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Man, I am cringing at my fellow citizen's response. I will never understand why Americans are so threatened by the idea that there are other countries in the world that offer a better life to it's citizen's. Good luck to you and congratulations.

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J. Crew had awesome basic tees that are a little more boxy, I love them. Good quality and they are all on sale right now!

It's cute but I'm trying to figure out why the stag looks like a leopard with antlers.

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Original Poster4 points · 3 days ago

Now that you mention it, I'm seeing an otter with antlers.

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I love fried chicken. Like...really, really love fried chicken. You know what I love more than fried chicken? Dipping sauces. Doesn't matter what kind. I don't discriminate.

A new chicken joint opened up down the street from my work and I was dying to try it. So on his day off, my boyfriend went and ordered the biggest portion of chicken tenders they had with ALL the dipping sauces and suprised me at work.

It was the sweetest damn thing and I cried.

I wanted this to just be a joke post about how fried chicken was your "loved one" based on the first paragraph. I was fairly disappointed.

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I mean, it still is.

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It's missing the Cincinnati Chili Dog. We take deep, deep pride in our weiners.

Skyline, what's uppp.

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I didn't even notice the Coney! Because all the others you know... Had the place of origin in the title.

Imitrex always makes my migraines worse for the first hour. My doctor said this is because it's basically squeezing your blood vessels to keep them from contracting. After it's done doing that the blood vessels have settled and that's when you feel relief.

You are right! Her name was Martha and she died in 1914, there is a really cool exhibit that tells all about her and the passenger pigeons in the zoo.

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And there is a mural dedicated to her on one of our downtown buildings


Social anxiety keeps me from having a lot of friends or making a lot of friends. Occasionally I make an effort to put myself out there but it's usually just too overwhelming. I turn to television shows for comfort and friendship. I rewatch Parks and Rec, Community and Brooklyn 99 in rotation. The characters make me feel less alone. The stories let me escape my own for a while. It feels kind of pathetic to finally admit that these fictional characters are more like friends to me than most people in real life.


i hear you, the office is also good for that. do you have a pet, they are great company and will keep you amused with their cute antics, also if you have a dog, you will have to walk them and every second person will engage you in conversation about said dog.

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I have cats and they definitely keep me company(: The Office has been rewatched so many times I'm giving it a bit of a rest.

when i was young, i was in a super bad family situation, hated school (but went because it was better than home) and life really sucked, i was obsessed with little house on the prairie - just loved it so much, watched it all the time, read the books and it really helped, i sort of felt that the ingalls were my family (i wish) anyway, life is better but i still do it sometimes, so you arent the only one :)

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Original Poster2 points · 26 days ago

Thank you for sharing your story.

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Similarly, entitled parents who think they can switch seats on the plane with people just because they have kids and need to sit right next to them but didn't plan accordingly.

Happened to my SO and I on our last trip. They wanted us to switch seats so the mom could sit by her kid even though she was right behind him. My SO said, "No.. we are going to stay here." He didn't want this kid kicking our seats the whole flight, which he ended up doing to the people in front of him. Her and husband proceeded to become shitty with us. Saying, "Real nice guy huh? Must not have kids." To which I replied, "Nope! Sure don't!" When she harassed my SO to tell her why we wouldn't switch and he said,"I don't want to talk to you." Because she wouldn't like his answer. She looked at me and said, "That's a red flag, just saying." I could have decked her.

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First, your husband deserves a gold star for not moving.

I had something similar happen on a domestic flight last year. I had selected a window seat because I try to sleep on planes and don’t want to be bothered. The mom wanted me to swap seats to the middle seat in a 3 seat section so her kid could sit in front of her. The people seated on her row (obviously a couple whom I’m sure didn’t want to be split up) had already told her no. There’s about a zero percent chance I’m giving up my window seat to sit between and share armrests with two strangers. I told her no, she told me I had no compassion. Zero shits. I told her to have a lovely flight and grinned like a possum.

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Good for you. That is an absurd request! Nobody is trying to sit in the middle seat... The mom in my situation asked the woman in front of her (next to kicking child) to switch but the woman declined because her family was across the aisle. Did mom raise a stink with her? Of course not! But because we don't have kids we are selfish and should move automatically.

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My little guy Pesci has a stuffed carrot and it is his life. Every night when I get into bed, he has a routine where he walks around the apartment with the carrot in his mouth meowing all the while. He doesn't stop until I invite him up into the bed.

Original Poster27 points · 1 month ago

OK, that is like the most adorable thing so far today. My feeeeeeels!

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Not the best pic but there's the carrot!

I've been using Therm-A-Rest self inflating foam pad for a long time and have never had issues with holes. It's supportive without being too bulky and keeps me warm. I think it's about 100 for a regular size.

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Big Kanye fan here, mostly for the music.

he’s been quite influential to the game since his first album. from production styles, lyrical topics, to even how he rolls out albums.

With College Dropout/Late Registration, he practically trademarked pitching and chopping up soul samples to use in hip-hop. Not to mention the use of an actual live orchestra in production of Late Registration.

Graduation sparked the still prevalent pop-rap. Using lush anthem-like synths and techniques usually reserved for pop music in a hip-hop album. Unprecedented at the time.

808’s & Heartbreak pioneered emotional personal rap that rappers back then would never spit about. Drake even mentioned how influential Kanye was to his sound.

I’m not gonna go over all his albums but all in all, you can’t deny his influence. He is masterful at capturing tonal qualities in samples that really bring out what he wants in a track.

Take a listen to each album as they honestly have their own sound. Try not to care so much about the person behind the music and really just take in the music. Perhaps a lot of the new Kanye has been harder to get into. When I introduce someone to Kanye, I usually go for Late Registration. His ego didn’t shine as much back then and he usually rapped about things the common man could even relate to. Start to finish I think that album is a classic. 10/10.

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100% yes. It's an unpopular opinion but when it comes to entertainment, I try to separate the person from the artist. If your music pumps me up, makes me feel certain emotions, connects me to something bigger... that's what matters to me. I don't hold any celebrity to a higher standard because they are human just like everyone else. Kayne just so happens to be incredibly talented. I don't think people realize just how much goes into mixing and producing the kind of tracks Kanye produces. Not to mention, his music is just fun. It doesn't need to be taken so seriously.

My SO recently introduced me to it and it's definitely good for the mind. He usually puts this on:

So pumped this is finally coming out. I worked for a company that made a wedding cake for one of the scenes.

Great books and beautiful cat. A tough choice to keep reading or pet her lol.

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Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

We take snug breaks in between chapters! A win win for us both.

Love seeing our zoo represented here! They have access to their indoor inclosure at all times for when it's hot like it has been. I spend at least a half hour watching these guys whenever I go.


I'm playing through the original Borderlands while at the same time watching S3E21. Amy is under cover in prison and at the end Maura (bad guy Jimmy's sister) says, "I could use a bruiser on my team." Amy responds, "I'm not a bruiser, I'm a pyscho."

I don't know why but I got super pumped on this!


I do a lot of indoor climbing. My gym is pretty small and everyone is super supportive and talks to each other. Any time I climb I'm bound to meet at least one new person. We may not become friends but for those few hours we help each other with routes and pump each other up! Last session I climbed with a girl who's friend's with a friend. It made it much more fun.

So when I first started backpacking I went to REI and they tried to get me to buy the 60L Cadillac of backpacks for over $300. I was naive and inexperienced so I thought this was my only option. I ended up going with a cheaper 45 L Osprey because it was just slightly cheaper. It works for 3 day trips but that's when I'm really watching what I pack. So I decided to upgrade size for an extended trip I'm taking this year. My partner has always carried a Mountain Gear from Amazon so I decided to try out the 60 L and I LOVE it. It's adjustable so it fits most bodies, it has tons of straps and pockets, and it's affordable. I only paid $80 and it's just as good, if not better for my back than the expensive one I bought. I think 60L is a great size because you can comfortably carry most of what you will need without a lot of extra weight.

Yeah but Ospreys warranty is hands down the best in the business. You could have that pack for ten years, have your dog chew it up, and they would repair or replace it free of charge. That “Mountain Gear” pack, will last 2 or 3 years and when it breaks you’ve gotta throw it in the landfill and buy a new one.

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True, it's definitely awesome. But like I said, for someone just starting off and doesn't have a lot of money, it's a great bag to get you started. For me I didn't want to drop a couple hundred on a bigger pack for this one longer trip when my 45 osprey gets me by on my usual shorter trips(:

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