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Community college isn't bad. Your actual colleges. Yes those are insanely expensive.

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I had to go into the military to pay for college, Afghanistan is pretty hot this time of year.

They need to reverse their Brexit and get to the bottom of the Russian propaganda problem.

I remember going to a Denny's in the US and my friend needed to use the toilet. My other friend went it a few minutes later to use the urinal and took a snap of how much you could see of the other friend through the stalls. We couldn't believe how big the gaps were. There was no point in having the door at all.

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Like Facebook it doesn’t cost you anything to use it but your privacy.

Original Poster6 points · 3 days ago

That's because Ivanka is a dirty businesswoman. She cares only about her bottom line...slimebag.

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You left out the part where she also works in the whitehouse

Yeah, I've got online buddies who've been hooked, line and sinker, on the Trump train. They've also commented on how Orwell was a prior socialist thinker until, in their words, he "did a big think".

And if they claim that the animals in Animal Farm were equivalent to the alt-right, then that's a sad state of affairs, cause they were all incredibly stupid and couldn't hold a memory worth spit.

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Orwell literally fought fascists and almost died from being shot by them. Read Homage to Catalonia comrades.

7 points · 5 days ago

I really fucking hope Obama runs for Senator again some day

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Or a Supreme Court Justice

160 points · 6 days ago

FINALLY someone has the balls to say it. The Trump administration is full of actual fascists.

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Sessions won an award today from an organization that has a fasces for their seal. The symbolism is just a little too literal.

13 points · 6 days ago

Sigh I already know the answer but are you fucking kidding me?

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I usually get lee 504 off amazon, with the buttons instead of a zipper.

To be honest, I couldn't give two shits if I tried.

I used to care. I used to care about politics, about the world around me, about society, etc... but nothing, and I do mean nothing, in the last four decades of American Politics has shown me anything that would inspire hope for our country, or for mankind.

The oceans are rising, facism is rising, global unrest, tribalism, capitalism... We are fucked. So now, I make jokes and I drink my beer and smoke my pipe and wait for oblivion.

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Be the change you want to see.

Don’t get our hopes up, even if it passes the House, trump will still likely veto it, and even if the dems win every seat in the senate in the midterms, we won’t have a veto proof majority. This is still important though, as if it passes it will send a message to the telecom industry.

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I think trump hasn’t vetoed anything yet.

Nope. You fucked up with the tax return shit you pulled before lady. I can't stand her.

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If you have some patience she does lay out a tone of information and background to her news stories and usually has the author of breaking news on her show , which makes her worth watching.

Makes sense, ...negotiating the possession of nuclear ICBMs isn't rocket science.

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"A great 5G network, in my personal opinion, consists of an open wholesale market with a privatized company that isn’t a carrier. Government doesn’t own or operate it but does provide the spectrum. An open bidding process for bandwidth! No more dead spots!"

Pretty sure ISPs are way ahead of him on this one. What is foreboding is the fact that he wants to get ahead of there being government legislation that can try to regulate it akin to Net Neutrality.

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This isn’t even capitalist, it’s oligargist.

I would SO love to see them back that up.

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Maybe if you go back enough generations you’ll get to asexual reproducing organisms.

Original Poster8 points · 21 days ago

The one thing I could be convinced on is a machine that prints out a paper ballot after you press the button of your choice, and then you can put that in the ballot box. Since you can verify your vote that way. Other than that, no way I trust a machine.

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Old but ever more relevant .

This is great news for US consumers. We're gonna have a lot of cheap pork. This is bad news for US pork producers, they're gonna be doing the same amount of work for less money. Eventually, production will go down, prices will go back up.

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The McRib is back!

So, pence kills trump, pence becomes defacto president and immediately pardons himself, the president also has the ability to stop any investigation he sees fit according to trump, pence stops investigation into assassination of former president.

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And then he enlists his own foot soldiers to murder for him and pardons them and any thug that does any violence to stifle resistance to his regime

well you have to mark it zero because it went over the gutter line

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Also because it isn’t nam and there are rules.

You can't just cant easily shove it in the ass

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It helps if you have a really small penis.

This is actually a school in neighboring Gimmelwald.

In Gimmelwald Hotel Mittaghorn is a popular accommodation, as is the pension.

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The pension was great, their beer garden has an amazing view.

Good time to remind everyone that impeachment is not a criminal proceeding and doesn't require laws to have been broken. This sort of abuse of power is exactly what impeachment is for.

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Although there are probably a dozen other things he could be impeached for like violating emoluments clause and obstruction of justice.

"Ah wow, look at that great big orange beauty. He's come into this territory and just dominated all these smaller guys. Check it out, he puffs up like he's growing a spine when the orange one's back is turned, but then he goes back to being flat. Take it easy little guy. Good stuff!" - Steve Irwin

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“Watch out for the bone spurs on the orange one, they’re wicked sharp”


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