Kushner Cos. subpoenaed by feds after AP report by Cup_O_Coffey in news

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The real estate company issued a statement saying it has “nothing to hide and is cooperating fully with all legitimate requests for information, including this subpoena.”

It must be true because the company says it's true.

SPLC puts out an article detailing the vitriol and racism on T_D. Their response? In any mosque you will " find more threatening racists or bigots than on T_D." by RabidTurtl in TopMindsOfReddit

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No surprise they worship the liar-in-chief who thinks his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever. They're just bad with numbers.

/r/drama has gone private - incoming shitstorm by TheAwesomeJonesy in SubredditDrama

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They're just trying to garner attention. Living up to their name.

17 girls a week. by Salvadore1 in ihavesex

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The dude is a frequenter to a sub called r/wrestlefap (NSFW), TIL.

I know because I came across this exact comment while moderating the sub. The things you find..

Here come the conspiracies boys and girls. by JScrambler in insanepeoplefacebook

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Hey now, this would be a perfectly valid theory on forums like r/conspiracy.

People died, because female pilots, or wage gap explaned by a total piece of human trash. by sriracha_n_honey in insanepeoplefacebook

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Casual sexism, racism and other nonsense is much too common on Facebook at this point.

Upstate NY farmer says ICE officers stormed his farm without a warrant, cuffed him, threw his phone by Leetwheats in news

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Giving agencies such powers is pretty shitty and unconstitutional. But yeah, happens all the time.

How dare bus drivers have access to health insurance! 🙄 by momskii3e in insanepeoplefacebook

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Aah, it's one of those fine people who think social benefits are handouts.

what the by asmishh in insanepeoplefacebook

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Aah, only twice. Good deal then.

Is this crazy enough? by BeraldGevins in insanepeoplefacebook

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Perhaps, some essential oils can make you feel better.