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jessepollak 1 point

Update: this issue is now resolved for affected NY customers as well.

awk736526 1 point

I still cant buy or sell anything

SurrReal 1 point

It's happening to everyone right now.

awk736526 2 points

Of course it is. Why cant they at least update their status page when outages like this happen???

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DraginByU 3 points

It’s your bank. Switch or buy with CC and pay off with bank account. Not sure why most people don’t do this anyway. I buy 1k worth of coins, take the free miles and bonus points from the card then immediately pay off the 1k on the card in. Win win.

awk736526 1 point

The percentage fee is more than doubled on coinbase if you use a credit card vs a bank account

dhork 1 point

Guys, it's real simple to figure out what is going on, and it's not malicious. Does anyone think they were really planning to make this big a change the week before Christmas?

They were probably in testing, planning to release after the new year. Then some idiot pushed the wrong thing to their Production servers, and exposed the BCH API's that they were testing internally. Now the cat is out of the bag, and the price is starting to rise. Management probably figured "The thing is almost done, why not just release it?" And All hell broke loose.

If they had instead said "BCH is currently in testing and we will roll it out Jan. 8th", then their employees could actually spend Christmas with their families instead of adding more hamsters to the server farm to handle demand....

awk736526 1 point

That makes it even worse then though because they screwed people out of a lot of money because they dont know how to properly manage their employees. They should be offering refunds in that case not desperately trying to make it work before it was ready to avoid looking even more incompetent.

awk736526 1 point

Trades are up right now in the US at least but the website still says they should be down, whichh is a whole other convo in dishonesty. Honestly they should offer anyone who bought during the 20 min window they were open yesterday afternoon a refund because it was going way up and then the only reason it went down was provably because they paused it and caused panic.

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