I'm too weak. . . by Solid_Snark in PrequelMemes

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Anakin looks fucking weird in this shot

The nostalgia is real by bondagedesire2 in cosplaygirls

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t h i s b e t t e r n o t a w a k e n a n y t h i n g i n m e

That's some careful flying by Clister608 in NSFWFunny

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I find these closeup shots vague and unconvincing

U.S. health agency revokes Obama-era Planned Parenthood protection by SaulKD in news

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It's not abortion, it's planned parenthood, of which 34% is devoted to contraception, (eliminating the need for abortion) and only 3% is devoted to abortion.

To be against planned parenthood is to be in favor of more unwanted pregnancies and more abortions.

Its always a black guy... by piwdiw in funny

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Yes I know how to jerk off while you plow my wife, Ainsley

TIL that when Diogenes, the ancient Greek philosopher, noticed a prostitute's son throwing rocks at a crowd, he said, "Careful, son. Don't hit your father." by DarthBerry in todayilearned

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This was apparently a common practice of Jews at the time. Jewish leaders became so angered by the practice that circumcison became removal of the entire foreskin instead of just the tip per biblical tradition.

The rabbinate sought to put an end to the practice of youths desiring to appear uncircumcised by stretching the remainding foreskin for social economic benefits and for sports competitions. By introducing the painful and debilitating "Periah" they would obliterate the foreskin completely such that proper circumcised Jew could not disguise "the seal of the covenant"


U.S. health agency revokes Obama-era Planned Parenthood protection by SaulKD in news

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People who above all else want to punish premarital sex.

18-year-old confesses to molesting more than 50 kids over several years by thispostislava in MorbidReality

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Not to mention how most therapist have a kneejerk reaction to immediately call the cops at the first hint of pedophilic thoughts. (Fear of liability)

Upcoming Cuphead boss. by Draco_Black in h3h3productions

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This account is a slow descent into porn

Peeved by price gouging and shortages, hospitals will now make their own drugs by Abscess2 in news

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If only there was a health insurance provider large enough to have significant bargaining power with drug companies, a single payer of sorts.