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ass1434 commented on a post in r/gifs
wtfareyousayingm8 175 points

An officer in Toronto shot someone who was already down a couple years ago. Seems like he panicked

Officer was fired, charged and convicted.

Because we're actually the land of the free and cops don't have permission to shoot at will

ass1434 -2 points

Don't you canadians have government inforced speech?

ass1434 commented on a post in r/starcitizen_refunds
Nebohtes 22 points

Unless RDR2 can figure out what they want from their flight model, I don't see how it will ever match Star Citizen for fidelity or immersion, or both, or one or the other, or even both.

ass1434 8 points

We got some real weapons-grade sarcasm here

joox 1 point

I've got a harlequin troupe new on sprue, would like 65% of retail if you're interested

ass1434 1 point

If you include shipping, it's a deal

xSoulgrinderx 1 point

Ive got a current nos death jester, a plastic troupe and about 30 metal troupers with 4x RT independent characters like the solitaire and such.

ass1434 1 point

How much?

Bladinus34 1 point

Do you have any manticores still available?

ass1434 1 point

I do not

aventedor 2 points

I got some leftover bits of Fire Warriors and Pathfinders from Tau, I got a squad of chaos warhounds, I got a commissar on a sprue. uhhhh I can always make sand bags, I got a pretty good hand at that. I got some leftover stuff from IG vehicles, but I am pretty hesitant to part with my IG stuf simply because I am still building my army. I guess I have a couple of squads of fire warriors I could part with.

ass1434 1 point

Ahh, I'm just moving away from IG, and I hate tau more than I hate hangnails.

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Jethr0Paladin 1 point

When you do full AdMec, do you slop Cawl into a Supreme Command, Patrol or Aux just for his armywide buffs?

I'm not an AdMec player, but I may end up doing Dark Mech one of these days to supplement my Iron Warriors in place of standard cultists. It's nice to know what works, should I decide to just play my IW as IH or IF and run standard Mech with them.

ass1434 1 point

While his add one to cantelle is good, it's not worth the point tax and use of a detachment. His reroll hits is the most important part and it only works for MARS units.

Jethr0Paladin 2 points

Oh. :(

Shame they still haven't given 30k models 40k point values.

ass1434 2 points

They will. Slowly.

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ass1434 commented on a post in r/keto
Ash_Grey 1,240 points

Probably gonna get a lot of downvotes but if you're at your goal weight, I don't see the harm in having a carb day.

ass1434 -1 points

Absolutely no harm. But a corrilation can be drawn for an alcoholic having a beer every now and then. No harm, but youre not dry, amd shouldnt claim otherwise.

ass1434 0 points

I was under the impression that it takes a week to go into Keto, so if you're having a carb day, your body's metabolism resets and you go off keto. Thus a having a once a week carb day means you are almost on keto, but never quite on keto.

rightofcenter187 1 point

I'm interested. Which mechanicus models you looking for?

ass1434 1 point

Kastallens, onagers, chicken robots

rightofcenter187 1 point

I've got a built and painted chicken, and 3 onagers for trade

ass1434 1 point

Sorry, all sold, but I am willing to buy, if youre open to sell

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