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appstools232323 commented on a post in r/Amd
heavymoertel 3 points

Other brands don't offer that 10GBE ethernet I want and I kind of am sick of ASUS because of how they handled BIOS updates for the P9X79 DELUXE, my current board.

appstools232323 2 points

buy a 10GBE PCIE card?

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throwawaytoontown 9 points

I'm half white and I live in singapore. I've been heavily downvoted in /r/singapore for mentioning that our government, the PAP has been thinking of monitoring the population with things like unified health records, increased priviledges on IMDA officers, proposed legalisations on fake news and facial recognition cameras.

While this may be good for crime, would you want to live in a country where every move is watched? Where anything but doubleplus goodthink is penalized?

The PAP is already notorious for pandering to conservative cultures and while I can understand why they might do that, some laws can be extensively draconian. For instance 377A, which makes it illegal to sleep with a man as a man and the infamous death penalty for drugs. Recently the alcohol prohibition after 10.30pm and the mandatory 3 day waiting period for abortions seem to be pandering to a religious christian minority.

It's very upsettting to see my country be ruled by conservatism and authortharian control; while other countries take a step forwards, we take a step back. I wonder if this is what causes Singaporeans to leave our country, I'm one of the singaporeans that plan to leave as soon as possible. I hate how draconian these laws are and how restrictive our lives are. I don't see why should some old rich people censor and dictate every aspect of our lives.

It may be safer than America, but I vastly prefer the freedom of speech and assembly that America has compared to the wide censorship and forced comformity singapore pushes.

Edit: downvotes already? It seems like the singapore crowd really hates me. It's just my opinion.

appstools232323 1 point

Alphabet agencies have similar mass surveillance capabilities, don't kid yourself.

appstools232323 commented on a post in r/Amd
Dijky 20 points

Intel was only the company that initially got "banned" when an export license for server CPUs was denied.

As your source article says, four Supercomputing Centers in China were added to the Entity List that effectively bans exports to them from all US companies.

Neither AMD nor Intel (nor anyone else) was directly prohibited from selling or licensing to other Chinese entities.

appstools232323 3 points

NSA backdoors and petty shit like these is why China will go to extreme lengths to develop their own IC industry. Simply put America is not a reliable trade partner.

appstools232323 commented on a post in r/Futurology
Perridan 1 point

You are right my first comment was not purely objective and was some form of humor.

I can t know if they stole the railgun but some expert said they did stole blueprint from as top secret system as the F35 so i wouldn t be surprised if they took some files related to railguns

appstools232323 7 points

Friendly reminder: The US stole tech from the UK during the industrial revolution as well. The Japanese did the same before WWII, the Koreans copied Japanese tech during the 60s and 70s.

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Hurok 4 points

I'm so confused about this, in the US its illegal to sell used items as new. Whats to stop someone from going to the proper governing body and having Bitmain investigated? If they were actually selling used miners they'd have to specify that. It feels too risky, wouldn't it be more likely that they are indeed selling brand new miners but they just have a large stock for themselves too?

EDIT: if you want to sell in the US you need to follow US rules, it doesn't matter where your HQ is, that's why there are no Chinese branded cars in the US they don't meet US regulations. I think that Bitmain is small enough that they can probably skate by this rule for now, regardless it's slimy as fuck.

EDIT2: Y'all need to calm down

appstools232323 2 points

no Chinese branded cars in the US they don't meet US regulations

This is flat out wrong, Chinese automobile regulations are stricter than the US. The real reason is Chinese EV manufacturers can barely meet domestic demand let alone export them out.

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