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barnabe_oook commented on a post in r/worldnews
givenzero 0 points

I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SCIENCE , Jesus fucking christ!!


Sure, you can go figure it out for yourself but you can't do that on all the fucking theories. I'm saying that anything you, yourself haven't observed, figured out or experienced ON YOUR OWN IS BASED ON BELIEF. you either have faith in scientific process, the community or theory etc etc. But it is not "KNOWING"

barnabe_oook 4 points

The nature of knowing..doesnt it have a name?

(edit: just so you know, i understood you at your first attempt and then facepalmed through the answers given to you)

barnabe_oook commented on a post in r/worldnews
lballs -3 points

What was the last territory that the US annexed by force?

barnabe_oook 3 points

not the point. you said "americans never stuck around" But Iraq and Afghanistan are proof of exactly the opposite.

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Fifix1990 1 point

Lemmy ne savait pas chanter? :p

barnabe_oook 1 point

chanter, gueuler...potato, potato..

[deleted] 0 points

ha ouais .. tu serais dispo un dimanche pour un repas avec des amis ?

barnabe_oook 1 point

tes repas semblent foufous..

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Cupressoides 2 points

This article cites some very questionable things. Many of the concerns raised are simply false. Potassium bromate has been thoroughly studied and as it is used poses no risks. The study cited for azodicarboamide in bread says that rats genetically engineered to grow tumors will grow tumors if fed bread with that chemical. Genetic engineering is a tool and not a product and in this country anything resulting from its use is more thoroughly tested and regulated than anything in the eu. Racto has been thoroughly studied and while humans cant safely eat it the amount that remains in the meat is so small that there us no measurable risk. All of the concerns in that article amount to ignorant fear mongering and cant stand up to an skepticism. It saddens me that people read articles like this and then believe that they are well informed.

barnabe_oook 1 point

could you source some of your claims?

OnigriziaOmorti 10 points

I'll tell Macron exactly what's the cause of the road of misery that leads to Calais, it's the African authoritarian regimes on the African continent that can't hold accountability for their actions, it's these one party dictatorships that have been in power since forever, maintaining the Status quo that leads to the stagnation of development and progress in the region, which leads to poor economy and high unemployment and people fleeing to Europe that's what. Meanwhile list of authoritarian regimes supported by USA and list of authoritarian regimes supported by Russia one would find a lot these countries in Africa. So much for screaming freedom and democracy to end colonial dependence and Apartheid ffs!


You know there has been literally no change in government in the Southern African region since independence. these African liberation organisations have ruled for a combined average of 30 years be it Mozambique. Swaziland. South Africa, Zimbabwe. Zambia. Botswana, Namibia, Angola! Botswana ruling BDP gov ruling since 1966. Angola's MPLA. Mozambique FRELIMO and Swaziland absolute Monarchy have all been rulling since independence in 1975. Zimbabwe ZANU-PF ruling since 1980. Namibia SWAPO ruling since 1990 and South Africa ANC ruling since 1994. If you go a bit north President Joseph Kabila of DRC and President of Burundi Pierre Nkunuziza is both ruling for a unconstitutional 3 term, meanwhile President Paul Kgame have been ruling since after the Rwanda genocide in 1994 for a 4th term. Current Africa leaders who assumed power via coups d'état are Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea 1979. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda 1986. Omar al-Bashir of Sudan 1989. ldriss Déby of Chad 1990, Denis Sassou of Congo Brazzaville 1998, Mohamed Aziz of Mauritania 2008, Abdel Fattah eI-Sisi of Egypt 2013 and Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe 2017 all these people are still in power. Meanwhile other Authoritarian regimes and dictators in Africa is Paul Biya of Cameroon since 1982. ldriss Déby of Chad since 1990. lsma'i‘l Omar Guelleh of Djibouti since 1999. Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front of Ethiopia since 1991, Ali Bongo ondimba of Gabon since 1967. House of Alaouite of Morocco since 1956. lsaias Afwerki of Eritrea since 1991 all these people are still in power. Meanwhile there is a Civil war ongoing in Libya. Somalia. South Sudan. Central African Republic and insurgencies ongoing in Nigeria. Niger, Chad, Cameroon. Mali. Egypt, Sudan. Mozambique. DRC. Angola and Morocco that I know of.


And that's why we find the majority of the 54 African countries that make up the African continent at the bottom of the human development index

barnabe_oook 4 points

thanks for your time mate. what you're saying is, we shouldn't take these refugees?

OnigriziaOmorti 5 points

No we should find a solution to prevent the need for refugees and economic migrants from entering Europe, by removing authoritarian regimes in Africa who's populist politicians in power plunder and pillage the public and private sectors for personal benefit while the people continues to live in poverty.

barnabe_oook 3 points

but what about the guys that are already on the road?

ShikukuWabe 3 points

Its 8k NIS tho, around 2.2k~ USD, then again they get a lot more money these days (especially fighters) both during their service and compensation post service

But yes, many countries have very weak currency in comparison, in my time the NIS vs Thai Baht was 1 to 11, so u can live pretty well on for a long time even with low money income

barnabe_oook 1 point

2.2k USD is not that much to go travel , even if going in Asia

e: a letter

ShikukuWabe 1 point

I was simply referring to the amount you get as cash directly as u get released being used for said trips, I didn't mean its all u use ;p

At the time flying from Israel to Australia through Hong Kong back and forth was almost 2k$ alone, if I recall correctly average 'cheap' hostel prices were around the 70 NZD/ASD per night (but their value was a little less than half, for me it was 2.1/2.4 NIS to 1 NZD/ASD while the USD was around 3.8, if im making any sense xD

Tracking ain't very expensive though, many huts were free or just like 10$ a trip and u spend 1-5 days per trip, eating a few sandwiches u prepared for a few measly bucks (excellent yet probably unhealthy way to lose weight!), and pretty much all 'attractions' are standard 100$ (bungie/rapids/LOTR tours and such)

Also NZ has the best pizza in the world, Hell's Pizza, god I miss that pizza

barnabe_oook 1 point

i wish one day i'll come to NZ to et pizzas.. (and see the fantastic landscapes of course)

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Thor1noak 38 points


barnabe_oook 16 points

Sekiki, grand maitre de l'ordre spirituel Yakafokon

Peysh -11 points

Elle m'énerve.

barnabe_oook 2 points


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barnabe_oook commented on a post in r/LateStageCapitalism
RespublicaCuriae 11 points

Bizarre (they appeared mostly Americans).

There's the source of the problem.

Is it because the term Liberal means something different to so many people over there?

Liberal means "left wing politics" in the USA due to some WWII era and post WWII era political level mishaps.

barnabe_oook 1 point

so how do they qualify the chicago boys then?

louiexism 2 points

You don't know how to Google?

barnabe_oook 1 point

the point is, anyone can come up in any debate and claim anything; for the claim to be accepted, it's up to the claimant to prove his point.

AdmiralAkbar1 -8 points

No other country was also invaded by all its neighbors the moment they declared independence.

barnabe_oook 1 point

...which does not invalidate my previous point. thanks.

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barnabe_oook commented on a post in r/BannedFromThe_Donald
FooLyCooLie 11 points


barnabe_oook 5 points

cheers! it's a big accomplishment. i never thought i would go on the donald to comment on anything, but this time i could not resist. i got what i deserved, and i'mproud of that

barnabe_oook commented on a post in r/neoliberal
qchisq [M] 293 points

user reports:
2: This is spam 1: George Washington was black
1: Threatening, harassing, or inciting violence
1: <no reason>
1: this just in: haiti isn't a shithole. they'll be relieved to find out
1: he was only talking about white people you stupid nigger

These reports is why Macron and Merkel won

barnabe_oook 3 points

fantastic mod

generic12345689 0 points

They are annexing the region through settlers.

barnabe_oook -2 points

russian tanks are not settlers

edit: at least russian were "direct" . Israelis keep on saying they want a peace agreement, while funding settlers all over west bank. this is highly hypocritical.

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