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But there’s a hitch in this plan as well. As Georgetown law professor Marty Lederman points out, Francisco “is probably recused from the Russia investigation (at a minimum), because Jones Day, his former firm, represents the Trump Campaign (unless there’s been a change).” According to Lederman, Francisco has thus far taken his ethical obligation to recuse himself from cases involving his former firm fairly seriously, as Francisco has stepped away from “all SCOTUS cases where Jones Day represents a party.”

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So who is next in line from the SG?

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When I was a kid, a teacher once told me that anyone who refers to themselves in third person is a huge narcissist.

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Bob Dole

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Ha, the accusations keep piling up. The FBI has been told to keep out of it. Republicans are preventing an FBI investigation into any of the NEW accusations.

Who is making thinly veiled hits on the accuser? Republicans.

If the FBI were allowed to interrogate under oath, the whole party scene would be unveiled as a drunken disaster for Kavanaugh. His drinking buddies would tell all or face Federal FBI charges of lying. With all the cross-referencing of statements, no one would be safe if they lied. So they would tell the truth: We were all drunk and did things is the truth.

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Exactly, they can face the justice of reporters or the justice of the justice department(FBI). So far they’ve chosen reporters.

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Precisely why I joined back in 2003. You don’t get that right out of high school otherwise. Why should people that want to kill brown people be the only ones getting free school?

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Wtf are you talking about? Killing brown people? Are you fucking mad?

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That’s s just where the us military has chosen its engagements after Vietnam. Am I mad for pointing it out?

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Wow, watch the fucking segment. Jesus, Fox is for the dumbest fucking people.

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How do I watch it without giving them clicks?

Seriously? Trump has a bigger plan. Think Truman.

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Nuking Japan ?

They've been backing themselves into an ideological corner for decades. Embracing fox "news" and the astro turfed tea party was the beginning of the end.

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They have tied themselves to an ideology that will die with the failing health of the baby boomers. If only they had been for universal health care in the 90s they might have got a few more years out of them.

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I was there, too. Don't let the politicization get to you, though.

I was there when Al-Qaeda lit off a car bomb so powerful it killed over 200 Iraqis, and it rattled my walls a few miles away. Probably the bomb that really fed the Iraqis up on AQ. They ended up turning on AQ for targeting them, and if it wasn't for ISIS stepping into AQ's place, we might have called the extremism dwindled to almost nothing then and there.

But ISIS did step in. So much that AQ thought they were too extreme. But the Golden Division of the Iraqi Army finally stepped up and ran ISIS out, so I think all the special forces work, the work of the intelligence agencies, the blood and sweat of hundreds of thousands on the ground in the open, finally took.

The Golden Division's existence, and the ceremonial closing of the gates to Iraq when Obama ordered them closed to end the effort, helped me move on from that nightmare.

I think it finally reached an acceptable point. That all our work didn't go absolutely to waste.

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I was at a base hospital at the peak of sectarian violence, the icu was full of children that were shot up at checkpoints. So many decisions over the decades were made for money and not how future generations are going to grow up.

Being a politician is really selling out your soul. This whole thing is a false drama. I have to think all this was a planned. What a joke. Time and time again the same strategies are put in place to delay his conviction. Is anyone surprised?
Anything to obstruct... no shame in their game. Pretty pathetic at this point.

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They really shouldn’t delay his conviction, he should get swift justice for committing perjury.

Nothing like waiting for all the facts first before you fry this guy. You’re all ready to put another dozen sexual assaults on this man’s shoulders. Do you want to pin him for the Kennedy assassination also? Might as well. My goodness.

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393 points · 3 days ago

The Republicans certainly aren’t waiting for the facts before trying to confirm him.

25 points · 21 days ago

He’s like, a modern day aquatic version of Dynamo

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Is that the laser dude from Snowcrash?

How would it be possible to stay virgin with a cool and manly hair like this?

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What you view as unfitting, most of us view as necessary to combat the reality of the world we live in.

We have a situation where the media is too powerful. It needs to be kept in check. Trump is going to war with the most financially powerful entity the world has ever seen. It’s all it has going for it. Once truth comes out and everyone understand what has been going on since the early 1900’s, even people like you will flip and understand everything you think you believe is complete bullshit.

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While we waited for claims without evidence to be substantiated, Trump verifiably lies daily and enriches himself, obstructs investigations and is suspiciously close to Russia. This is all acceptable because of this thing someone made up, and we’ll see as soon as Republicans have finished their smash and grab from the American middle class.

Right but that’s probably Trump’s best play. He’s found in default and/or loses the civil case and what, is ordered a 6 figure judgment? That won’t hurt him politically. Trump U was settled for 25M.

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He’ll probably just settle with laundered Russian money or 2020 campaign funds anyway.

That'd be a bold move with Mueller watching his ass.

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He just fired his whitehouse counsel for talking to muller, I wouldn’t put it past him. We’re going to see him test his limits like he has since before he took office.

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We need to dispel the fiction that Trump doesn't know Russia is attacking America. Trump knows exactly how Russia will keep attacking America.

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This seems like a lifetime ago.

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Actual in context quote:

As Director Tenet has pointed out, Secretary Powell presented evidence last week that Baghdad has failed to disarm its weapons of mass destruction, willfully attempting to evade and deceive the international community.

Our particular concern is that Saddam Hussein may supply terrorists with biological, chemical or radiological material.

Blaming Mueller for the lies of the Bush administration just goes to show how desperate you trump supporters have become.

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If they were so concerned they could open some investigations into the allegations of war crimes by the Bush administration.

T-bills would be even worse. You know how much influence fiscal policy can have on interest rates?

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At what rate of return though?

Is he the only baker in the city or something? The guys a dick, but it's a free market. If you know the baker will give you shit about baking your cake then find a baker who won't and give them the job. The best way to get rid of business owners like this isn't to give them business or free publicity like this.

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I’m not trying to be a conspiracy nut or anything, but imagine if a big defense company like Lockheed Martin gave technology to the Russians intentionally so they could start an arms race to get a blank check government contracts. That’s just the worst case scenario I could think of. Its a lot easier to do when a ton of Republicans are in face to face meetings with russian leadership.

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Aye, think of the spiders. I couldn't risk it. Are there places where you don't get spiders at the lakes? Maybe it's somewhere that doesn't have spiders. A place like that exists in my dreams.

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I was thinking of mosquitos

Comment deleted1 month ago

They should have a special election.

Yeah, thanks a lot, Obama! God... what a douche.

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Bloody do gooder


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