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badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/FlashTV
badhombre1313 13 points

Why dont they just make a cerebral inhibitor to defeat Devoe? The idea is through magnetic disruption, the cerebral inhibitor can block the chain leading to the temporal lobe leaving the user of this machine unable to remember anything in long term, ergo, not allowing Devoe to see all possibilities into the future and team Flash finally having an upper hand with him.

I thought of this all by myself btw. I had no help from Savitar or anyone else.

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/FlashTV
badhombre1313 7 points

Ill take a stab at it.

He's a self absorbed individual who has shown he's really in it for himself until the writers finally decided to make him a "hero" and he even almost failed at that.

He kills any seriousness thats happening in the show and that "humor" is supposed to be comedy relief but it just kills the mood.

There are a myriad of meta's who have powers that are beyond stretch Armstrongs here who have been removed from the show completely. Flash is in jail... If only there were another meta who could help while he's gone. Someone who takes his job seriously and isn't in it because he wants to get "LAID". Someone like, oh idk, Kid Flash? Who stood idle 90% of the time there was an incident because apparently Kid Flash "wasn't ready" but they allow this buffoon to take his place?

He carries himself like a complete moron. I have zero respect for his character and I hope they just get rid of him or finally decide to make this stretching child into an actual adult.

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Fanatical_Idiot 3 points

It wouldn't matter, the episode didn't air in any quality higher than 1080p, so any image found thats bigger is just going to be the 1080p image stretched out.

badhombre1313 3 points :D NEED MORE PIXELS!

blud97 2 points

Crime occurring in his home. Murder weapon has his and only his (aside from the victim) DNA on it. The alarm system was deactivated by a resident. If he isn’t on trial he is at least a suspect. The prosecutor has worked in central city long enough to know how long it could take for metas to emerge as far as they know the last event that would have created them was 2013, yet new metas arrive seemingly every week. Due to the unusual circumstances of this case it is likely that the culprit is a meta human now determine if any of your suspects is a meta human.

badhombre1313 2 points

Right but the prosecution hasn't brought up Barry being a meta, just a murderer. My question was, why would they had he been in Singapore?

Plus even if CCPD has meta detectors, Barry has walked through that place without a hiccup.

blud97 0 points

Except it was suspected he was a meta from the beginning. Because he was in Singapore. No booked flights doesn’t own a car. How did he get there?

Yeah star labs makes those meta detectors. Who owns star labs? Barry Allen.

badhombre1313 3 points

Well you cant DRIVE to Singapore so, thats a moot point.

Private jets dont have booking flights.

And you just made an argument for my case. Who owns star labs? Barry Allen. Who wont be detected? Barry Allen. Thanks for that one. I hadn't thought of it.

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badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/PlayJustSurvive
KingCatz -1 points

PVE players already downvoting this... If you don't like my post just leave a comment explaining why and what would you like.

badhombre1313 9 points

I didn't downvote it until I came in here and read you say "pve players already downvoting this."

As a result, I am now downvoting it. Really, the only reason.

Casual Loop and all.. (in case you dont know what a casual loop is)

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/Ripple
5natchAdam5 41 points

You should start posting your wallet address in these updates. It may feel weird but i feel as though the community should be able to express gratitude in the form of XRP. I would use the tipper bot but some may want to anonymously donate too :)

Edit: you've been doing a lot to help dev fun and interesting options. The beauty of a community is that people like you and Hodor provide excellent services and that in and of itself, makes me want to give back.

badhombre1313 1 point

Nah fuck that. Ill express my gratitude when its completely finished, safe and secure.

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/PlayJustSurvive
IIIArtukaIII 1 point

Yeah, my rig is pretty bad, I am using the lowest resolution, makes it smooth if I'm not moving far, for example while while I built my base, chopping trees, mining and getting steel from cars in close proximity to my foundation, it was around constant 40fps, but when I start moving, for example I wanna cash in a worn letter, and just find the direction and run straight, starts lagging, my friend also recorded how he sees me when I lag, I will upload it and show you,

About the upgrades, I know I must get more ram and cpu, but I'm quite low on money tbh, I was thinking about messing with some settings to get higher fps, but if it's not possible, I understand.

EDIT: here's the video, it was recorded by phone, just to show how it looks to other people, it's short as well, but I'm basically teleporting back and forth constantly

badhombre1313 1 point

That isn't a hardware issue, its a network issue.

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/gifs
zzzaurak 5,456 points

Hi guys!

I made this Cube... Totally blown away by the amount of attention It gets at the moment.... OMG!!

Here are some infos for you

  • It has already LED panels on all 6 sides, the video was just a demo of a WIP, the planed fluid simulation is gonna happen in 3D space ;-)
  • The resolution is 64x64x6 -> 24.576 LEDs
  • These are 64x64 P2.5 RGB LED Panels
  • The Size is 160x160x160mm
  • It is controlled solely by an internal Raspberry Pi 3
  • It has an internal battery which lasts at least a few hours
  • Yes, it has an internal speaker and microphone for future audio interactive simulation and games
  • Yes, it has an internal accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer
  • The internal structure is currently just a prototype with some CNC milled parts
  • We are working on a complete documentation
  • Everything will be released as open source

If you want to get updates, follow me on twitter (u will find me ;-)

badhombre1313 1 point

How much to order one from you?

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/Ripple
rohanneal 14 points

Mate don't worry, Karma is big thing, whoever has stolen this from you, their days and nights will might get it back one day

badhombre1313 2 points

Man fuck Karma. The is stolen goods. There has to be a law that states if the theft is over a certain dollar amount, its considered a felony.

Find him.

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/Ripple
XRPme 73 points

Yes. Set it up, add NO crypto, enter wrong 4 digit code 3 times, reset when asked, make sure seed words are different from anything previously used.

badhombre1313 2 points

Thank you dude. I just bought mine with all the bells and whistles. I dont want to pay 150 bucks just to get all my BTC, ETH and XRP stolen >.<

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/Ripple
boomHeadSh0t 4 points

I've been in this sub for a few days is hodling

badhombre1313 17 points

Its a retarded way of saying HOLDING.

Dont fucking use HODLING, I dont take anyone serious who says that shit and nobody in the Discord chat does either.

Windows_10_Guy 3 points

Well maybe if reddit or discord would be serious platforms...

badhombre1313 1 point

I take my own finances very serious. So when I invest in something and there's a platform for it, be it here, facebook or elsewhere, people should take it serious. I dont know how much money you have invested in Cryptocurrency but I have enough give a shit about it.

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SkoivanSchiem 2 points

Well, what goes up...

badhombre1313 2 points

Yeap.. You know what's funny, the subReddit is quick to up vote a post that praises XRP for shooting past 3 but will down vote anyone to hell who shows it going back under 3.

This speaks volumes about this particular community.

PuffPuffSweden 1 point

You know what's funny, its just one guy shitting on us as soon as we go down slightly. Its just Asia waking up doing their morning cashout. Also we're up again LUL

badhombre1313 -1 points

You're like a 15 year old who bought into XRP thinking its gonna be the next Bitcoin. You're the same retard who cheers when Bitcoin goes down because you're too much of an inept fucking retard to realize when BTC goes down, so will the rest since BTC is the standard and isn't gonna be replaced with ANYTHING, ever. Keep dreaming. And im pretty sure I own more XRP than you can ever dream of owning.

If you cant accept the fact that XRP WILL take a nose dive without getting all defensive, IDK what to tell you. You're living in a fucking dream.

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/FlashTV
badhombre1313 2 points

Ralph Dibny sucks. I cant stand the moron. Every time there's a sense of seriousness, he comes in with a stupid ass remark thats supposed to "lighten" the mood but it just kills the entire scene. He's boring, obnoxious and as far as I can tell, there are WAY better Meta's who are more powerful that could easily replace him but for some reason, he's kept on. Coupled with the fact that this subReddit seems to have a hard on for him that I just dont understand. He's essentially a guy who can only stretch (literally thats it) who has a shitty Deadpool persona.

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