'Son of Concorde' could fly from London to New York in three hours | Metro News by rippinteasinyohood in Futurology

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Cool design, but doesn't look like it could be a commercial passenger aircraft. But it does look fast.

Seems to be building supersonic aircraft will ultimately be the medium term solution for long-range travel, while Hyperloop will address the shorter range city-to-city distances. Can't wait for this future!

A.I. will be 'billions of times' smarter than humans and man needs to merge with it, expert says by izumi3682 in Futurology

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This is the kind of arbitrary declaration that degrades serious discussion on the topic.

The fact of the matter is nobody knows how many times smarter AI will be than humans, if at all. The style of the assertion is rampant with false confidence bias that moves further away from fact and serious discussion, not closer — regardless of whether it was spoke by an "expert" or not. Just sayin'.

SpaceX could save NASA and the future of space exploration by mattdw in spacex

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I think the alliance between SpaceX and NASA is very healthy. A pure government program would inevitable be slower in development with greater budgeting bloat. The two operations enhance each other, especially with such a high level of cooperation.

With new operations from Bezos and Virgin also getting into the game, we could see even more synergy between governments and private industry in the area of space exploration. Both sectors play a role.

SpaceX no longer planning crewed missions on Falcon Heavy by peterabbit456 in spacex

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That would be discouraging news if it weren't for the fact the BFR its coming so soon.

If that expectation proves correct, better to put all the energy planning and prepping for a manned launch with the bigger vehicle that will be cable of more reach over a longer-term range of missions.

What an exciting time to be alive watching the advancement of humankind's reach beyond our planet.

SpaceX Aims to Begin BFR Spaceship Flight Tests as Soon as Next Year by Yuyumon in spacex

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The rate at which these things are progressing is just astonishing. We just had a significant advancement this year, and the next major pioneering "first launch" of another spacecraft is expected next year?

Plus Elon said he expects a manned Dragon launch near the en dog this year. Just remarkable.

SpaceX has rekindled our imagination on space — hasn't been so much national attention on this since the 60s.

Amazon’s new US$4 billion headquarters in Seattle - Consisting of three giant interconnected glass and steel balls, the Spheres blur the lines between workplace and conservatory by combining an open work environment with the surroundings of a mountain tropical rainforest garden. by mvea in Futurology

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These guys are in a league fo their own, and seem to be pulling even further away.

I remember when Bezos was out putting his idea -- so much optimism but it seemed far fetched. Many scoffed. Nobody saw this level of success in his future. Really impressive record of achievement.

Though it forces us to examine what this level of concentrated commercial force does for a competitive economy. Fascinating.

NASA Television to Air Live Coverage of Upcoming Rare Lunar Eclipse by boxcarjakey in space

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NASA has been on fire lately with their public broadcasts and sharing across press and social. This is how a federal agency should be run, constant communication with the greater community.

Of course, NASA captures the imagination like none other, so some inherent advantages there with the nature of their content. Looking forward to seeing their ongoing coverage.

Japanese Space Agency Is Offering $3,500 To Volunteers Willing To Spend 14 Days In A Simulated Space Station by monika134 in space

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Can only imagine the kind of selection criteria involved in this. But would be fun to explore the possibility and be part of the process.

Would be important that they get the most of those take-in the finite number of spots -- should it should be a high bar to be selected. I see nothing wring with screening for advanced degrees and other high value-add skill sets.

Good luck to those giving it a try!

Renewable energy set to be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020, according to new report by Quiglius in Futurology

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That would be fantastic, but hard to believe without a major stimulus to attack the R&D. With fossil fuel prices going down the past few years, that has really reduced the urgency to move to cleaner energy. There are two issues: economics and the health of the natural environment. More will happen faster when the two are aligned.

A ceiling to intelligence itself? by TransPlanetInjection in singularity

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Why would one ever even consider that a limit exists? What force could be applied as a constraint?

This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World - And it could do it while eliminating herbicides, replenishing topsoil, & reducing carbon consumption. If all goes to plan. by anutensil in singularity

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Cool to see a recognition that these machines will do a great deal good for the world. The power is controllable and focusable on big problems. Things that have long been beyond our reach, can be addressed. Things we never considered tackling, will be tacklable.

JP Morgan CEO who said only criminals use bitcoins is accused by a Senator of illegal activities. He responds by smiling and saying, “So hit me with a fine. We can afford it" by goose7771 in Bitcoin

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As he was disparaging bitcoin, his traders were buying it. He knew vary well his company was taking positions in this asset class.

Follow the money, it says more than the PR does.

Can a small team still innovate in the AI/ML field? by [deleted] in artificial

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Great question, I'm also very curious to hear what experts in the field think about this.

Designing a simple and secure Ethereum wallet for the masses (and why mnemonic seed phrases are a security hole) by ptrwtts in ethereum

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Great post, this is so central to how the mechanics of the crypto ecosystem must evolve to make this a viable mass-market platform.

Simplicity vs. security Is an endless game and its easy to criticize newcomers, but at this stage making eh system more accessible to newcomers is fundamental to establishing crypto solutions long term. The current community is way to small.

Some good ideas in the articles thanks for sharing.

Mars and beyond: Modular nuclear reactors set to power next wave of deep space exploration by mvea in Futurology

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Power and space exploration are intrinsically connected. The further into space we go the more urgent he power issue becomes, and the more opportunity for discovering new power sources to utilize. Great topic, have been looking for info on this -- thanks for sharing.

People have spent over $1M buying virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain by Ti-Value in BlockChain

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It's potentially a cat currency :)

This technology makes anything, any hobby or collection more for social exchange over a liquid market. I think this is great!

Blockchain – Common myths and misconceptions about Blockchain by gobishg in BlockChain

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As with any hot topic, it will be misunderstood by many -- particularly something as novel and potentially complex as blockchain.

There's also a big effort to ride the wave of hype and bus particularly by founders looking for $$ (it's even worse with AI). This will die down, and the infrastructure will fall in place.

Some key implementations will make the platform more understandable to more people Change is underway.

Great video, thanks for sharing!

How to find a DP job in the video game industry? by Tmac719 in Filmmakers

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I would things Matthew Workman's Cinematography Database community and informative channels around 3D Modeling for cinematographers would be very helpful for DP's looking to work in gaming. Both from a skillset building standpoint, and in terms of networking and building relationships.

Citigroup CEO: Bitcoin Threat Will Give Rise to State Cryptocurrencies by Lukovka in CryptoCurrencies

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Sure, I can see national currencies shifting to a digital crypto platform, but that doesn't change the disruption that independent cryptocurrencies can have on global macroeconomics (and individual behaviors).

The challenge to the norm is the independent decentralization (and lack of an identifiable central authority in the case of Bitcoin), not just the secure digital platform.