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ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/ak47
ThatOneComrade 1 point

Reloading to cut down prices even more I guess.

ajamesmccarthy 2 points

Just curious. Reloading seems to be about the same price wise as just buying steel

ajamesmccarthy 2 points

Recommendations on a decent place to get brass rounds? I’ve only shot steel through mine

fishnoguns 44 points

The main danger with freezing is that the ice crystals that form poke holes in the cell membranes. Without functional cell membranes there is nothing (or at least not enough) to keep your cell-stuff in place and the cell dies pretty quickly. This is also how all antibacterial chemicals like soaps and alcohol work (NOT antibiotics).

Antifreeze prevents the formation of these ice crystals, or at least keeps them limited in some way that they do less or no damage to the cell membranes. This is actually used in microbiological labs; if you want to freeze your cells or bacteria, you put them with a bit of some specific antifreeze component.

Unfortunately for most cells and bacteria antifreeze is also very toxic. But, some animals have evolved components that act with a similar function as antifreeze.

ajamesmccarthy 3 points

So the answer is that they simply don’t freeze? So this also would prevent tissue damage from the fluid expanding as well I presume?

So if the temperature drops lower, it would probably kill the animal?

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humplick 30 points

Been looking for a new author, do you recommend him?

Derp, The Martian. How is Artemis?

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

The Martian is far better. Artemis is enjoyable, but lacks the level of depth and humor that made The Martian such a home run. Feels like Weir kinda cranked it out.

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
the_ocalhoun 4 points

Or ... just don't worry about it.

Voter fraud is an insignificant and non-existent problem. Most people can't even be bothered to get off their ass and vote once.

Really. There are only a handful of cases of actual voter fraud, and the perpetrators are almost always caught. It's never been prevalent enough to sway any election.

Voter ID laws are damaging democracy in order to fix a problem that doesn't exist.

ajamesmccarthy 0 points

Fair enough. How sure are we it’s not a problem? I hear so many conflicting things on the topic... everyone’s source for these reports seem to have some kind of bias behind them. So I guess a better question would be, how do you know when you can trust a report?

the_ocalhoun 6 points

How sure are we it’s not a problem?

It's been scientifically studied multiple times.

The 'conflicting reports' you hear from the other side are always conjecture, and/or also adding in issues like election fraud, which voter ID laws can't stop.

ajamesmccarthy 2 points

Appreciate the insight, thank you

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ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/ImGoingToHellForThis
nofilmynofucky 95 points

or just keep a slice of bacon in your underwear

ajamesmccarthy 8 points

You inspired this ... the cure for the rape epidemic

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/The_Donald
Obama_Only_had_1ball 257 points

She first claimed that roy wrote the whole message.

She also claimed she had no contact with moore since then.

Then we found out that the message was written in 2 different colors of ink, which is why CNN used a black and white photo of the message.

Then we found out that moore officiated this womans divorce some years back.

The signature says Moore D.A. D.A. is not a legal title Moore ever held. Moore had his assistant sign the divorce papers, and D.A. is his assistants initials.

So it would appear the woman copied the signature off her divorce papers.

The original note on the yearbook also is a poem, and it only fits the rhyme scheme if the person who wrote it was named "Ray" not "Roy"

People from the restaurant don't remember her the descriptions she gave of the restaurant don't match reality.

Oh, and then she came out and admitted she added all the other information later "so she wouldn't forget"

ajamesmccarthy 5 points

Thanks for summarizing this so succinctly. I’m getting downvoted hard in another thread by pointing out her lack of credibility. Not saying Moore was a great candidate, or that he never was into dating teenagers, just that this accuser is full of shit. Facts and evidence are still important.

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brett6781 15 points

love seeing the geostationary stats near the middle right, just above the small pole there

ajamesmccarthy 4 points

I don’t think that’s what you’re looking at. A geostationary sat would be aligned with the equator, for the motion of the stars that doesn’t seem to be the case. Unless there is something I’m missing something. It does just look it’s floating there though!

Edit: never mind, while Orion is pretty far south of the ecliptic, this time of the year in more northern areas it is possible to overlap the equator

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/Astronomy
Trichomedaddy 1 point

i’m not sure actually i’m not home rn wish i could tell you. it came with my 10in orion dob if that helps

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

If you got the same one I have- that was a 25mm. Just surprising to me how close you got and the detail you got, since that is a pretty wide field lens.

Trichomedaddy 1 point

zoom in using the phone camera

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

Gotcha. I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning!

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ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/astrophotography
starmandan 1 point

Get a piggyback camera mount for the SCT and hook up your dslr on it. Your imperfect tracking is due to not being adequately polar aligned. Learn to polar align properly. You can get a neat camera called a polemaster that will make easy work of polar alignment. Once polar aligned, and with the camera on top the scope, learn to focus the camera. Auto focus won't work. There are many programs out there that will assist with this, use live view to get close, then dial it in with the software. Get a remote cable for your camera. If your camera supports usb control, use a laptop or computer to control the camera. If not, you can make a cable that can trip the shutter via a serial port and use a program like dslr shutter. After doing your polar alignment and focus, you should be good to go. I've used up to a 300mm lens on my setup and have been able to get 5 minute exposures without the stars trailing.

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

This is fantastic advice, thank you. The SCT is also a bit old- probably close to 30 years. I feel like the motor struggles sometimes. I will see if I can align it better and get back at it. Piggyback mount was what I was thinking too!

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

What are the best resources for getting started with Astrophotography? Hoping for an idiots guide for starting small and getting some okayish results from my setup. I have a 10" Dobs, a 10" SCT with a meade quartz drive (tracks the equatorial plane, but imperfectly) and a older Canon rebel- 8mp tops out at 1600 ISO plus a telephoto lens. I have tried following some of the basics guidelines (shooting lights, darks, flats, and bias) and ended up with massive folders of images that photoshop does not properly align, and have tried numbers of free software programs out there, none of which seemed to produce results.

I'm okay with starting very simple and small if it leads to some visible results. I'd like to be able to see more than I can with the naked eye. Any courses you can recommend, or gear you think I need let me know. I am willing to spend money, but am cautious purchasing things before I truly understand what I'm doing.

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/Astronomy
ajamesmccarthy 4 points

Absolutely gorgeous. Have a higher-res version I can swipe for a wallpaper??

ajamesmccarthy 2 points

Gorgeous. Set it as the wallpaper for my work laptop and immediately had people asking about it. Fantastic work. Thank you!!

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/space
rockweasel 2,098 points

Would a floating blob of beer have a liquid center surrounded by a frothy head?

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

Tough to drink anything with carbonation in space. Since the gas and liquid don’t separate in your belly they make for wet burps.

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/The_Donald
Doolimite 109 points

That's because it's filled with Greenpeace , PETA , blue haired , SJW Resist lines ...I'm really surprised they went political .. I thought at least SW would be safe from it ..I was wrong

ajamesmccarthy 2 points

I was so incredibly pissed at that whole “resist” thing. The scene was edited for that moment to last just long enough to know what it was referencing. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, and after that one scene I almost wrote off the entire series, but I’m definitely writing off Rian Johnson films for good.

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/astrophotography
ajamesmccarthy 1 point

I have some equipment, and am ready to move past stargazing and start taking pictures. However, my first efforts for photographing the Orion Nebula using short exposures and stacking images yielded crappy results.

This is what I have: 10” dob (no tracking, just point and view) 10”SCT, Meade Quartz LX Drive (basic equatorial tracking) An old Canon digital Rebel (8mp, tips out at 1600 ISO)

The tracking on the SCT isn’t quite perfect, so objects still drift out of frame, albeit more slowly. Not sure if that can be improved, it’s about 30 years old. Hence why I’m trying more short exposures and stacking them without tracking the object. I haven’t purchased a T-mount or anything for my camera just yet, but have a decent tamron telephoto that should be enough for wide-angle shots of the Orion Nebula or Andromeda.

So my question: Where would you begin if you were me? Buy a T-mount and work with the SCT? Look at upgrading my equipment?

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/astrophotography
tigattack 6 points

Aaaand sold out :P

ajamesmccarthy 3 points

Dammit! :(

spacemark 33 points

I set out to design a cheap, compact, durable, easy to use widefield star tracker: $60, 5 minute exposures at 25mm with no trails, integrated laser pointer for easy alignment, runs several shooting sessions on 4xAAA batteries, and barely the size of 3 credit cards. I built 5 extra, a labor of love. I don't intend to make any more. If you want to claim one, go here:

ajamesmccarthy 6 points

Pretty awesome work! If I don’t get the gear I want for christmas and this is still for sale I’ll buy one!

MikeNew513 4 points

Twoxchromosomes is so far gone that I showed it to my very liberal, lesbian, feminist, retired college professor aunt and her reply was that most of those women need serous psychiatric help.

ajamesmccarthy 3 points

Yeah, is a shame too since a sub dedicated to women’s rights and accomplishments could be a very great thing.

Basicevent 5 points

2x is a cesspool of liberalism. They do nothing to improve the status of women. Be glad you are banned.

ajamesmccarthy 3 points

Oh yeah, no issues with that at all. It’s just weird when I click on a sub to read comments and see that notice.

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/The_Donald
D4NNY_B0Y 15 points

I wanted to add a clever Xena: Warrior Princess quote, but I can't recall any Xena: Warrior Princess quotes.

ajamesmccarthy 12 points

“I’ve cut off the flow of blood to your brain. Tell me everything or you will die in 30 seconds.”

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