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Here's the thing about getting rockstar/band/entertainer tattoos: Don't. I mean, live your life. I'm just some guy on the internet, but I think you might want to consider the actual risk with something like this. Trent Reznor is still alive, which means there is a greater than zero possibility for scandal. All that being said, Trent Reznor seems to be a pretty decent human being. Maybe he will live and die as nothing more than a prolific musician with a history of substance abuse issues. Or maybe he will become a Bill Cosby. I'm just saying, it is better to do these things posthumously, after all of the facts are in. Enjoy your ink! I'm sure it will help you connect with other friends and spark fun conversations about favorite songs and such.


You are all so inconsiderate not seeding shit from 11 years ago, some1 might need it. Only 48k IQ allowed.


Succ my entire c0ck

Don't know whether I can be hecked to listen to this or not

Muse have been so shit recently


I also have a story. I wish it wasn't true. One time I was shopping at a wholefoods when I was feeling thirsty for some mango la croix. I remembered I had drank all mine while listening to the fragile on vinyl so I decided to get the soda. But as I got closer, I realized that there was only one pack left. I reached to grab it when I felt a breeze on my back. I turned around and there was the big man with a gun himself! He stared me down and threatened to hurt me unless I moved. "I do not want this" I said to him, before stepping out of the way. As soon as he had arrived he was gone, with my precious mango in tow.

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stick the iTunes files on a usb stick, make a nice label for it if you can be bothered and call it a day. That's what I did with Still because there are literally no copies in europe. or burn it to a CD I don't fucking know. Just stop clogging up my subreddit with low effort posts, OK?

no you fucking didn't, yo'ur tripping out man.

to be fair, the fact that radiohead are still mentioned in so many books as the greatest band of all time shows how far industrial dance music is from becoming a serious art form or some shit 😎 nothing personnel because the intent is to provide listeners with a sense of pride and accomplishment because bernie can still win, so if you bang her you are technically banging a dude, and that's fucking gay.

I mean me too thanks, alexa play despacito

This actually wouldn't have been surprising around that time

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wait what six hours on one disc?

Edit: never mind I'm a bit slow

piss head

roddit is shit I'm just here because there's nowhere left to go
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