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[Q] what is a hook unit?

I was looking at saltwater fishing regulations and I can't figure out what constitutes as a hook unit? I figure one treble hook counts as one hook unit instead of three. But what about artificals with multiple hooks attached? Like a hard minnow lure with three trebles attached is it one unit or is it three?

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The research I've see seem to say they get almost nothing nutritionally from mosquitoes.

EDIT: I get it. Things eat mosquitoes.

But they eat other things as well.

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What about larve

They could have rolled out a quick solution to that problem, according to information elsewhere on Reddit, but they are reworking their backend to enable a host of other features.

Listen to Shawn Layden's answer from December 2017:

Layden also said Sony are working on a solution to cross-play but people are straight up ignoring his answer.


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Fortnite had PS4 crossplay with Xbox for a week before sony killed it.

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My weekly 'volunteering' sessions are just me hanging out with my gf.

My mom wants me to only get in a relationship with the girl I week marry, but how am I gonna know which girl is a right fit if I don't try around and have a few relationships first

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Hey real talk maybe her definition of dating isn't what you would call dating? It took me a while before I realized when my mom talked about that stuff she meant like a super serious relationship.

When I asked her for clarification she looked at me like I was a dumbass and said of course people went on dates and hung out with a bunch of people to know what they liked -.-


Question about pet dyes

Are these things actually safe? Especially for cats? My gut feeling says no but I want to be sure.


How can I get rid of Google search returning recipes as cards?

I hate it when I search [Generic Food] recipe I'm Android Google and it returns crap in cards


Who makes those furries costumes?

Are most of them mass market manufacturers or is it mostly small producers making suits for specific people?

Also how has the influx of furries affect the industry?

I have a children's hospital ghastly that I will never let go

That was 20 years ago. I graduated from Plano a few years ago, and there’s no place I’d rather go to high school.

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Same here, I graduated a bit under a decade ago.

I swear that the only possible way for me to finish that book is to have the audio book read by Gilbert Gottfried.

I know it's a parody but I refuse to read such an awful prose about a guy receiving a blowjob.

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I want audible to make it happen so bad

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I wish I could betray you

I just reinstalled windows, lets see if that helped

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Did reinstalling windows help?

One thing that continues to annoy me is the imposition of gravity in the space battles of Star Wars. If a ship is not moving, and is destroyed, it should move in an outward force from the explosion, not simply fall in what the camera is showing as the "down" direction. Don't get me wrong, I still love Star Wars movies to death but that just irritates me every time.

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Well I like to think the ship's impulse engines are keeping the ship in a stationary position above the planet. The destruction of the ship disables the engine that keeps the ship in place. Therefore the only force acting on the wreckage would be the force of gravity pulling the ship to the planet.

Yildiz form academy? My over under is pretty solid. It shoots ok

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