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agentlame commented on a post in r/googlehome
imfm 1 point

Great! I can see the same 1x1 pixel black image that doesn't waste bandwidth on my Chromecast!

agentlame 2 points

Did you mean data usage? Because it downloading a single high def image every few minutes has an impact on your bandwidth, I can't see how you'd even have enough to stream anything.

agentlame commented on a post in r/AndroidTV
nooneisreal 5 points

So I got the update finally.

While I am not a huge fan of the new UI, I imagine I will get used to it over time.

At least it seems to be pretty customizable.

However, does anyone know how to create a "Games" channel similar to how it used to look on the old leanback launcher?

This is my current:

I want to include another "channel" as it's called which includes all my installed games.
I know you can go to Apps and scroll down to Games, but I'd like to see them on the home screen.

agentlame 1 point

Wait, is Prime Video new? Does it only show content that's part of Amazon Prime?

Serariron 7 points

Is there any way to block the update notification by disabling some of the services or what ever?

I really don't want to update because I dislike the new UI a lot.

Edit: I am just asking a question here guys. You can obviously downvote me, that's fine but it would be cool not to because then my question gets burried and someone may not see my question who could be able to answer it sigh

agentlame -1 points

People on rooted NPs have been failing to block the 8.0 update since day one.

It's just a launcher, might as well get adjusted to it.

agentlame commented on a post in r/ShieldAndroidTV
subarubob -6 points

Where do I start? 8.0 on the NP was buggy, had a confusing UI, and rendered my NP slow to the point I looked to replace it with the shield.

I remember booting my shield for the first time and thinking "oh thank god I have 7.0 again".

agentlame 1 point

I use 8.0 on old NP every single day in my bedroom. I've never had any of these issues. Actually, 8.0 made my NP much more responsive.

agentlame 16 points

This should upset a lot of people.

Personally, I like the Oreo launcher. It's not perfect, but it isn't nearly as bad a most people make it out to be. I've used it for almost a year on my NP and it functions just fine.

agentlame commented on a post in r/ShieldAndroidTV
agentlame 1 point

How does this work with the Pro? I don't use external or adoptive storage.

inphoria 2 points

Mine is Pro as well. It it not very intuitive but you use the option to transfer to external storage all the same. It will give the option to transfer to internal storage (user accessible) instead of using internal storage (system). That will do the trick

agentlame 2 points

Thanks! Comically, I just finished the conversion 3mins ago. It's annoying that no one mentions the Pro when posting about this stuff.

agentlame commented on a post in r/ThisAmericanLife
JelliedHam 15 points

I don't know if that's really NPR's fault that there's no replacement for Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers. Their chemistry and broad appeal doesn't really happen that often.

And I would know, my Aunt Imelda Czechs was their accounts payable clerk.

agentlame 6 points

I hope thier old shows can find new life on satellite radio. I'd love to get picked up in a '74 Plymouth Satellite and listen to them on the radio.

SanchoMandoval 48 points

I guess some do... but it's on public radio stations which are mostly listened to by left-leaning people. According to this survey, 12% of NPR's listeners are conservative. I'd imagine it's lower for This American Life, with conservatives being more likely to listen to NPR for the news or non-political programs (many music programs air on NPR stations for example).

agentlame 46 points

In fairness, Car Talk has universal appeal.

agentlame commented on a post in r/ShieldAndroidTV
kratoz29 1 point

Yes. It’s supported elsewhere

I dont have a Nvidia GTX card so my emulators are the only way to test rumble, and I’ve tried it with ePSXE, do you know an emulator that works with rumble?

Keep in mind that only a few days ago, the shield controller didn’t work, period.

Well, that’s some progress, I didn’t knew that, I’ll keep looking forward for it.

agentlame 1 point

You can sign up for GeForce Now (which is free at the moment) and stream some 50 games. No GTX card needed. My 2017 Pro supports rumble on them... if anything it's a bit too strong.

kratoz29 1 point

Not with my 10 mbps connection, which tends to be at best 7 mbps.

agentlame 1 point

Fair enough... I was just thinking of a way you could try to test it.

agentlame commented on a post in r/wokekids
Carolina-Bubba-9130 -2 points

Not sure how walls are supposed to help here. Go back to /r/thedonald you troll

agentlame 2 points

I think you meant to reply to someone else, buddy.

Carolina-Bubba-9130 -2 points

No it was you, friend

agentlame 1 point

Wait, you think I'm trolling because of the obvious typo of the word well?

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agentlame commented on a post in r/TheoryOfReddit
archerx 40 points

I have the exact opposite impression, I feel Reddit is incredibly unfunny. Shitty puns followed by shitty jokes that are a veiled attempt at getting up votes.

agentlame 15 points

To add: reddit is in the top 10 sites visited in the US and top 25 in the world. This idea of treating it like some secret club makes people think lowest-common-denominator humor is much more clever and comical than it is. They are 'in on the joke' that only 'we' get.

agentlame commented on a post in r/TheoryOfReddit
nallen 8 points

This is attempt at fixing the "tyranny of the top post"? It's frankly killing r/science because few users go directly to r/science, instead they see the top post on their home feed, and then basically never see any other posts from r/science. This leads to the top post having 40k votes, and the #2 having like 500.

agentlame 3 points

Oh buddy... I'm here from the future, and you didn't quite come out smelling like a rose on this one.

agentlame commented on a post in r/serialpodcast
agentlame 14 points

P.P.S.: Koenig et al: unethical.

It's funny, I wrote a long ass comment here the other day about how this sub is complete shit for the casual listener of the first season who isn't rabbid about one side or the other.

Anyways, /u/nosybooger, that thread was on the topic of the prosecution asking Maryland Court of Appeals to reverse the granting of a new trial entirely. So, to answer your question: no one knows until that process comes to a conclusion. So the new trial may very well be never.

Further reading:

agentlame commented on a post in r/ShieldAndroidTV
paintmekev 1 point

You can update it on a pc

agentlame 1 point

Indeed. I corrected myself in the following comment. And in reply to the other person that pointed it out after I corrected it.

BOFslime 1 point

You can update an Xbox One S/X controller from any Windows PC. No Xbox required.

Thanks for the downvote, here are the instructions:

agentlame 1 point

I didn't downvote you. As a matter of fact, if you read my next comment in the exchange, I also corrected myself on that mistake.

Have an upvote! :)

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agentlame commented on a post in r/ThriftStoreHauls
tgg001 -9 points

Worst part: need for penis enlargement pills

agentlame 3 points

Are there bunkers full of pods where people like you are grown or some shit?

Check out my jacket, sub about thrifting.


agentlame commented on a post in r/TrueAskReddit
agentlame 6 points

Yes, this is legal. You agree Google's ToS when viewing YT and those terms include your usage history as Google product. YT isn't actually free.

As for the latter part about the ad, I doubt it violates and hard rules on false advertising. Seems like it's just misleading. Which also isn't illegal. Side note: opening a bottle of Bud Lite on a beach will never result in attractive half-naked women swarming you and your buddies.

alterak11296 4 points

The latter part is what bugs me, that’s why I asked. Guess I can do nothing about it, just like YouTube clickbaits...

agentlame 3 points

Oh, I feel ya. I can't stand stuff that skirts the line between obviously misleading and not technically illegal.

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agentlame commented on a post in r/Landlord
agentlame 3 points

Smoke damages and degrades the value of your property. It also adds turing costs and causes additional maintenance. I personally don't give a shit about pot or pot politics--I think people should be allowed to do as they please with their body and their property. (With in reason, I'm not a crazy sovcit)

Tell them to eat a fucking brownie or leave if you're unwilling or unable to bear the additional costs. Then invite of your chill buddies from you local sub to volunteer to paint your rental.

That said, I wouldn't kick them out for doing something legal for no reason other than I didn't enjoy it or the idea of it annoys me.

agentlame commented on a post in r/Enhancement
Sidian 1 point

This seems to be some sort of slippery slope argument to me. 'You want to ban people for spamming 100 posts per second in a subreddit? What happens if you set the limit at 1 post per hour?!?!?!"

I'd set the filter at around 5 million combined karma. But yes, a manual filter for anyone who cares enough about this would be fine, it would just be nice to disincentivise these link spammers in some small way by having it be a simple feature in RES.

agentlame 2 points

This seems to be some sort of slippery slope argument to me.

It's funny you should say that, since the reason I picked 100k in the first place was because the person who requested this same thing a week ago set the bar there: (as have many so many people who've requested this over the years.) would just be nice to disincentivise these link spammers in some small way by having it be a simple feature in RES.

Goodness, to what end? Karma is meaningless as a concept, so what do you care if someone has a bunch or none? And as for anyone actually making money karma whoring, they would just ditch their accounts a 4.9mil (or whatever arbitrary number you pick). They wouldn't lose their knowledge of how hit the front page four times a week, you just would have a harder time keeping track of them.

Karma whores only seem to upset people who think karma matters. But I'll agree to disagree... it's not like the RES team is randomly going to change their minds now that it has been requested 104 times.

port53 8 points

But more practically: why should my voice count less or be filtered just because I've been on the site for a decade and have 150k comment karma? I've never had a single comment over 1k karma, I've just had a metric shit ton of comments.

OP is referring to the link spammers not people who just have >100k karma from natural long term usage of the site.

agentlame 3 points

What difference would that make if such a filter would affect anyone with the lower limit of karma? If you set the lower limit to 100k it will hit all people with 100k+ the same, no?

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agentlame commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
rata2ille 8 points

This has the tone of an angsty high schooler who thinks they’re clever lol

agentlame 3 points

While you're not wrong, I don't feel like this particular example is deserving of that level of cynicism. At the end of the day the point isn't much more than trying to make people feel better about themselves, and the lame 'trick' in the style lends itself nicely to the message. And if the goofy style works well on 14-year-olds that mistake it for being 'deep', then it's pretty well employed here.

Yeah, it's trite, but the idea behind it isn't anything to think bad of, IMHO.

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