Explorer 1 Anniversary Marks 60 Years of Science in Space by annamiapia in space

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Crazy and a bit sad to think it's been so long and we've still not landed on Mars.

Finnish foods every foreigner should try by [deleted] in Finland

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Pretty much agree with all of these, except Lingonberries. Way too bitter for me

Interesting facts most Finns don't know about Finnish Americans by [deleted] in Suomi

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Definitely didn't know about the log cabin, but it totally makes sense

Interesting Facts Finns don't know about Finnish Americans by annamiapia in Finland

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Man, if I'd have headed off to the US never to return, I'd have gone south to the sun.

GEORGE FRIEDMAN: Almost all of Europe's countries have border issues by annamiapia in europe

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You'd never know the idea of the nation-state has only been around like couple of hundred years