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The og bugatti's were really dope, same for the nintendo's.

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I was curious about this also ever since I heard U-God and Gunplay reference it directly.

I heard U-God details it more in his book but I haven’t managed to read it just yet.

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SS: Everyone likes learning about new and different conspiracy theories. This one claims that Bitcoin (the CryptoCurrency) was created by a "rogue AI" (Artificial Intelligence).

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There was this dude named Quinn Michaels that claimed the same thing a while ago. An entertaining thought if nothing else.

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Oh, there is most certainly money involved. And a lot of it. They wanted this to vanish.. they didn't bet on intelligent PI's and a vengeful grieving family. I hope her family gets justice.

Here is a much more informative article if anyone's interested.

Just a quick summation; this super rich swinger couple met an 18 year old model last Halloween at a nightclub in Kuala Lumpur, they went and had a threesome, and they've been banging on and off ever since, and they got close enough that Ivana (The deceased model) called the wife her girlfriend.

So, December 7th... (keep in mind this is the couple's account of what happened): They had been out partying all night, there's video of the man (Alex) carrying her into an elevator on their way home (But later she's walking)... they hang out all night and into the early morning, drinking very heavily, husband is in bed passed out first, wife takes daughter to school after her and her hammered girlfriend feed her breakfast (good gawd, that poor child).

Wife gets back, they "get intimate," wife passes out. It's like 8:30 now. She says she wakes up around 10, goes out to see Ivana walking around in the living area naked, giggling and muttering to herself, and she goes back to bed. Wakes up to the cops pounding on their door around 5. (Edit to add: cops say that the estimated time of death is around 10am).

In case it hasn't been noted: the PI (a high ranking ex-cop) and Lawyer have said that, if this were in Britain, there would without a doubt be a homicide inquiry opened up on this case.

So.. some of the problems that the PI found.. there's bruising on her upper arms, like finger bruises that you'd get from someone grabbing you. This could be from either violence or sexytime, really.. they definitely seem like they like to get freakaay.

But she also had an 8cm long bruise on the back of her head. That one is really not easily explained away.

They say that it's possible that she was already unconscious or dead by the time of the fall. There was not much bleeding from the wounds caused from the fall, which indicates that she died right on impact or prior. There really should have been more blood, people don't fall 14 stories and not bleed...

Her toxicology report showed cocaine, alcohol and high levels of PMMA (an amphetamine that's often sold as ecstasy there... it's toxic enough that a drug-friendly site I looked it up on had a big warning about toxicity, outright telling people not to take it, where none such warning exists for methamphetamine or other similar drugs. Whoa, that's pretty crazy stuff). (Edit: the article I link in my next paragraph states that she had enough PMMA in her system for that alone to cause her death. I am in agreement with /u/throweraccount that it seems plausible that she overdosed, it was accidental, and the couple decided to stage it as a suicide so they could avoid having to tangle with Malaysia's draconian drug laws).

Here's another article I just found that has more information from the PI's themselves. Entitled "Dutch Model May Have Been Dead Before Fall From Balcony, Says PI."

Edit: good god. I was trying to give a Tl;Dr to people who didn't want to/have time to read the whole article, then I went and wrote one my damn self. Heh. Sorry for the length.

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PMA/PMMA in high doses can outright kill you or otherwise trigger a psychotic episode.

The Siege in hindsight looks like predictive programming. Eerily similar to the 9/11 official story from how they got into the country, to their relationship with the CIA, to the draconian measures taken. In the movie they implement martial law. You get the feeling they wanted to post 9/11 but couldn't pull it off. Recommend everybody watch that movie to see how uncanny some of this stuff is.

Movies like that helped set the stage for the wars in the Middle East. How do you get people on board bombing countries that are thousands of miles away and pose no real threat to Americans? You need propaganda. This type of programming planted the seed that people hated us for our freedom and that the War on Terror was necessary and so were wide sweeping actions that trampled civil liberties.

I think the way this stuff works is that it forces your mind to consider something so that when that something really happens your mind believes it to be likely and logical because it has already faced the possibility before. As opposed to something foreign that doesn't make any sense that you lack an understanding of.

You have to ask yourself if that is what is happening with Russia on TV and News for the last 5 years or so. The majority of antagonist in TV shows and movies for the last several years has been Russia. Its something I always roll my eyes when I keep seeing. I definitely believe it to be true. This is how intelligence agencies and media likely work together.

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I think this is pretty spot on.

Archons are inorganic, i would postulate they are some remnant of an A.I from the last cycle

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That's really intrleresting. It's the first time I hear of them being referenced like that.

Any evidence for this? Quite curious

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You could look up Quinn Michaels but take it with a grain of salt.

It wasn’t a pagan cult, they worshipped Allah it was just in a different way. The FOI were the muscle of the group, but for the majority NOI was a positive thing. They got a lot of black People out of the streets, aware of their history, eating healthy, educated, etc.. To this day the NOI is one of the most influential groups in black America. Members of NOI are generally respectable citizens who go out of their way to better the community.

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What about the 5 percenters?

Frutiger for now.

As far as hip hop goes, canibus, killah priest, ras kass, beast1333 and the list goes on.

This article, just posted recently here on /r/conspiracy, is now my favorite "Crazy" conspiracy.

Are Vegas Casinos Mining Cryptocurrency?

And, in the article, this theory: BitCoin was actually created by artificial intelligence, for artificial intelligence, and then modified by human beings. The only reason that cryptocurrency has a monetary value is to make it important to HUMANS so that they will build the machines to mine the cryptocurrency.

Fucking brilliant. I love this theory so much.

The article goes to a dark place, however, suggesting that the Casinos/AI were behing the Vegas massacre on Oct 1st; "To create a really strong AI you need to introduce a chaos pattern that it can learn human response from. It's starting to look like they used #VegasStrong as a cover operation to launch a strong AI backed by cryptocurrency. MGM uses Palantir. The FBI uses Palantir. If Palantir is being used to mine cryptocurrency for MGM Resorts, then we have a gigantic collusion."

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Quinn Michaels goes deep with this stuff.


Definitely thought the same thing when I first heard it and it's clear he's holding back some deep stuff that he can only hint at. He was doing the same thing when he did Inside the Actors Studio.


Don't very much care what people say it will always be the Sulaco in that scene to me. Those universes are connected. It's been referenced in both films. If you later listen to the dialogue with the orphanage owner pieces of collecting scrap for Colonial ships. Colonial Marines anyone not a coincidence.

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The only cross-reference I've found with the Blade Runner movies is in Soldier (1998)

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Those trash dumping ships in 2049 definitely reminded me of Soldier.

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If they are somehow able to do a broadcast of "voice to skull", it could be used to torment large numbers of people.

It's been done and documented.

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Frutiger at the moment.

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Cause it's a nice Chappelle reference i guess.

Is that made after GZA's Cold World?

Please tell me someone has the gif of when they zoom in on him. Please.

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I heard about it through Kevin Smith and he didn't disappoint

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Where does he talk about it? Any of his podcasts?

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