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diveandskim 2 points

What a cute little guy! I would post this over in r/whatsthisbird and make sure to write in the location of where this bird was found. That would help with the ID

aldotcom 1 point

Thank you!

cryhvc 9 points

It's definitely a white bird. Looks like the only one in the photo, so it's also rare. Good find. It's called Kevin.

aldotcom 4 points

Ha. We've been calling him Steve, so that explains why he's not responding.

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aldotcom commented on a post in r/news
aldotcom 265 points

The reference in the title to a man who was arrested after criticizing the sheriff refers to this incident, in which 20-year-old Matthew Qualls questioned why Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin paid him to mow the lawn at his personal home in 2015 using taxpayer funds allocated for the feeding of inmates in the county jail. Four days later, he was arrested and charged with drug trafficking using a somewhat suspicious method that weighed the amount of marijuana butter he had including the butter, as opposed to just the marijuana content.

ItsMeJahead 6 points

ELI5 how he is not arrested for corruption or theft or honestly whatever this would classify as. It's surely illegal, no?

aldotcom 8 points

From the link:

Many Alabama sheriffs contend that the practice of keeping "excess" inmate-feeding funds for themselves is legal under a state law passed before World War II. Yet in a number of counties including Jefferson and Montgomery, any money allocated to sheriffs for feeding inmates that is not used for that purpose is instead turned over to the county government.

Entrekin reported on forms he filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission that he made "more than $250,000" each of the past three years via the inmate-feeding funds.

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aldotcom commented on a post in r/auburn
lost_au_student 14 points

Dunno if it's newsworthy but tagging /u/theauplainsman and /u/aldotcom

If this event was actual course content or intended to be a legitimate honors forum event then it was poorly thought out.

aldotcom 7 points
aldotcom 216 points

A few weeks ago, we did an AMA about the possible discovery of the last American slave ship, the Clotilda, in Mobile Bay in Alabama. After further examination by a team from private archaeological firm SEARCH, led by Jim Delgado, it appears this was not, in fact, the Clotilda. The ship is simply too large to be the Clotilda.

aldotcom 15 points

Ervin Heard was mentioned in the first episode of the "S-Town" podcast as being a police officer who sexually abused women he pulled over. John B. McLemore told podcast host Brian Reed, "And after this dude got arrested--you know that recent email I sent you about that Ervin Lee Heard that had been basically falsely imprisoning women and using them for sex slaves? No one talks about that."

sraffetto6 6 points

Hey Ben thanks for doing this, might be too late for this question, but I watched the video in the article and there's an image shown of a burning ship. Would the Clotilda have had a similar deck arrangement to that ship shown? It almost appeared to have several tiers of decking on the stern. Possibly living quarters, like captains cabin

aldotcom 3 points

John Sledge here, might be too late to answer this. But no, the Clotilda only had one deck, she was a two masted schooner.

[deleted] 1 point


aldotcom 4 points

Ben Raines here - This is one for the archaeologists. It is going to take several months probably. Both the state and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have to issue permits. That will involve comment periods and review, so necessarily months at a minimum. As to what is in the hull, if it is the Clotilda, I think we'd see manacles, or other evidence of means to confine prisoners. There might be pens built in the hull. I'd think we will find casks that once stored food, rum, etc., chain, plates and silverware, all sorts of things that would have been in a ship but not valuable enough to remove in a hurry as you were sinking the thing in the dead of night.

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aldotcom 7 points

Third suspect picked up. I think that's all of 'em.

camsmith328 2 points

Our academic buildings are on lock down it sounds like the director of reslife is telling people to lock doors and turn off the lights. We still haven’t heard anything other than no active danger. The suspect on campus was knocking on dorm doors and offering people money to hide him

aldotcom 2 points

Carol reports a second suspect is in custody, but it's not clear if this was the suspect BSC was warning about.

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aldotcom 18 points

There was a shootout at Western Hills Mall. A manager was killed. Then a chase down the interstate, and now a manhunt for the suspects. Here's what we have so far.

Carol Robinson is tweeting from the scene.

aldotcom 5 points

Appears there is now a second victim:

Another person was shot, grazed in the head, according to Birmingham police Sgt. Bryan Shelton. He stopped his car on the interstate. Police think he was shot by the same people involved in the shooting at the mall but do not believe this victim is a suspect.

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