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This is why I don't go reddit. - Todd

But ya fallout community also.

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Literally everywhere.. And they agree with your perspective as long as your perspective is exactly like their perspective. If not you're a troll, a hater or an idiot -_-

I like it but would have wanted him to be made a tad more chubbier =)


Hello, are the rotations still active?

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These posts are so exhausting. It's like groundhogs day around here. Tune in next week for the same "I didn't get what I wanted" posts next week with the Ad Icons.

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Original Poster2 points · 18 days ago

You should get off Reddit for a while and get some fresh air.

I'm sorry you didn't get your Pikachu

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Original Poster2 points · 18 days ago

me too =) but I eventually will

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These look like genuine Funkos to me.

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Original Poster3 points · 23 days ago

Im sorry I misspoke.

Yes. R/funkoswap. You can post as either a trading (make sure to include your want list) or simply selling situation.

And by Funkos, do you mean Pop!s? ‘Cause what you have pictured there are technically “Funkos.”

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Original Poster4 points · 23 days ago

Thank you!!! I appreciate your help. I mean Pops, yes.

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You inverted his arm >.< that must have hurt like hell

Original Poster10 points · 1 month ago

Sure! Will do my best.

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Why are you taking credit for me's work? Your name is AlexZebol, not me. SMH some people have no respect.

Nobody gives a fuck about your 4000 hours. I bought the game BEFORE it was released and have 3 MORE thousand hours than you do. Nobody gave a shit about my hours.

Nobody gives a shit. Let it go, the game is dying.

23 points · 1 month ago

Seeing as how i live in the area of FO76 im setting up shop where i live and naming my character my actual name and playing as myself.

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I was gonna say this. RP'ing as myself. Behave and play how i actually would IRL if I was fortunate enough to survive the bombs.


So whoever ordered a Power Amor edition or from Best Buy in general, knows we haven't gotten our B.E.T.A. code yet. I contacted Best Buy several times and I was met with conflicting information.

People will say "who cares its months away" yea but if you know anything about retailers, is they dont give a shit about you and when the day comes, we'll be left out in the dust waiting. So right now you're wondering "then why buy from them?" The answer is: Best Buy had Power Armor editions available when nobody else did.

Anyways this is what you do:

  1. Contact Bethesda support for Fallout 76. Tell them you bought your stuff from Best Buy, the code is not on the receipt.
  2. You will then get an automated message linking you to a bunch of Fallout 76 resources to answer your questions.
  3. Reply to that email and tell them "Your automated reply didn't work, please help me"
  4. A representative will reply to you and tell you to check your email/spam/receipts
  5. Reply to them and say you did all this and you dont have anything. Ask them to help you (again)
  6. They SHOULD then ask you to verify your receipt. Go ahead and email them a copy of it along with your state(government) issued I.D.
  7. When you do, you SHOULD get this reply:

I hope this helps someone.



whats his name?

OH WELL IM NOT GONNA GIVE THAT UP BECAUSE IT WILL BRING HIM ATTENTION!....... attention to the proper authorities????? Hacking is STILL illegal everwhere in the world. Even attempted hacking is illegal. If this guy is really farming all these emails, he should be prosecuted.

Matter of fact anyone who has been "hacked" go ahead and report this moron to the FBI cyber crimes division. Or just leave a report here:

Im gonna go ahead and write to the FBI now and let them know there will be reports coming in from various people and will link this thread as reference.

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Score hidden · 2 months ago

Crimson Caravan

We are a business that sells goods to the people and assists in the movement of goods throughout West Virginia. We pay good money for your assistance, and sell some of the finest items this side of the Appalachians.

In gameplay, we will be a shop selling nearly every type of item. We will also be guards for people wishing to move goods or nearly anything across the world. We will offer payment to people wishing to assist in our efforts. We are peaceful unless provoked, and are heavily armed.

We will pay lots of money for rare goods such as power armor, nuke codes, and legendary weapons.

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Score hidden · 1 month ago

This is what I was looking for. Will be in this for the trade mostly.... Joining.

This is one of those rare photos of a woman that you can say "Look at...everything!" She's so perfect OMFG.

I ordered my Power Armor Edition on the 11th and no code. No code on any emails, no code on a receipt.

NO all my BETA questions are not answered at all. Because step 2 is fucking missing.

Comment deleted2 months ago

Sure it should be mocked. Especially when its this fucking retarded. "YOU DIDN'T MAKE THE GAME I WANTED SO NOW IM MAD WAAAAAAAAA" like a little fucking kid.
Get the fuck over yourselves. Fallout 76 is coming online and im fucking loving it. Got the power armor edition myself. 200 dollars WELL SPENT!

Fucking cry babies.


I know they said "dozens" would be on but, say I have 25 people that want to play with each other, is this possible?

I hear conflicting answers. Some say its gonna be limited to a handful of people as a team maximum, other people say that it can be 20+ people at once as a team.

Is there even a "team" function? such as being from the same faction/guild or whatever?



I cant edit the title.. I meant looking FOR not looking to -_-

I know its a bit early but im looking for 10-20 dedicated vault dwellers who know for a fact they're gonna give this game the time of day. Im opened to the possibility that this game might tank BUT not before I put in my time to make it great.

All this said, I am looking for people to team up with so that we could have a strong community together. Dedicated to the proposition that we are all equal and who will do everything in our power to snatch the nuclear codes and never use them on any human so as long as this human isn't posing a threat to anyone else.

Vow to help anyone in need but ultimately protect our own community first.

If this sounds like you, please message me and lets get chatting. We could play other games or at least stay in contact until the B.E.T.A.

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