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bathhousehooker 1 point

It's more so because of demand, and Grants Pass is a little more than 12 minutes away.

I personally prefer seeing them at the Craterian Theater, not a bad seat in the house and great acoustics. It's also near some decent dining if you want to make a night of it. I've only been to a few performances at GPHS, but it didn't stick out as better. SOU is nice if you get good seats; it's an old venue and kinda cramped upfront.

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tdoger 4 points

If we didn’t have Ashland right next door, there would be absolutely no options. Boggles my mind... I’ve lived in Medford most of my life, although I’m currently in Eugene the past few years. Infinitely more options than Medford and makes going back to Medford THAT much harder. Everything closes at 9 and there’s nothing good anyways!

bathhousehooker 2 points

Hah, you guys are right on the money! If someone is stumbling across this thread give Smithfields or Omars a try in Ashland for steak. Beasy's also does a great steak, but it's spendy!

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Whiskey-n-Boots 0 points

Why is a (nearly) 3-year-old storm, and 2-year-old (?) lawsuit, which is now going to trial, news worthy for the Tidings to report, and you to post here?

Just seem like an "ambulance chaser" news story... But, maybe I'm missing the injustice here...?

Edit: Or maybe this story belongs in r/crappydesign.

bathhousehooker 4 points

Um... you even pointed out that it's going to trial NOW, so it's newsworthy. It's not like this subreddit is busy and it's interesting to hear about a popular local spot suing the city. They have a good point about the lack of drainage. I'll be interested in the outcome of the trial.

Whiskey-n-Boots -1 points

Yes. It may be newsworthy for the city, the contractor who designed the bridge/drainage, and for the business owners, but no one else... MOST local residents don't care about the law suit, and we live here. You chose to post it for the world to read... NO ONE cares. If this is your idea of "newsworthy"... Then I have some ocean-front property, that I think you'd be interested in

Pre-post edit: I don't really have ocean-front property, it was done for the LULZ!

bathhousehooker 3 points

I'm not the OP. Chill out and maybe go for a walk. It has to do with the Guanajuato Way restoration, so it's more than relevant for the Ashland subreddit...

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fourunner 6 points

Original op says the place is now closed. Any Asian restaurants that are no longer open, recently closed?

It would be nice to know, so one could avoid it after reopening or any new place oped at another location from the same owners.

bathhousehooker 4 points

I looked at the inspections on the county website, specifically for Asian style restaurants in Ashland. I only looked at inspections from this month. Happy Bowl had a few concerning raw food handling...... but nothing about raw chicken in a sink, hah! Taroko had one about a dishwasher issue.

bathhousehooker 2 points

I couldn't find Panda Garden on the list, must be under some odd business name.

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bathhousehooker 2 points

Ashland has a gallery association, and they do a popular art walk the first Friday of every month:

bathhousehooker 1 point

There's also an active art community at SOU which includes the Schneider Museum of Art

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DerAdministrator 5 points

I m a little bit worried. For example a Shirt like this:

100% Fisherman (in a brass fish silhouette) or 100% Fisherman (in a tuna fish silhouette)

Is it copycat now?

bathhousehooker 2 points

I wonder about these types of shirts, and if they will be affected. This design style has been showing up all over recently, shotgun approach on all topics it seems.

nimitz34 1 point

How is that gonna work with text only designs? Different font and you're good? Or have to rearrange a little?

bathhousehooker 2 points

I think so? That may fall into the "same idea or concepts are allowed". Just don't pick a font too close? I'm guessing here.

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bathhousehooker 1 point

Don't have as many sales as you, but we have 42 sales since 4/4, and are stuck in tier 10. I'm just cycling 4 slots that are not consistently selling yet, trying to make all 10 winners, etc.. Got about 20 designs waiting for the tier up that i shelved because they didn't hit right away.

twice6swept 1 point

Yeah I should take the couple that seem to be losers and fix them up.

bathhousehooker 2 points

Update: We got bumped up to the 25 tier today. Yay!

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dmorin 2 points

Started: April 23 Tier: 25 Total sales: 30

bathhousehooker 3 points

nice work! i'm a little jealous, i have 40 sales but still stuck in tier 10, since 4/4.

nimitz34 2 points

This makes you wonder if there are other metrics that they are applying but not sharing. Like wanting those sales more spread out in the current tier instead of one or two hot sellers.

bathhousehooker 2 points

Yea, i'm not sure, just being patient and getting stuff ready for the tier up. 5 of my designs have sold overall, dispersed in the following amounts: 31, 1, 2, 1, 6

I had a couple rejections early on, but now seem to get the auto/faster approval people talk about. Maybe that has something to do to it.

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