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ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/ar15
Illandren 12 points

PSA upper, PSA Freedom lower, AERO Atlas S-One Handguard, HERA CQR grips, Geissele SD-C Trigger, Trijicon RMR Type 2 1.0 MOA, Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

California version of the space gat:

brentlikeaboss 2 points

I actually kind of really like that. Oh god, my liberalism is taking over my brain.

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

It’s not awful, but I still plan on having a “featureless” bonfire after I move to a free state, and torching all this crap they made me put on my rifle

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

I know this isn't quite as good as some of the others posted on here, but after several days of effort, I'm glad to at least have a recognizable image.

Meade 2120 (10" SCT)
Quartz Drive

40 Lights - 45" @ 1600 ISO 40 Darks
80 Flats
80 Dark Flats
80 Bias

Stacked in DSS, but since the objects were so dim I could only get one light frame to stack. Used Curves and Levels in Photoshop to bring out the object. I live in a bortle 7 zone, this was shot from my backyard. Moon was about 50% last night, so quite a bit of light pollution. My SCT has such a simply tracking system that it is impossible to correct- hence the short subs. My polar alignment has to be PERFECT to get any kind of lengthy exposure at this magnification. I tried 90" subs but there were noticeable trails.

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musterdcheif 2 points

very, i would think it would be career suicide to do what he's done.

ajamesmccarthy 21 points

The dude hijacked Taylor Swift’s Grammy at the height of her popularity and was practically universally hated by everyone after that... for a while. He’s surprisingly resilient.

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darkarchon11 5 points

Shot with Nikon D5100 on the Skywatcher 8" PDS and an Skywatcher EQ6-R.

Integration time: 257x30" (best of 370) - total 2.2h

Processing done in PixInsight.

Rough processing outline as far as I remember it:

  • Deconvolution
  • TgvDenoise with mmt by Jon ristas method
  • Arcsinhstretch a few times
  • Sharpening with MLT
  • Star shape reduction from ovals to more or less circles
  • Star saturation and Galaxy saturation separately
  • Export
ajamesmccarthy 1 point

Great work I took a shot of m51 last night and it looks nothing like yours. I could only get one frame to stack in DSS so I lost a lot of detail. I took only around 40 45” subs though. I was getting eaten alive by Mosquitos and had to pack it in.

...I’d be curious if you could pull anything better out of my data with your process...

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/astrophotography
gonzodaruler 5 points


my original plan was to photograph NGC 4631 but it became so windy that I decided to switch to an easier target. So I ended up taking pictures of M51, one of my favorite targets.

Here is an older image with the same scope but without guiding and with a different camera:


  • Meade LX90 10inch SCT
  • HEQ-5 Pro mount
  • Canon EOS 5dmk4
  • TS-Optics 80mm guide scope
  • Orion StarShoot Autoguider Pro Mono

Image Details:

  • 90 x 90sec
  • ISO 3200

Processing (PixInsight):

  • Calibration (100 bias, 60 darks)
  • Debayer, Superpixel
  • Registration
  • Drizzle, 2x, 0.75 drop shrink
  • Linear Fit
  • Channelmatch
  • Dynamic Background Extraction
  • Deconvolution
  • ATWT
  • Histogram Transformation
  • Curves Transformation
  • Denoise
ajamesmccarthy 2 points

Great shot! No flats? How much light pollution?

gonzodaruler 2 points

Thank you.

I normally don't do flats because I have to crop the corners of my image anyway due to coma. That solves the vignetting problem automatically because I shoot without reducer. There is still a good amount of coma visible in this image so maybe I didn't crop it enough this time.

Heres a 2x downsized, stretched, calibrated image in case you are interested:

The light pollution was minimal. I always drive to a remote location without street lamps or alike.

ajamesmccarthy 1 point

Great! I’ll be shooting M51 in a week weather permitting... but I have a fair amount of light pollution where I live, and my SCT uses an old quartz drive so the tracking isn’t perfect enough for 90” subs, I’ll see what I can do!

JustIDKm8 34 points

Rookie. Mine is 0.32 inches long with a 14 inch diameter. They call it the deep dish pizza.

ajamesmccarthy 21 points

Doesn’t seem very deep, that sounds like a low-carb cracker crust

wvsfezter -11 points

Wait, is that a brag? I thought that was the average size in North America.

Edit: This isn't some kind of r/ihavesex, I've had friends who were made fun of for 5 inch dicks and because of that thought the average was 6-7.

ajamesmccarthy 21 points

It’s large for a 12 year old, which I assume is OP’s age.

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ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/Conservative
CowOfSteel 25 points

Stephen King absolutely cannot write an ending to his books. I love his characters, I love his descriptions, he does a magnificent job with atmosphere... but dear God, the man could not write a satisfactory ending if his life depended on it.

ajamesmccarthy 2 points

I liked the end of both Insomnia and Hearts in Atlantis

DisappointingOutcome 2 points

Insomnia is my favorite King book.

ajamesmccarthy 2 points

It’s absolutely fantastic

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/askastronomy
ajamesmccarthy 3 points

The physics still don’t add up. Think of the weight of 22k miles of fishing line. If it’s more than the weight the line is rated to- it’ll snap. The strongest fishing line in the world is rated as 15 times stronger than steel- pound-for-pound, but would still disintegrate over the distance you’re talking about. That much length of fishing line would weigh between 200k-300k pounds.

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
lurkyduck 2,284 points

Acting like the majority or entirety of people in a group are the worst people in the group is the definition of stereotyping.

Political humor, what happened to you? You used to have really good Trump/republican party jokes (joke implies there's a punchline) and now you're just "Haha, Trump and Republicans are dumb!"

Pretending like every republican is a fat white redneck who hates every minority group isn't funny, it just seems hateful. Make fun of actual hypocrisy and bad logic in the republican party--there's plenty--not this straw-man version of a republican.

Edit: Just to clarify, I believe in liberal ideals, but I also believe in good comedy. It's not the fact that this sub makes fun of Trump, it's the fact that they don't do it in a funny way that I have an issue with. It should be actual humor in this humor sub instead of just shitting on some straw-man image of a republican.

ajamesmccarthy 3 points

Thank you for posting this. Both sides do this a lot and it drives me crazy.

ajamesmccarthy commented on a post in r/ShitPoliticsSays
LateDentArthurDent42 -13 points

Sure, I don't have your personal experience...

ajamesmccarthy 9 points

Why are you so angry? All your comments seem super negative. I’m not trying to incite anything, I’m just genuinely curious what is going on.

kaizack 6 points

He's just an asshole/troll. Don't engage him too hard lol

ajamesmccarthy 5 points

Ah I forget those exist sometimes. People are so kind on T_D that I forget how hate-filled some people can be.

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