NASA Begins Building Next Mars Rover for 2020 Launch by SaHanSki_downunder in Mars

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So much new tech to build into an updated version of the mars Rover. While tech capabilities expand quickly, getting new rovers to Mars is an infrequent event. Excited about this upgrade!

According to Rahul Sonnad, Tesloop CEO and co-founder, Tesla cars will be added in the EOS blockchain, now in test, production on summer See the video at 39’40. by Anglespy in CryptoCurrency

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Tesloop is a separate company form Tesla. It's a ride service based on a growing network of Tesla cars, some owned by the company but increasingly more from independent users. The Carma blockchain they are launching will take this much further, putting any Tesla car into the network if the owner wishes (as well as networking drivers, ride-requesters, and maintenance and service). It's not run by Tesla, but Tesla knows about them and has been supportive from what I have heard.


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This could come in handy! Cool to see the open source thinking alive and well in robotics. Though why do so many films and robot creators name their robots Eva?

I just wanted to recommend a fantastic in depth documentary about astronaut Scott Kelly's one year in space and everything that was done surrounding it. by Kneegos in space

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I love this documentary, great recommendation. Really captures the sense of exploration, wonder, and humanity.

Also captures the imagination of what it might be like in the not too distant future when more of us can get to space without having to qualify for the astronaut program!

Financial state of Tesla by anilshanbhag in teslamotors

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It's easy to forget how remarkably difficult is to launch a car company with such an entrenched industry at this point, let alone re-invent what a car company can be with such vision and radical new technological approaches.

It's astonishing that Tesla is where it is today, at its current valuation, with its existing product line.

Certainly not out of the woods yet, but this so far exceeds what anyone could have predicted at the outset in terms of the achievement and the potential.

NASA Prepares to Launch Next Mission to Search Sky for New Worlds by zac428 in space

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Its an endless quest, but an essential one that speaks to the core of who we are as beings in the universe. Love seeing all the renewed energy at NASA in this era of space exploration!

This is TESS, Our Newest Planet-Hunter by Citia in space

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Good to see TES in the arsenal. Looks like its filling a great niche.

Using Supercomputers to Create Simulation of Galaxy Formation by WhatTHEll2u in space

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What a great use of computational simulation. I think this kind of research is under-utilized, would love to see us envision and analyze scenarios for distant galaxies this way. Thanks for sharing.

The case for an artificially intelligent POTUS: “Historically, one of the big problems with leaders is that they are selfish mammals. An artificial intelligence president could be truly altruistic. It wouldn’t be susceptible to lobbyists, special interest groups or personal desires.” by mvea in Futurology

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This seems like a real pandoras box. So much of a president's decisions are based on empathy and human compassion. Hard to imagine an AI achieving these qualities (though not utterly inconceivable, given enough time). I can see how the temptation might feel compelling at times of political crises.

'Son of Concorde' could fly from London to New York in three hours | Metro News by rippinteasinyohood in Futurology

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Cool design, but doesn't look like it could be a commercial passenger aircraft. But it does look fast.

Seems to be building supersonic aircraft will ultimately be the medium term solution for long-range travel, while Hyperloop will address the shorter range city-to-city distances. Can't wait for this future!

A.I. will be 'billions of times' smarter than humans and man needs to merge with it, expert says by izumi3682 in Futurology

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This is the kind of arbitrary declaration that degrades serious discussion on the topic.

The fact of the matter is nobody knows how many times smarter AI will be than humans, if at all. The style of the assertion is rampant with false confidence bias that moves further away from fact and serious discussion, not closer — regardless of whether it was spoke by an "expert" or not. Just sayin'.

SpaceX could save NASA and the future of space exploration by mattdw in spacex

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I think the alliance between SpaceX and NASA is very healthy. A pure government program would inevitable be slower in development with greater budgeting bloat. The two operations enhance each other, especially with such a high level of cooperation.

With new operations from Bezos and Virgin also getting into the game, we could see even more synergy between governments and private industry in the area of space exploration. Both sectors play a role.

SpaceX no longer planning crewed missions on Falcon Heavy by peterabbit456 in spacex

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That would be discouraging news if it weren't for the fact the BFR its coming so soon.

If that expectation proves correct, better to put all the energy planning and prepping for a manned launch with the bigger vehicle that will be cable of more reach over a longer-term range of missions.

What an exciting time to be alive watching the advancement of humankind's reach beyond our planet.

SpaceX Aims to Begin BFR Spaceship Flight Tests as Soon as Next Year by Yuyumon in spacex

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The rate at which these things are progressing is just astonishing. We just had a significant advancement this year, and the next major pioneering "first launch" of another spacecraft is expected next year?

Plus Elon said he expects a manned Dragon launch near the en dog this year. Just remarkable.

SpaceX has rekindled our imagination on space — hasn't been so much national attention on this since the 60s.

Amazon’s new US$4 billion headquarters in Seattle - Consisting of three giant interconnected glass and steel balls, the Spheres blur the lines between workplace and conservatory by combining an open work environment with the surroundings of a mountain tropical rainforest garden. by mvea in Futurology

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These guys are in a league fo their own, and seem to be pulling even further away.

I remember when Bezos was out putting his idea -- so much optimism but it seemed far fetched. Many scoffed. Nobody saw this level of success in his future. Really impressive record of achievement.

Though it forces us to examine what this level of concentrated commercial force does for a competitive economy. Fascinating.