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Safety reasons aside, wouldn’t this destroy your arms and shoulders after a while of this?

Unexpected ; at Line 1, Character 1

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I feel many here don't understand why people are up in arms. People pay for Netflix to watch what they want when they want and only what they want. Having any sort of promotional content for other shows goes against that. Plus, many see it as Netflix's attempt to start phasing in actual advertisements. The give us an inch and we will take a mile approach.

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Though people don't understand this is the business model for most new digital businesses.

Destroy the competition with aggressive undercutting and then once they're dead slowly bring in the old businesses practices and remove choice to consumers. Amazon and Uber are the same.

Advertising brings in millions and millions much more than any sub fee can, there's no way they'd not end up on these new platforms once tv was dead. Business is all about making a profit. Netflix wants to expand and compete so it will bring in that ad money somehow or up its fees to fund original content or buy bigger film/tv. You can unsub but every other on demand service will do it too.

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This need to be more visible. Netflix is a business and in the end they need to maximize profitability.

I feel like everyone is missing that companies do this sort of this all the time, especially startups. They make a product that EVERYONE loves and wants, give it away for a stupid low price (likely one that isn’t sustainable), then when everyone is dependent on the service, the company bump the prices up dramatically to something that will sustain the business and allow them to grow.

A prime example is when ISPs offer their best package (best TV, best internet speeds, best phone service) for some stupidly low price, probably lower than any of their other services, but the price is only good for 1 year. And after that year the price jumps to triple the sale price.

If anyone here thought they could just continue paying ~$10/mo and get everything they want (no commercials, tons of brand new Netflix made shows and movies and more), then you’re all naive.

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It's like someone flicked his off switch

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YellowShirt dropped out of the game.

He beat the final level of Super Mario

That smile to the camera at the end. Definitely in the right subreddit.

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Get Out is a pretty good film, but movie reviewers where also afraid of being called racist. So any potential 6/10s got fudged to 7/10s (Rotten Tomatoes considers anything a 7/10 or higher to be "fresh", which resulted in it getting a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes). If you're the one reviewer that gave Get Out a 6/10 you'd get tons of people calling you racist.

It's not a coincidence that the first person to give a 6/10 to the movie was a black guy.

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I thought Get Out was a good film. The best film ever? No, but definitely high than a 6/10 and not because I’m afraid people might think I’m racist if I rated it lower

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That's what he told YOU all. There are a surprising number of attendees, especially if you count the folks who make it a point to come every year so there's like 15 copies of the same dude from different years.

Once you get over the "killing Hitler" stage, time travel is a pretty casual affair.

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Who’s Hitler?

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44 points · 3 days ago

Came here looking for this

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Is this an inside joke?

120 points · 3 days ago

Is that a dick?

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I think something’s wrong with it

How to be a drug trafficker:

  1. Don't look a drug trafficker

  2. Traffic drugs

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  1. Be a ninja
    1. Traffic drugs


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But then you’re stuck with shitty headphones.

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You can always sell them. I sold mine for CAD$240. I think they cost $300+tax brand new at the time.

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I don’t know ‘bout the first 2 but Cheryl Tiegs looks like she’s got a shit ton of plastic surgery done. No genetics involved there.

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That was kind of the problem though. The whole thing felt like a glorified ad for other Netflix shows.

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They didn’t really try to hide the fact they were advertising other shows. It was pretty blatant and they were sometimes kinda funny quick spots with other actors.

Is she saving her pack of cigarettes in her mouth?

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Definitely a phone. Clearly more important than her life.

I’m not convinced it’s anything other than a pack of Newports. You can bite down on a pack of smokes and not break the glass. She didn’t even hesitate. It’s totally cigarettes.

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If that’s the case then she’s even stupider for saving a pack of cigs that would cost a few bucks to replace.

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Original video here my friendos:

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You can see the OP at around 1:38, partly cut off on the right side filming with his phone

Makes too much sense. He was probably just racist.


But it would have been better just to hold the door open to keep the train there.

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Well, let’s be honest. Whether the guy dragged him off so paramedics could get to him or not, the guy should have stayed with him until they came. That’s the human thing to do.

«You need fat to live, so why does people hate being morbidly obese????»

dumbest title i’ve seen

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I think they’re more saying that people shouldn’t over-exercise and admire super skinny people. That shouldn’t be the end goal and being a little fat is ok.

“You’re better of getting a bigger bath”

Soooooo you’re saying we should just get fatter to avoid diabetes ...

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Yeah but ad blockers don't hurt YouTube they hurt the content creators

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... and?

No worries. She can just travel back in time and change her response.

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Her time machine is charging.

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They don't need a camera to have their backs. The tram always has right of way.

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They don't need a camera

Unless the car was on the tracks up ahead and the driver sped up on purpose instead of trying to stop in time.

Its so strange to me how none of them really react to it.

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noticed this immediately as well. Almost no reaction except for the last couple of accidents with pedestrians. I guess it's because a measly car/suv isn't gonna stop or slow down the trains so it's of no consequence to them.

Also based on their reactions, this appears to happen a lot so maybe they're desensitized to it.

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