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Boediterraz 8 points

People are allowed to criticize the show and it’s bad if some fans decide everyone just have to “deal with it”. The ratings have been dropping a lot since the past 2 seasons. Judging by the ratings decline, if the problems are ignored, this show won’t make it to 2024.

badhombre1313 -2 points

Nobody cares. Go away.

reversesonic 15 points

I still enjoy the show overall but have things I want changed to be better. If I didn't like the show at all, I would've dropped it already. There's nothing wrong with criticizing the show.

Also, how do you know I'm not being forced to watch? I'll have you know that Grant himself kidnaps me once every week and ties me down and forces me to watch.

badhombre1313 -6 points

LOL I could just imagine that. That would be a super weird writing prompt actually... hmm

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/PlayJustSurvive
Tennasy 0 points

You can forget that. Just enjoy the last few moments you have left, the game is dying. There is no life support, no resuscitation, it's like asking for money from a dying friend.

badhombre1313 3 points

That actually makes sense though. I mean I wouldn't ask Daybreak for shit but asking money from a dying friend, that makes more sense. He's dying, he doesn't need money. So asking for money is logical.

I know it has nothing to do with Daybreak, but your analogy was in favor of OP's argument.

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badhombre1313 -7 points

Im not SUPER happy he's gone but he was annoying as fuck. I dont give a shit how 'scared' he was, his tired ass joking was comedy relief the show DID NOT need at all. It just turned every serious situation into a joke.

This being said, he grew on me and I felt terrible when he was being murdered. Like I felt it in my chest, terrible.

FekAll666 0 points

This is normal and simulates the real world - it is called depreciation... 😉

Just like with anything else in game (+420mph cars?), taken by the devs to the extreme! 😂

badhombre1313 1 point

I know. Even if they gave me 160k for this thing, which is less than 1/4th of its 'value', I'd take it at the depreciated value. But they dont and that kinda sucks.

badhombre1313 commented on a post in r/PlayJustSurvive
[deleted] -4 points


badhombre1313 0 points

Oh my god get the fuck out of here you lifeless fucking LOSER! Nothing better to do with your time? Mom finally left for her weekend glory holes and you're running wild on the internet?

Leave kid. Nobody wants you here. Not even your dad wanted you, thats why he's gone.

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