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8 points · 7 days ago

How do you lose the SIM card tray,you literally take out for the 30 seconds.

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You take it out while on a dock.

In my state(WA), they specifically state on the unclaimed property page that you cannot use the information to charge someone to get the money.

9.6k points · 8 days ago

Men like compliments too. I had a random girl at the movies drive by and say "Hey, you're cute by the way" and I'm still smiling like an idiot

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This is why catcalling is a thing, men who typically don't get compliments think in their minds that they would want to be complimented so why not compliment a girl the same way.

Comment deleted7 days ago

Damn is that all businesses needed to do, just ask their competition to hold back? This woman might be onto something.

I see it now, Coca-Cola's new product: Coke - Hold Back. Slogan: We made this product taste really horrible so Pepsi can get the better of us.

Here is the story.

PRINGBORO, Oh — A one-time candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Ohio has been jailed on several charges, according to police.

Samuel Ronan, 28, was arrested at about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday outside of his home on Creekside Drive. Ronan is charged with failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer, obstructing official business and obstructing justice and is being held at the Warren County Jail, according to police and jail records.

Ronan streamed live video of his arrest to his personal Facebook page. The video begins with Ronan approaching a police vehicle and speaking to an officer, who orders him to the ground. In the video, Ronan claims the officer has no right to arrest him, while the officer repeats himself several times, ordering Ronan to the ground. Eventually, another officer helps arrest Ronan.

As of this writing, the video has more than 21,000 views and nearly 1,000 shares.

Ronan ran as a Democrat for the Ohio House of Representatives in 2016 and lost in the general election. He then ran as a Republican for the 1st Congressional District of Ohio, but lost in the primary to incumbent Steve Chabot.

A call for service and booking documents only show that Ronan was arrested near his home after an encounter with police that began at about 12:24 a.m.

Ronan is scheduled to be arraigned at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

Nat had been in two shows where is amazing. I couldn't think of anything jlaw has been in that is incredible and then I remembered mystique. HBO needs to put them together and watch the ratings

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Red sparrow she gets really dominant.

Friend: How much did you sell your house for?
Seller: 50 BTC
Friend: How much is that in USD?
Seller: 400,000
5 minutes later
Seller: I mean 350000.

I wonder if she still had the original drivers driver's licence. also that pit maneuver in traffic was so pro

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-27 points · 14 days ago · edited 13 days ago

What do you do in that situation if you are the pulled over driver? I wonder if you can report your driver license stolen?

Edit: /s

30 points · 14 days ago

I so fucking hate the "let's agree to disagree" people.
They pull out that shit like it's a full house in poker, when it's really an ace in chess.

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It's used to diffuse a non-winnable situation and let's you go on to the next face palm.

Original Poster2 points · 14 days ago

Can I burn one? I'm not very good with keeping track of things.

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I need an extra, just send it to me. :) /s

Homeless people have some of the best skin I have ever seen. /s

Yes, it is protected, see this Link

Original Poster1 point · 15 days ago

Thanks for the link, but on that page it says:

Thus, the individual (and not the family members included in the medical history) may exercise the rights under the HIPAA Privacy Rule to this information in the same fashion as any other information in the medical record, including the right of access, amendment, and the ability to authorize disclosure to others.

Which sounds like I'm covered, but my mother isn't.

Looking at my original question, I think I worded it poorly. I wasn't just curious about the information, but also about my mother's rights, separate from own.

Anyway, your link does seem to answer the question, so thank you for that.

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2 points · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

I believe that to mean that even if a family member is listed in your history, they(the family member) does not have access to your information. They wouldn't be able to see what you told the doctor about themselves and the doctor could not tell them or anyone else what you told the doctor.

24 points · 15 days ago

Also, Parkhurst was 68 and the crash that took her sister's life was in 1968

Now THATS reaching for a connection.

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And the hit and run driver drove across the little league field which has four bases and the girl died when she was four.

I think we all know what this means...the Illuminati did it.

Original Poster1 point · 15 days ago

It was sent by the firm managing a county-wide reassessment. It will be trashed.

Thanks for reaching out.

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Wait so its a firm that has been contracted by the county? In that case you may want to return it. If they are contracted by the county they are acting on behalf of the county and should be considered to be part of county government.

This is the reason why cops have itchy trigger fingers. You assume the worst and hope for the best.

Is it just me or would this be better marketed as a sex toy? (guy/strap-on would wear it)

I have a feeling the business could just say you eat your lunch off property and you store meat products elsewhere.

NK generals

The number of medals worn by NK generals on their uniforms is seriously comical. One high-powered magnet could probably take out their entire leadership during a conflict.

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Or at least take their coats off.

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