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This is literally 4 weeks after he hit 500x2.

I don't understand. Is he Android 21? Did Dr Gero make him in a lab and is he going to be activated to hunt down Goku?

95 and 75 my first two weeks. Would've been 86 this week if I captained Aguero instead of Salah.

I am but a simple meme farmer, tending to my memes.

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9 points · 1 day ago

I am just a simple man making his way through the universe.

Used to post all the time, been intermittent in 2018 but gonna get back on it. Will follow back!

He is hitting the pose so much better to highlight his strengths and down play his weaknesses. Completely ignoring the physiques, I'd say Arnold is just way ahead of them in terms of posing.

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Yeah I posted the 1972 top six picture a few days ago where they're all relaxed. Physique wise IMO Serge and Arnold can be considered equals, maybe Serge slightly ahead. But Arnold murders him with posing. Which is why it's 7 vs 0.

Pls ffs Salah do something tomorrow. I have Kun but rueing my last minute decision to switch the armband.

0 points · 2 days ago

5 mil i thought it would be a cheep way to man u defense and he had no replacement. Buuuuut sir jose sees otherwise I guess. Hope they lose 10 nill

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You realize Valencia is the United captain? He's first choice RB, obviously he'll start.

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Haven't kept up with Calum for the last 8 months ish - what happened to him? Is this still around that injury he got two-man bicep curling?

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43 points · 2 days ago

Was recovering from that.

Then he went rock climbing in Oz and had an accident. Badly injured his knee and retore his bicep.

He tried to kiss a tortoise and got bitten on the face.

Two days ago he went to the hospital for food poisoning.

Never Von Learn.

13 points · 3 days ago

I'm going to start getting my popcorn ready NOW for the win in November. Every thread I see like this will make their meltdown all the more enjoyable.

What do you guys think of having one dedicated back day and then either one row or pullup/pulldown each other training day?

No :(

I think we’ve found our best midfield pair in Torreira and Guendouzi. Perfectly balanced

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As all things should be.

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169 points · 3 days ago

It's hilarious how very less people are able to fathom Larry's true strength. No amount of roids up anyone's ass can make him lift like Larry does. It's ridiculous.

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16 points · 3 days ago

I think juice honestly isn't half as significant a factor as genetics.

Lifetime goals, everyone?

Mine are 655-700 squat, 455-500 bench, 765 dead, 545-600 FS, 315 OHP. I'd like to do them all at a BW under 215.

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550+ squat, 700+ trap bar. 150 lb incline DB for reps. 17 inch arms cold. All natty, I think all are doable over the next 8-10 years.

Does no one here realize angles, lighting and Photoshop are a thing? Look at the dude in a video.

37 points · 4 days ago

Within 3 weeks*

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At the rate he's going, a 12-18 months could be possible. He's not gonna gain 20 lbs every few weeks like he just did but I imagine it's a matter of time.

How big is the gap between Kante and Matuidi? Obvs Kante is better but is Blaise that much worse?

I finally took ZBGBs advice and started rowing more.

I like it, I like it a lot.

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How often? What kind?

823 points · 4 days ago

I love reading this thread just to see people try and defend the US healthcare system..

I live in the UK, I can have free, NHS healthcare AND private healthcare for considerably less than Americans pay for any sort of healthcare (for ref Bupa is about £50/month w/ £0 excess)

How can anyone possibly defend the US healthcare system? I see people commenting about how good it is BUT IT’S NOT EVEN THAT GOOD. Even though you pay absolutely insane costs, the best medical care in the US is only available to people who are very wealthy and can actually afford the best care.

WHO rates the US healthcare system 37th in the world. 37th. Goddamn it’s fucking embarrassing really. It’s like charging someone full price for a new iPhone with 24-carat gold-plating and then handing them a box with a Nokia 282.

For the American frens who wish they had this kind of healthcare, I’m sorry for you. Your country caters only to the wealthy and your society is rife with selfishness and greed. The powerful have turned the weak against each other and I feel heartbroken for you and your country. Please vote in your elections.

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Focus on your own miserable irrelevant island. You have enough problems of your own. The world's sole superpower does not care for the opinions of a declining socialist hellhole.

Do the requirements for "superpower" include shithole level healthcare and a deep fear of brown people?

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Shithole level healthcare that has produced more than 50% of the world's medical patents? Yeah I'm happy with it. I pay my own way and don't have the government taxing me to provide for freeloaders.

As for brown people, it might interest you to know that Indians, who are brown, are the most successful ethnic group in our country. As a brown person myself, take your false notions of what oppression is in my country and go back to your rotten continent infested with Islam and communists.

Koscielny, Mertesacker, Arteta and Ramsey was a very good spine in 2013.

Solid team all round, only a striker that was not good enough for a title challenge.

Too bad we didn't act proactively to replace individual players before their legs gave way.

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19 points · 4 days ago

If we had RvP on the 2013 team we'd be champions. Santi was a monster that year. Imagine him with RvP in front of him and Walcott to the right?

Even the next year with an injured Walcott, Ozil and Ramsey dragged us to our best performance in years.

The lightsaber isn't really gonna do much of anything in a real fight

When my brother was 6 he beat the shit out of an 8 year old with a toy lightsaber for bullying him. He came home crying, grabbed the lightsaber and the next thing you know this kids mum was at my door with a blood covered child behind her.

Lightsabers got the range. I also remember launching a Beyblade upside down, and it bouncing off the wall 3 times before flying across his face and cutting open his lip. Damn, this guy was super unlucky, and Beyblades are dangerous.

Anyway, Daniel isn't winning, he can't get in close enough. If the sword isn't sharp enough the lightsaber definitely wins.

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Your brother sounds like a badass.

In terms of fights, Darkseid has it, there isn't really anything they can do to him, especially if he's also holding some Infinity Stones too. However, the thing that provides a barrier is that Darkseid won't be able to sacrifice Gamora for the Soul Stone since he doesn't care about her. Without the Soul Stone, he can't assemble the Gauntlet, but he can get the other 5 without much hassle, so he could go around doing regular conquering instead of the Gauntlet's instant results.
If I recall, Animated Darkseid was weaker than comics one, but he's still probably enough to handle this.

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Yeah but without the full power of the Gauntlet he loses to Thor

No chance in hell they go with Warren. I hope they pick her too, but it’s just not happening.

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25 points · 5 days ago

I hope they pick HRC again.

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