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agentlame commented on a post in r/PleX
laodaron 1 point

Your question is irrelevant and is a distraction from the point: until they fix their issues, they are wasting time. You can try all you want to fanboy over a groups of people that have chosen their priorities incorrectly, it won't force me to buy a lifetime sub.

agentlame 1 point

I am satisfied with your answer that you don't understand real world software development.

That's all you needed to say from the start, though. Still, good job calling me names like an angry child.

laodaron 1 point

It's not me that doesn't understand a development lifecycle in this conversation, it's pretty obvious. You're grasping at very thing straws with that.


calling me names

angry child

Fucking hilarious irony.

agentlame 1 point

You don't seem to though. Which is why you didn't answer my very simple yes/no question.

As for your behavior, that's not an equivalency in the way you tried to use it. Which, honestly, isn't shocking.

This is getting fun. Keep replying without responding in ernest.

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agentlame commented on a post in r/PleX
Remote_zero 5 points

You'll love r/organizr

agentlame 1 point

What is it, though? The sidebar doesn't really explain anything.

Badshotuk72 3 points

What OP said, just rebuild mine round an Nvidia shield and Synology Nas, only watched a few movies, like to tinker with it more lol

agentlame 1 point

Just got my Shield Pro and HDHomeRun Extend. I have been fucking with Plex more in the last week than I have over the last year. It has been a nightmare getting it all perfect, but I'm so close! (At least that's what I keep telling my wife. But she knows better.)

agentlame commented on a post in r/PleX
deadbunny -11 points

Install Emby.

agentlame 5 points

"Hey, I have this issue with Windows"

"Install Linux"

Fun fact: not even a single person that has ever met you can stand talking to you for more than one fucking minute. Not. Fucking. One.

deadbunny -1 points

Who would have thought a joke comment would inspire such bile. Stay classy.

agentlame 1 point

Don't get angry because you said dumb shit. Learn from your mistakes and grow as a person.

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agentlame commented on a post in r/niceguys
quaderrordemonstand -2 points

My comment revolves around the idea of being unknowing. I don't think the comic intends to make fun of anybody specifically but they wouldn't know if they didn't realise it. However, that comment is on -10 karma so I guess this sub sees grinding it's specific axe as serious business.

agentlame 6 points

Ok, in fairness, that was at least coherent. But, dude, it very clearly is making fun of a group of people (Nice Guys) and the person you responded to isn't very likely in that group.

You're being downvoted because what you said doesn't make much sense.

quaderrordemonstand 0 points

Obviously what I said does make sense because your made sense of it. I'm being downvoted because this is a sub about putting people into groups and I crossed the boundaries.

agentlame 1 point

I didn't. I stated: it doesn't make sense. Do you hate what words mean?

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agentlame commented on a post in r/netflix
THRICE604 125 points

I’ve almost solely used Netflix for TV shows. The movie selection has always been far overshadowed by the show selection. Even from the beginning.

agentlame 6 points

Yep, even when they had tons of movies, they never even had "good" ones. They had really weird b (probably c) movies. My buddy use to just put on weird Netflix movies for background noise while coding.

You weren't streaming Iron Man, Transformers 2 or the first Star Trek remake in 2010, you were streaming bullshit zombie movies no one had ever heard of.

I honestly can't remember Netflix having a first run movie anyone gave a shit about until 2015, at best.

agentlame commented on a post in r/Hulu
SwettySpaghtti -10 points

This sub is run by Hulu. After i complained about a problem here it was down-voted to heck and when i logged on to hulu it offered me a free month. Absolutely not kidding

agentlame 8 points

This sub is run by Hulu.

No it's not, you idiot. There is a single support person that reads this sub. It's "run by" the mods listed in the sidebar.

KingOfDamnation -14 points

Hopefully Hulu support or devs are on this sub lurking.

agentlame 7 points

I didn't think /u/HuluDeb has much power in negotiating licensing deals between Fox and TBS.

agentlame commented on a post in r/trashy
swipswapyowife 69 points

A good friend of mine manages around 50 rental homes in our area, and ferrets are absolutely not allowed in any of the properties. He has it listed as a restriction for every lease. Dogs, cats, and birds are OK with a hefty deposit, but he refuses to rent to ferret owners, because they are pigs, just like you described.

He learned his lesson after having to pretty much remodel an entire house, due to all the disgustingness that was left behind.

PositiveLions 9 points

My best friend was in the army and he had ferrets after he got out. We lived together during that time and he is the most anal retentive person I know when it comes to keeping a place clean. I home from work...bitches about the place being "trashed" because there's a receipt on the coffee table and then starts vacuuming the entire house. He also had that exact cage. So it can go both ways.

agentlame 1 point

Yeah, I'm 100% sure there are people who have them as pets and aren't fucking disgusting human beings. But those people are, sadly, not the norm.

And it's really a ferret thing. Most dog/cat owners are perfectly clean people that take good care of their pets and the issues that come with having one. I wish I could say I'd ever met a responsible ferret owner, even one... but I just never have.

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agentlame commented on a post in r/bestoflegaladvice
benjaminikuta 2 points

they no longer have the right to search your room

Even with notice?

agentlame 2 points

No, that odd (and unrelated) part isn't quite correct. Regardless of the age of the occupant, we have a "reasonable" right to "inspect" any unit, so long as proper notice is given.

This is getting in more into theory than well defined law. What I mean by that is: say we want to inspect for an infestation of some sort. If it's bed bugs, we can basically turn your unit inside out. But then you're dealing with if doing so was "reasonable". Are there bed bugs on the property? Does an adjacent unit have them? And even then, while we can literally go through every inch of your unit, we can't do anything about anything we find that isn't related to the reason given for the inspection--but even that has "reasonable" limits. Say I'm inspecting for bed bugs and find a your kid chained to a bed, well I have to report that to the proper authorities, right?

I know this is a long and strange answer. Sorry for all the "buts", but while we can't just call the cops because we found joint while inspecting for a different reason, we have to report serious crimes, like chopped up bodies in your tub.

ReggieJ 113 points

Sorry a stupid question, but even if the landlord were somehow around to ask, his invitation would not have power would it? He can't give a guest of a tenant permission to stay at his tenant's place over the tenants objections, right?

agentlame 17 points

No. We absolutely can't grant permission for someone to stay in a unit leased to another person. Further, we can't amend thier lease (to add that person) without the tenant signing a new one.

That said, we also probably won't get involved. Fuck your domestic issues, leave me alone and call the police. That's what they are there for.

(Source is only Ohio law, but I'm absolutely positive this is true everywhere.)

agentlame commented on a post in r/cordcutters
mtndewgood 2 points

Yes I can use it with HDHR. It puts the OTA channels after all the Pluto ones.

agentlame 2 points

I have an HDHR on my network and it doesn't do it on the Android app. Do you have to add it somehow?

draygo 1 point

Search for the silcondust app or hdhomerun app. Andriodtv needs a source and those apps are source.

I use this to watch ota channels on a tv not near a coax connection.

agentlame 2 points

Oh, for sure, the HDHR app adds it as a source for Android TV's "Live Channels" app. But the person above said that the Pluto app adds HDHR as a source.

As best as I can find, that's incorrect. Maybe they are confusing Pluto's own app as a "source" for ATV's Live Channels support of both?

agentlame commented on a post in r/Music
WriterDave 101 points

I predict you'll love it (it's a masterpiece) and as you make your journey through life, make sure to revisit it.

There are themes and emotions that didn't really connect for me at 21. I better understood them in my late 20s, then they meant something completely different in my 30s, etc.

I'm now 40 and rediscovering an album I've listened to my entire life, once again.

Enjoy it and go as deep as you want. Like all great art, there's always more to discover.

agentlame 2 points

I love the album, but never enjoyed the movie. It's probably just me, though. But it comes of a bit full of itself, in my opinion.

agentlame commented on a post in r/Music
XiiAlphaiiXX 185 points

First Cd I ever Bought with my own money. I still have it.

Still pissed that in 2018 they play the edited version on the radio. Stop it. Just play the song you bastards.

agentlame 76 points

I got two gift certificates that year. One for Record Town (I don't think it was FYE, back then) and one just for the local mall in general. My grandma took me to spend them, and was so confused why I bought albums with both. 3EB's Self-titled Debut and Matchbox 20's Yourself or Someone Like You.

Both still hold a very special place in my heart and playlists. It was worth it, Grams.

DrakeWoodwere 29 points

I love Matchbox Twenty, so much. My favorite song has gotta be You Won't Be Mine

agentlame 5 points

Did they ever settle on 20 or Twenty? I was tempted to spell it, but I swear the first two (2?) albums were "20".

agentlame commented on a post in r/pics
Halvus_I 2 points

You cant steal copyright, you can only infringe. Theft has a distinct legal meaning and copyright cannot not fall under it. If you are going to be a pedant, get it right.

agentlame 2 points

You're, of course, correct. I was just said it that way because of how the person I responded to was using it. I should have made the distinction while I was at it.

Though, I honestly wasn't trying to be pedantic.

UncleAnesthesia 2 points

Also in that 101 class is damaging the value of a copyright. Giving something away for free has been ruled to do that on numerous occasions.

agentlame -2 points

What you're referring to is not "fair use". It is absolutely impossible to sue someone for drawing Mickey Mouse.

Cite one example that wasn't commercial use or, at the very least, a public display.

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agentlame commented on a post in r/Chromecast
ilikedatsyuk 4 points

Breaking Bad was one of the first 4K shows on Netflix. Not sure about Planet Earth 2 though.

agentlame 3 points

Planet Earth 2 is really weird. It's absolutely in 4K, but it's not labeled as "UHD" (4K) until you watch an episode of it.

There are a few posts about this. No one knows why it's like that. Even the "HD" episode you watch before the label changes is in 4K.

(Ping /u/Stoltz3)

Stoltz3 2 points

It's frustrating. I have all the bullet points of "What do I need to stream Ultra HD?" (from here)

  • A TV compatible with Ultra HD streaming from Netflix. See below for more details.

  • A plan that supports streaming in Ultra HD. You can check which plan you're currently on or upgrade your plan at

  • A steady internet connection speed of 25 megabits per second or higher. See below for more details.

  • Streaming quality set to High or Auto. More information about video quality settings can be found in our Playback Settings article.

But despite me using a Chromecast Ultra on a non-smart 4K TV and casting from my iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro from 2013, I'm unable to get 4K -- despite having the 4K plan. Very misleading and frustrating from Netflix. Hope this can help others!

agentlame 1 point

I know it sounds like a dumb question, but what shows have you tried?

agentlame commented on a post in r/Addons4Kodi
vizNNN 34 points

The fuck is a TickBox?

agentlame 15 points

One of those shady Kodi boxes that pre-bundleds add-ons. Or, something no one on this sub would ever buy because they are marketed to people that don't know any better.

Honestly, I have no idea why people keep posting about these things. You can do whatever you'd like with your personal Kodi setup. No one here gives a shit about these boxes.

agentlame commented on a post in r/youtubetv
rrainwater 5 points

You can subscribe to sports teams, movies, and TV shows in YTTV. I'm a bit confused by what you are referring to. Just go to your library and you can click on your sports teams or TV show and see available recordings/vod options.

agentlame 1 point

When I did the YTTV trial it actually automatically subscribed my to Browns games without me doing anything.

Considering I'm in Columbus I assumed they used my Google Now settings based on following them as a team.

agentlame commented on a post in r/netflix
WWbowieD 45 points

Yes it's awful. The movies aren't meant to stand alone.

agentlame -19 points

Uh... They came out over some three years.

ITT: reddit gets mad over how time works.

WWbowieD 20 points

You're right we had to wait when they first came out.

agentlame 9 points

I was just being snarky that they can be watched over time. I suspect most people who want to watch them in one run haven't been waiting 15 years for Netflix to get them.

agentlame commented on a post in r/netflix
gnrowland 44 points

They're very different movies. Both gangster movies sure. Godfather has a tense sort of ponderous build up more comparable to epic films from earlier eras. Goodfellas feels more snappy and quick paced to me. I don't feel its run time at all. I like them both, but I prefer Goodfellas. Just my take on it. I know alot of people consider Godfather to be one of the greatest films ever made.

agentlame 12 points

Godfather, to me, is extremely slow. I can watch it once every 5-7 years. Goodfellas I can easily watch once a year.

And it's not the length, as I can watch Casino just as often. Godfather always seems like a serious commitment.

Curmudgy 2 points

Goodfellas is watchable once a year but doesn't deserve it. The Godfather trilogy is harder to watch that often, but deserves to be watched multiple times. The characters are so much deeper.

agentlame 2 points

Doesn't it "deserve it" if I like watching it?

agentlame commented on a post in r/news
tbk6212 -5 points

Sure, and I've been around other humans who have taken part in rituals similar to this one, on both ends. There's no doubt that the behavior needs to be punished, but do I hope that these kids will learn from their mistakes and lead happy, productive lives where they aren't raping people? Yes.

agentlame 5 points

You've been around people that sodomized other people with objects against their will?

You're ok with that? The fuck?

tbk6212 -20 points

That just seems vindictive. Obviously we can't have kids going around penetrating their classmates with foreign objects, but I also don't blame them for not equating these hazing rituals to rape -- they just seem too much like pranks and not enough like sex. When it comes to kids of this age, I can't see it as anything other than an institutional failure.

agentlame 12 points

Are... are you even a human?

agentlame commented on a post in r/Android
Goflames95 1 point

Idk I just don't like updating things it's annoying

agentlame 2 points

I check for app updates three times a day. :/

kixpress 0 points


agentlame 0 points

I just like new versions with the latest bells and whatnot. I also enroll in every beta I see on the play store.

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