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ass1434 commented on a post in r/history
ass1434 1 point

Ok, so first of all, let's straighten some stuff out.

The Waffen SS were not considered 'elite' in a combat standpoint. They were considered 'elite' in a political standpoint. Early on in the war the SS only allowed Aryans to join their ranks, and since the Aryans were the master race, they must be the best, right? No. However, due to their racially charged doctorine, they did commit a disporportionate amount of war crimes. The SS were usually better equipt early in the war due to their Aryan status as well, marked by their increased fielding of Panzerfausts and STG-44, meaning they were feared for what they brought to the field, not their combat abilities. These were made even more painfully obvious after conscripts were introduced to SS ranks. However, early SS units were more fanatical than the average Wehrmarcht, and thus fought with a fanatical stuborness that many times is confused with skill. What you are thinking of are most likely a World War I formation called 'Stormtroopers'. These were men who were hand picked out of their regiments for exceptional skill and made into one unit. WWI stormtroopers were rightfully feared for their deadly combination of skill and equipment.

The Army Rangers are the equivilent of German WWI stormtroopers, recieving enhanced training and equipment, and often deployed to spearhead actions, and entirely merit based.

TLDR: Waffen SS were mediocre troops at best, but Nazi propoganda made many believe they were the best, and thus were feared. Very soon after D-day there was no longer any "oh shit its the SS". Army Rangers actually were the best, and thus they had a well deserved reputation of being able to destroy anything they are assigned to destroy.

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ass1434 4 points

As an asian, you made my god damn day.

What you're thinking of is called 'stir-fry'. To create variation, if you are not already, add meat (one kind, any kind) and also use different sauces (black bean sauce, oyster sauce, housin sauce, soy sauce with sugar, also one kind per stir fry)

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ArchaicHerald 1 point

Excellent. How much would you like for them?

ass1434 1 point

Did you want sponsons as well?

ArchaicHerald 1 point

I could use the plasma sponsons.

ass1434 1 point

let me get an inventory of what I got. I'll have a full list and we can go from there. Do you happen to have a Primaris Chaplain kicking around somewhere?

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RascalMultitude 4 points

Just join NOAA if you want to do anything related to your degree.

ass1434 5 points

My degree has a focus in microbiology and mammal physiology, but I'll take your advice to heart. I think I have friends and professors who would know of NOAA.

RascalMultitude 4 points

There are mammals and microorganism in the ocean right? It's a uniformed service and essentially has all of the same benefits as the Armed Forces.

ass1434 2 points

That's a good point. I'm definitely going to look into it asap.

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RareRedDietitian 3 points

Yes, you need to eat the fats. Check out anything Leann Vogel anything-books, podcasts, website.

What’s in that protein shake? It’s probably not keto friendly.

Eat avocados, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, coconut oil, make fat bombs.

ass1434 1 point

My protein shake has 8 grams of Carbohydrates per scoop (I take in 1 serving a day).

Do you suggest substituting my corn oil use with butter? (for eggs and cooking stuff on the skillet)

JASN_DE 2 points

Don't do protein-only diets, you risk kidney damages over time. Your body also needs fat, especially polyunsaturated fats.

ass1434 1 point

I wouldn't say I don't eat fat at all, I take in olive oil in my daily salads, and butter in some of my cooking for dinner. It's just I don't like the idea of eating bacon for every meal.

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MachoNacho95 106 points

Plating Curry is a thing? I always assumed you just put it in a bowl or a soup plate and then garnish the surface..

ass1434 68 points

sigh That's what I thought too.

MachoNacho95 28 points

How did they want you to plate it? I'm really curious now.

ass1434 61 points

He said, "make it look nice". So I put it on the plate, put some garnish on top, some rice in the middle.

How he did it was to spiral the curry around the rice. Admittedly, it looked good.

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Bombastic_Bombus 4 points

Play with line of sight breaking terrain. Static gunlines should not be able to pick any target at their leisure. Poor board setup is what makes those kinds of armies so powerful.

Also, did you just refer to Orks as a massive firing line army?

ass1434 3 points

I run 4 manticores. Sightlines dont mean anything to me.

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