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OMPrismo 1 point

Tabacco, rolling papers and weed.

Fuck trying to survive that, I'd probably die in a couple of days anyway, might as well do live those last days high.

aktionjaxon 1 point

Lol I'll have firearms and will protect you if you pass dat

A40 3 points

What? I get 'everlasting' food and water? I'd be rich right there!

But besides those, an 'everlasting' supply of 2x4 studs, 3/4" plywood sheets, and galvanized 4" nails would make everyone's lives easier.

aktionjaxon 1 point

No you have to hunt for food and water, I meant besides those 2 what 3 things. Plus dude below has a gat and might kill you for your building supplies..

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GoldenBullNards 351 points

This is pathetic and the adults involved should be ashamed of themselves.

aktionjaxon 105 points

Agreed man, how selfish of them.

aktionjaxon 89 points

Hockey Canada should step in here, this is going to turn kids away from wanting to play the game.

aktionjaxon commented on a post in r/AskReddit
not_better 13,248 points

The male orgasm starts with ejaculation. It can last longer than most women think. Men don't ejaculate because they had had an orgasm, they do so because they are orgasming.

Too often I've seen women stop when the liquid part starts and that's just bad.

aktionjaxon 3 points

I don't think it's bad, i usually pull away when i start because it gets so sensitive to touch while ejaculating it's almost like sandpaper on your knob or something.

aktionjaxon commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
HolyShick -1 points

When you hit 1-0-0 on most microwaves, it inputs the time as 1 minute, which is equal to entering 6-0 seconds.

aktionjaxon 0 points

You've tested most microwaves for this?? Mine has a time dial.

HolyShick 0 points

oh lol mine's digital nvm

aktionjaxon 0 points

So is mine...

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aktionjaxon commented on a post in r/gaming
aktionjaxon 3 points

Try Last of Us man while we're waiting for Last of us 2. The game was released in 2014 but remastered by Naughty Dog. I just played it last week and finished, it's fucking epic man, the scenery is second to none and you get the same adventure / looting feeling as Fallout, the biggest downfall was there was no market in the game where you can buy supplies, which i guess makes it a more realistic post apocalyptic scenario. In short, it's dope

aktionjaxon commented on a post in r/AskReddit
aktionjaxon 3 points

Fishing near the Grand Banks in the Atlantic ocean, had a fish on the line and you could see the water go turbulent and the fish was pushed to the surface, a fucking BLUE WHALE swam underneath my uncles small fishing vessel. I almost shit my pants man, the thing was massive. Everything went quiet and he just passed under us super slow. Probably wondering who was stealing his lunch but PHEW.

aktionjaxon commented on a post in r/funny
aktionjaxon 2 points

Cool. I have an X1 Thinkpad tablet for work, it has a cool sketch feature w/ pen and detachable keyboard. I sketch on it often but i use my docking station to connect it to larger monitors. I havent done the circle yet. Would be funny to pop that up in the conference room in a sales meeting or something. "Got ya fuckers.."

Cadet_Carrot 1 point

Oh my gosh yes, do it if you ever get the chance and then have someone video tape it lol. And that sounds like a cool setup, I'm hoping to invest in a tablet with a larger screen in the future, I'm more used to looking down when I draw so I don't know if the tv will be regularly used

aktionjaxon 1 point

That's the cool part about the X1 is that you can draw directly on the tablet in your lap and display it to other screens while you're drawing

aktionjaxon commented on a post in r/RoastMe
aktionjaxon 1 point

Your eye color almost makes up for the rest of your disfigurements.

Decoluvj 20 points

Ah, but vampires have WHITE teeth, not brown. My parents have just been using my face to plow our fields every spring next to Jeremiah and Günter.

And let me beat you to your next line: At least I'll get plowed somehow.

aktionjaxon 0 points

doubt it

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