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I read that article the other day and the title bothered me. It's pretty extreme with no actual quote to back it up. Here is what he said:

“I’m done,” he said emphatically by phone from his home in rural southern Oregon, which — speaking of “burn notice” — just happened to be about five miles from a raging wildfire when we spoke in July. “Physically, emotionally, I’m spent. That’s it. These three seasons about did me in. I’m 60 now. I’m like, ‘You know what? Let’s quit before the dentures come out and the hearing aids and the walker. Let’s not be embarrassing.’ With all due to respect to our ‘Star Wars’ friends, they were pushing it.”

That said, Bruce did tweet the article out, so perhaps he agrees with the headline.

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Welcome! I'll try to answer a few:

1) It's probably a good idea to bring it just in case you have a bad reaction to the smoke. You'll probably be fine if you can limit time outside. We walk around town going in and out of stores/bars just fine without a mask. It pretty much depends on the type of activity, use a mask if you are going for a hike in the park or working outside. You don't want to be breathing heavy while exposed to this crap.

2) Where to begin! Toba is excellent, highly recommended. The chef there travels around the world to gather the flavors. Well worth the extra $$. Try Morning Glory, Brothers or Breadboard for breaky. Ruby's for lunch. Smithfields for dinner. There are tons more. I've had great meals at Loft, Alchemy, Beasys, Cucina Biazzi, Hearsay, Kobe, Larks in the last year. We've struck out at Peerless and Amuse recently, which is disappointing for the price, but that happens, we'll go back. I would avoid Harvey's (cash grab), Pie+Vine/Seasame (owners are jerks to the local labor). Standing Stone and Brickroom are nice middle road places. We like Martinos, Black Sheep, Brickroom, Alchemy Bar, or Liquid Assets for a drink.

3) I would call Noah's for ideas.

4) This is a tough one, depends on your level of paranoia tolerance, haha. Maybe up in the park is good (even though smoking in general isn't allowed). Nobody cares unless you are next to a playground or a bunch of geriatrics. Just find a stretch where nobody is around, you'll be fine. Or find a bench on the other side of the creek from the main trails. You still have to be discrete in public, hopefully that doesn’t limit your enjoyment. I usually go with edibles if i'm going to be in town and still want to partake.

5) The YMCA has bumper plates and everything you need, but i'm not sure about their guest policy if you don't know a member. SOU is a good idea, maybe call them to find out.

6) Try to see a show at Cabaret or Oregon Shakespeare Fest. The Green Show is free every night outside OSF (smoke permitting):

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I threw a lot of information at you and I appreciate the detailed response.

4) It's not my paranoia that's the problem. I just want to make sure I am being a good guest while I'm there.

I was talking to friend that has spent time in Oregon and he was under the impression that there is not a big market for edibles in Oregon. Glad to see it is an option. However, I do prefer flower, as I appreciate the head high over the body high.

6) I was totally going to see Othello at the Shakespeare Festival but, while more than fair, the price point was a bit high for my personal budget for this trip.

Again, thanks!

Edit: phrasing

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Edibles have been legal for recreational for about a year (maybe two). So demand has gone up, and now there's a ton of variety. Try a sativa edible, should get you to a pretty good "head high", especially if you're new to them.

2) My old-old machine was audible to others in the room, the last two have not been.

Lake of the Woods for a swim!

We get another Gretler too. So there’s that

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and eventually another Abel, Donahue and maybe another Harrison! Hah.

Armstrong seems like the only lock for one of the infield spots. I'm really interested to see how they get Malone on the field and not bench Taylor. At least, i assume Malone will want to be in the field, so he can get drafted.

That last strike was low. But go Beavs all the same

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That was the real cherry on top of the poor officiating. Shameful we can't get the best of the best to umpire the CWS.

Reminds me of spending time there as a kid in the 80s. I think i even took a balloon ride or two back then (but never over town.) Thanks!

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Red Zone in Ashland serves breakfast. The bar inside Oak Tree might be an option as well, lots of TVs and they do breakfast. Enjoy!

e: looks like Red Zone might have changed their hours, or serves breakfast seasonally, so maybe call em.

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Maybe call and ask the The Wharf if they will sell you some or who their supplier is. Cash and Carry might be able to point you in the right direction as well.

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Try to live as far away from I5 as possible, or in the south part of the valley if you can afford it. Get some cams, security stickers, and lock your car doors. If you work in healthcare or don't mind doing so, you'll be fine. Any semblance of a younger "night life" crowd happens in Ashland (unless you enjoy wearing MMA or ATV branded shirts).

Gary West, The Culinarium, and Downtown Market also have great stuff. For a twist, maybe try the Spice & Tea Exchange in Ashland.

Very cool! Would love to see Sainte-Chapelle photographed this way.

Smithfields or Beasy's in Ashland are great as well.

What software do you use? Just regular old CS? Have you ever done a casino carpet design? Those get pretty wild.

Great job, thanks for sharing!

Hike around Lithia Park in Ashland, eat downtown and see a play at Oregon Shakespeare Festival or have dinner and a show at Oregon Cabaret Theatre.

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Welcome! I would check out


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If we didn’t have Ashland right next door, there would be absolutely no options. Boggles my mind... I’ve lived in Medford most of my life, although I’m currently in Eugene the past few years. Infinitely more options than Medford and makes going back to Medford THAT much harder. Everything closes at 9 and there’s nothing good anyways!

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Hah, you guys are right on the money! If someone is stumbling across this thread give Smithfields or Omars a try in Ashland for steak. Beasy's also does a great steak, but it's spendy!

Why is a (nearly) 3-year-old storm, and 2-year-old (?) lawsuit, which is now going to trial, news worthy for the Tidings to report, and you to post here?

Just seem like an "ambulance chaser" news story... But, maybe I'm missing the injustice here...?

Edit: Or maybe this story belongs in r/crappydesign.

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Um... you even pointed out that it's going to trial NOW, so it's newsworthy. It's not like this subreddit is busy and it's interesting to hear about a popular local spot suing the city. They have a good point about the lack of drainage. I'll be interested in the outcome of the trial.

Yes. It may be newsworthy for the city, the contractor who designed the bridge/drainage, and for the business owners, but no one else... MOST local residents don't care about the law suit, and we live here. You chose to post it for the world to read... NO ONE cares. If this is your idea of "newsworthy"... Then I have some ocean-front property, that I think you'd be interested in

Pre-post edit: I don't really have ocean-front property, it was done for the LULZ!

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I'm not the OP. Chill out and maybe go for a walk. It has to do with the Guanajuato Way restoration, so it's more than relevant for the Ashland subreddit...

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This is a tad off-topic, but i thought it was cool to hear Ty talk about OSF and Ashland on Hot Ones. Starts at 11:40.

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