome to TechLead, I am TechLead and I will be your TechLead

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2 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

I literally googled to find a reddit thread with somebody talking about his intros. His super dry humor is hilarious to me

"Hey welcome back to another episode, I am the TechLead and I am the TechLead."

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Enjoyed this interview. Pretty straight forward subject matter, but it's always cool to see Luis's enthusiasm for the project shine through.

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A few thoughts:

This post should probably be pinned, and it would be nice to have a bolded link to the discussion forum in the sidebar. I think a periodic roundup post to the subreddit would be good to increase exposure to these questions and gather more input overall. There is clear value in maintaining a list of 'open' questions; personally, I am planning an Aragon Meetup in Chicago, and these will make for great topics for our technical discussion. I would like to see the forum platform expanded to include topics beyond research, to serve as a more general platform for forum-based Aragon discussion. reddit can be very useful, but for projects, I think the forum-based approach offers some advantages. Perhaps this is something to consider when we have a larger community of active participants.

In that regard, I think the space in general is experiencing a pretty noticeable lack of community activity. It's something I've noticed looking at similar projects like Status, District0x, and others, but I'm unsure how much of an issue it poses at this stage. There is certainly a great deal of activity on the development side, but if you look at subreddits for those projects (among others), you will see very few comments on posts and mostly low overall participation. For the most part, I feel we are very early in the development of these tools, and when there are more practical applications for them, their respective communities will certainly grow in both size and activity.

In the meantime, I think we should start small, focusing on cultivation an active community of our most interested followers. I think Aragon is doing a great job of this so far, especially with, with implementation of the Research forum, and with the new survey app as well. I think further development, especially around in-person meetup groups and demos, can strengthen our engagement with existing community members, as well as help reach others who haven't had the chance to understand what we're building.

edit: fix spelling

Hardware vault for notes and photos?

The only thing that I need to be totally private is my own thoughts. I'm even ready to buy dedicated device, which will never be connected to any kinds of networks and has no way to be decrypted without the right password.

So, what are my options? I hate smartphones' keyboards, but looks like there is no other way but use some touch-screen smartphone-sized device.

Are there "smartphones" without networking hardware or any alternative devices that can suite my needs?

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you might be interested in this device:

yes, look up the brydge keyboard for surface. I think this is exactly what you are looking for.

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Yep, looks like the perfect solution! Price is a little steep, but don’t think it’s far off the official Surface keyboard price anyway.

Much appreciated!

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Check eBay, you can save a good bit even on a brand new one. Few months ago I sold an unused one for around $100

2 points · 4 months ago

Would it be possible to put a restaurant’s operations on Aragon and basically do all the capitalist’s “work” with smart contracts? I want democracy in the workplace. After the 5-4 SCOTUS ruling against workers rights I am trying to find an alternative.

Basically, I want the dishwashers and cooks to make $20-$25/hr. I think it’s possible if you take the owner’s profits out of the equation. Then the workers could share the profits and have all the money. Is Aragon capable of launching smart contracts to handle, say, inventory, payroll etc?

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Yes, it's possible. You can create a business entity which distributes all or some of the ownership to the employees. You can use different modules to manage payroll, track inventory, etc.

I thought the article was pretty good, but the market cap figures mentioned in the first paragraph are off by a couple orders of magnitude.

not sure how many, but according to this blog post there will at least be a seventh:

i imagine there will be many more, since they are now deploying it on their network.

Of all the updates in the past week, this may be the most exciting. I love the tutorial; can't wait to dive in and build something myself. Dreaming of Aragon-specific hackathons sometime soon...

with dreamville fest coming up in september, what better time than now? I'd be willing to moderate or just be active at the very least

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Hi, please stop by /r/jcole for Dreamville related content. This sub is not active at the moment.

you're breaking my heart :(

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ah, didnt see this was part of an old thread. for now I still think it's best to just keep everything here, that way it gets the most eyes on it. although /r/jcole has probably doubled or tripled since my original post, so if we get enough requests I'm fine with opening it up.

Aragon is still very much in it's early stages, so the answer to most "Can you...?" questions will probably be "If somebody builds it."

To give a more substantial answer...the Aragon platform is modular, such that users will be able to build and deploy their own structures. Currently, options are limited, but in the future, one can assume there will be a multitude of different organizational and governance structures to choose from, including some that operate more like a 'conventional' hierarchical company.

Regarding issuing/selling shares: Yes, according to the whitepaper, organizations will be able to issue shares for sale in the marketplace as a way to raise capital. Furthermore, "each stakeholder’s holdings are public, and a stakeholder has the right to transfer ownership to another party."

Have you read the Whitepaper?

Page 16 will provide all this information and more.


hold up is this dropping midnight est or pst?

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This album has injected life into this sub fuck yeah let's fucking get it

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we out here

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