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axman90210 1 point

No worries dude, you’ve got to remember this is a sub for DRUMMERS /s

axman90210 3 points

I’ve always found letting a stranger play my kit at these sorts of shows, is akin to watching a stranger slow dance with my gf.

matt4pats 3 points

Looks pretty flat to me, actually.

axman90210 2 points

I think OP meant after this pic was taken. Nice Luddies!

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axman90210 4 points

One of the coolest things about this song, is how different it was from just about everything else on the radio at the time. Everything else was hair rock or power pop. Suzanne Vega’s “Luka”, and maybe Lou Reed’s “Dirty Boulevard” not withstanding, these songs all brought gritty realism, which was not in vogue in the late 80s. Ahead of their time.

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jpropaganda 1,342 points

Hi! I'm an actor. Fat guy with beard. I get called in for everything from "Hipster 2", "guy with beard", "overweight jogger", "fat bar patron", etc.

It takes all shapes and sizes. Though I'm still pretty bummed I wasn't cast in that Geico commercial with the peasants in medieval times.

axman90210 7 points

Dilly Dilly!

axman90210 1 point

Thanks to all for your help. I’m going to seek some local professional assistance, that seems to be the prevailing advice.

mormengil 6 points

The best way to give them the properties (I assume you are renting them out at the moment), would be to put them in a trust which is inherited when you die. At that point the basis would re-set, and there would be no capital gains tax to pay if they were sold.

If you gift the properties, the basis will remain at whatever you paid for them, and there likely will be capital gains tax to pay whenever they are sold.

Put them in a trust. Gift the kids up to $15k/yr each (no tax reporting requirements for that), if the rentals can produce that much. Get the kids to do all the landlord chores to earn that money. If you do this right, you can always stop gifting the rental profits to the kids and direct some or all of it to you, should you need that money later in retirement. This should be flexible and tax efficient.

Use a trust and estates attorney to set this up.

Good luck.

axman90210 1 point

This angle never occurred to me. Thank you!

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axman90210 1 point

Did you ever spot Andy Kaufman?

YourFavoriteBandSux 9,769 points

God, even in a legal brothel, the clients still get fucked by a lawyer.

axman90210 11 points

Damn, that was beautiful. Please accept my upvote.

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Mentioned_Videos 1 point

Videos in this thread:

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Haddaway - What Is Love [Official] +10 - what is love?
DEEE LITE - WHAT IS LOVE? +3 - or you could try to wash your brain out with this instead
A Night at the Roxbury Music Video (Haddaway - What is Love) +1 - I figure you'll enjoy this.
A Night at the Roxbury (What is Love - Haddaway) +1 -
George Harrison - This Is Love +1 -
Principles Of Lust: Sadeness/Find Love/Sadeness (Reprise) +1 - Nonsense, everyone who grew up in the 90s learned by starting with the principles of lust, so we certainly know how to find love.
Vladislav - Baby don't hurt me +1 - Vladislav!
DEEE LITE - What is Love +1 - We had this too, so it wasn't so bad.
Howard Jones "What is Love" +1 - A remedy.
Howard Jones - What Is Love +1 - I actually have to think about it because even though I grew up in the 90s I like the Howard Jones song more.

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axman90210 1 point

Good bot

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I_FIST_CAMELS 619 points

I mean part of it could be assumed to be from the fact that Hotel California was on every radio station for fucking years.

axman90210 12 points

The real Life Pro Theories are always in the comments.

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