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Mansplaining means "to comment on or explain something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner."

You are commenting on something VinegarTea (a woman) said while using a very condescending tone. Of course she's read the rest of the thread. You don't see the irony here?

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You don't see the irony here?

Apparently womensplaining is ok but not mansplaining. Isn't this double standard? Fighting sexism with more sexism?

Original Poster5 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

The thing is, she doesn't think she did anything wrong. Not in what she said, or how she said it. She doubled down and said that she stood by what she said and did. The key to being relieved of your wrong doings is admitting to them and saying you will work on changing it. Even if she said she wouldn't change the meaning of what she said, but that she could have said it in a more professional way.

I understand snapping and saying something rude because you are stressed or under pressure. But you normally apologize or say that you could have said it better than what you did. I don't want women to have to walk on egg shells or whatever because of bullshit people, but stooping to their levels or lower does nothing to aid in the justification of action.

We will never agree here, because I don't think what she said was bad, and I do not think her actions at any point here were bad.

Honestly, it doesn't matter if she hated TB or not, for whatever reason. You shouldn't say that you are happy someone is dead. Especially, literally, the day after he passed. It is insensitive on so many levels. It would have been better to just not say anything at all.

We won't agree here either. I think it's fine to say that you are "glad he's no longer around to keep doing harm", regardless of whether or not that means that someone has died or not. Yes, many revered TB and no doubt that he did do many positive things for people. He provided entertainment for many, he gave a spotlight to a lot of indie games which helped some of those devs, etc. But he also did a lot of shitty things and hurt a lot of people, regardless of whether or not people know about it, choose to ignore it, and/or don't believe it. Saying that you're glad that he's no longer able to harm people because he's dead is different from actively wishing cancer and death on a living person.

I don't even understand why you brought this up at all, other than to try to cast her as a "bad" person for saying this, when it has zero relevance to her firing.

EDIT: And if you want to continue discussing whether her firing was actually warranted or not, I'm just going to point to John Teasdale's Twitter thread.

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We will never agree here, because I don't think what she said was bad, and I do not think her actions at any point here were bad.

Using sexist words on a dude just because he's a guy is not considered bad? Playing the female card to dismiss all feedback and criticism is not bad? Would you still say the same if the genders were reversed?

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Yeah STW has been getting a lot of attention lately and I'm loving it

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Thank BR for funding STW development

The article literally states these are based off a US company’s chips. This guy is pandering

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Should be pointed out that a great chunk of AMD's R&D are done outside the US specifically to avoid being blocked by state dept for export. AMD isn't "American" like Intel is.

Considering that the US banned the export of almost all HPC products to China, they don't have too much bargaining power. They need those CPUs until they can make their own, and when they do so, I really doubt that they will pick up the x86 bags.

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Ironically American export bans only serve to push the development of Chinese IC industry even faster. They saw this coming years ago, and are already making their own chips for supercomputers. The push for domestic server chips now begins.

Export regulations are a complex matter, an up-vote for constructive comment in regards to it.

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The US is the only developed country with a really anal export control policy. Other countries like Germany, Korea and Japan all have trade surpluses with China because they don't restrict exports like the US does. China loves buying industrial machinery from Germany which would be blocked for export in the US.

"Nearly identical" is the key phrase here.

But it's certainly a benefit that comes with potential national security downsides.

No it doesn't. China has to provide it's own security solution.

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What downsides would there be not using NSA backdoored crypto? The author of this article is dumb.

19 points · 10 days ago


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He used the term "Globalist", safe to assume he's one of those Trump nationalists

12 points · 12 days ago

Amd will definitely generate alot of profit from this. Now china doesnt have to rely in intel. Now cpu have many choice. With arm on the rising i dont see intel going survive their cpu core business

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Important to note that only core zen IP is licensed, without the cryptography or secure processor IP . Meaning no NSA backdoors and no need to buy Intel's backdoored CPUs as well.

They are both “China” (the PRC and the ROC), but they’re very obviously different countries. They didn’t fight a civil war and then refuse to reunify because they love each other politically.

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He's a racist. Literally accusing people of being spies, thieves or whatever crimes just because of ethnicity. I have seen increasing amounts of open racism due to Trump since 2016.

Yes. It's even worse because they get an advantage: They go on NA servers fully knowing that everyone else is gonna be laggy to them. So they know they have Peeker's advantage. You go on and, some players won't lag and some will(the high ping players). You don't know how any individual player's connection is going to be and therefore, what kind of advantage each player may have on the networking side of things.

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bluehole's fault that they don't enforce ping locks

17 points · 13 days ago


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Why the brackets? Just own it that you're xenophobic

2 points · 13 days ago

Isn't like Micron is banned to sell their products in China? One could say it's more for the rest of the world.

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3 points · 13 days ago · edited 12 days ago

Nah, since micron will just decrease production of memory and trade can just go trough neighboring countries.

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this is primarily the reason why the US-China trade war is utterly pointless. the supply chain will simply reroute goods via third party countries to avoid the tariff. Unless the USA is willing to impose global industrial tariffs like they did with solar and steel this US-China trade war is bollocks and a total waste of time for everyone involved.

temporary injunction by UMC

307 points · 13 days ago

Not to be pessimistic, but where I went to college, every eligible male at the school in 1950 (maybe 1951?) went and fought in Korea and none came back. Hopefully he made it though.

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male-only conscription is really discriminatory.

Call the police. You need to speak out on social media as well. Use relevant hashtags such as #metoo to draw awareness.

64 points · 13 days ago

AMD's official statements indicate the company does not sell its final chip designs to its China-based partners. Instead, AMD allows them to design their own processors tailored for the Chinese server market. But the China-produced Hygon "Dhyana" processors are so similar to AMD's EPYC processors that Linux kernel developers have listed vendor IDs and family series numbers as the only difference. In fact, Linux maintainers have simply ported over the EPYC support codes to the Dhyana processor and note that they have successfully run the same patches on AMD's EPYC processors, implying there is little to no differentiation between the chips.

AMD holds a 51 percent stake in HMC, while Tianjin Haiguang Holdings owns 49%. Meanwhile, AMD owns 30% of Hygon and Tianjin Haiguang Holdings owns 70 percent.

To stay within the legal boundaries, HMC licenses the IP to Hygon, which designs the x86 chips and then sells the design back to HMC. HMC then employs a foundry to fab the end product (likely China Foundries or TSMC). Confusingly, HMC then transfers the chips back to Hygon (the same company that designed them), which then sells the Dhyana processors.

So basically AMD lied and actually sold the design of EPYC to China. We will see China "homegrown" CPU very soon. Wonder what US Gov will do about this.

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Nothing, because it is legal at that time and the deal was made 2 years ago.

-71 points · 13 days ago

Regardless of legality it is an anti-american activity that directly harms AMD in the long run. The people who brokered this deal should be investigated at the very least.

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Anti-american activity? Regardless of legality? Is patriotism allowed to trump the rule of law now? Man things have sure changed since the election of Trump.

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8 points · 13 days ago

I'm not saying what she did was kind, but she certainly didn't insult him. Reject him? Sure.

Twitter is like a hyper-accessible public street.

Let's imagine your boss just happened to be walking behind you on a public street, and a stranger ran into you. And not just any stranger, but a stranger that seems to do that to you almost every day. Out of frustration, you stopped and said "Holy shit dude, what is your problem anyway?"

From your perspective, you are totally justified. You have all the context. This guy is never watching where he's going and is always trampling you on your way around.

From your boss's perspective, you just told some random dude who just bumped into you a little to basically screw off.

Is your boss now justified in firing you?

The answer is plainly not for that cause (legally speaking, depending on where you live, if your boss thought that offense was bad enough, they'd be better off letting you go without cause than stating this as the reason for termination).

Now imagine having people trample all over you all day, every day, and all your friends having the same experience. And the tramplers have no idea they're doing it. And every time you call one out and shout "Dude stop trampling", all the tramplers turn around and start shouting you down for jumping out and making a controversy out of nothing.

That's what this is. That dude is a trampler, probably had no idea what he was getting into (that's what privilege is), and it was just the final straw for her.

What her CEO did was cowardly and blind, and ArenaNet will suffer for that kind of leadership. Not because of some kind of boycott or anything, but because the culture of the company cannot support employees with diverse backgrounds with that ideology leading it.

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but she certainly didn't insult him

Using the terms 'mansplaining' and 'manfeels' for no vaild reason at all is not an insult? How would you feel if someone dissed you off just on gender alone?

Original Poster32 points · 14 days ago

Maybe I'm jaded on the topic (or its British vs American attitudes to customer service) but I don't see any "flaming". Maybe she was a bit abrupt and abrasive but I've seen much worse from more senior gaming figures who remain in post (Elias Viglione being the most recent example).

I do worry that discussion of legitimate toxicity is being shut down over this obsession with "politeness" and "civil debate". Players are free to call Price a bitch and dehumanise her (as you pointed out on that subreddit) but the moment Price herself mentions they're being misogynist assholes, she gets punished. Is that the right way to deal with it?

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She used misandrist terms to attack Derior and INKS who was never rude to anyone, and played the female card to brush off anything she doesn't like to hear. She kept up the insults even after Derior apologized with no wrongdoing on his part. The only thing 'wrong' with Derior was he is male. Ask yourself, would she had reacted this way if Derior was female? If you dont see the issue here you are a sexist just like Price who dismisses opinions purely based on gender.

One does not advocate equality and discourage harassment by being a sexist and harassing others you disagree with.

She also celebrated TB's death, by the way.

Perhaps, but to me that seems a bit too emotional of a response. I'm thinking that they probably want to limit foreign competition while they ramp up their local fabs, so that they can grow off the huge domestic market until they're big enough to compete on more open terms. As far as I understand it, that is how they grew a number of their competitive services and products. Either by alleged IP theft, or sharing technology in exchange for Chinese market access for a number of years.

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It's a patent lawsuit in China brought up by UMC .

How do you think they eliminated the nuclear submarines?

If they didn't eliminate all elements of the nuclear triad then there would've been a lot of destruction.

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Nuclear subs can't launch without codes transmitted from command.

Icelake won't be supported by ANY existing chipset safe to say. Not a chance in hell they'd do that for the long awaited 10nm product line.

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lol my next upgrade would be AMD then. If i have to throw out my motherboard for just a 2 year CPU upgrade might as well switch to a longer lasting one.

5 points · 15 days ago

Do you change your CPU every 1-2 years? I'm not saying it's wrong or something, but I think if you buy high-end CPU (like 8700k) on the start, you can easily use it for ±4 years for comfort gaming

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6 points · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

haven't changed CPUs from 2011 to 2018, but that was because CPU development was stagnant. If AMD's 7nm pushes 12/16 cores onto consumer CPUs in 2019/2020 then its absolutely worth upgrading again. More and more games are using 4+ cores.

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