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SlightlyNutritious 8 points

Although the dog may be white IRL, you may enjoy the way it looks more by increasing the contrast between your whites and darks. It may look just as light white in a photo, but our brains know when it's a photo, so we just accept the way the dog looks in it. No one will know that your painting has more dynamic contrast than your reference photo and it will help the dog pop out more from the background. Cheers!

aliengreyhound 1 point

So true, great point! It can be hard to separate the information we gather from seeing a photo from what is actually happening in the photo, not considering that context. Something I struggle with a lot or sure.

cutelilmoth 2 points

It looks good to me actually! Maybe just add more darks. Possiblyyyyy some subtle purples to contrast the ears idk?

aliengreyhound 1 point

Good feedback, thanks! I like the purple idea.

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aliengreyhound commented on a post in r/todayilearned
aliengreyhound 2 points

Because their paws are one of the only spots on their bodies that aren't covered in this dense fur, sea otters will keep their paws up to help stay warm too. People think it's cute that it looks like they're "waving" when really they're just avoiding that ice-cold seawater.

aliengreyhound commented on a post in r/painting
aliengreyhound 1 point

Congrats on starting painting and drawing! I think the easiest improvement you can make right away is using heavier paper that won't buckle with the wetness of your paint (pads of paper will be clearly labeled if they're good for paint). That alone will make anything you do look way better!

HippyVegetables 1 point

Thank you, I will make the switch! Starting was one of the best decisions, for sure!

aliengreyhound 1 point

For sure. Keep at it, you'll be shocked at how fast that learning curve will swing up!

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