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TheSlitherySnek 2 points

Honestly, look into a TFO or Reddington rod if you're considering Orvis. For the same price range, other competitors far outperform. (Kinda like buying Nike vs Puma, you won't get the brand recognition, for sure, but sometimes they are actually the superior product)

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Yeah I wouldn’t even be considering Orvis due to price but these happen to be lightly used at a huge discount. Not sold on them yet though

Turdsonahook 3 points

The orvis hydros rod? They don’t make it anymore and it’s really good actually. Might have been the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of casting. The recon is pretty sweet though too.

be_my_squirrel 1 point

Thanks for the input, sounds like either way I’d be getting a good setup

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be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/bigfoot
lihiker 6 points

It was definitely frustrating the way the schedules were set up where we were in the wrong spots at the wrong time of the year. Funny enough, we had more action behind the scenes while they were out filming.

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Wait, did you work on the show? If so, another person just posted in this sub asking what kind of cameras you used and I told them to seek you out haha

lihiker 5 points

I did for the last two seasons. I was the camera guy for the solo night investigations. I used a simple handheld Sony 4K for that. I don’t remember what they used for the rest of the show but I could find out.

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Thought that was you!

Firearm107 2 points

It will definitely catch fish! One thing you learn with time is to use just the tip end of fibers for a tail and to not cut them. That’s mostly to catch fishermen and not fish tho lol

be_my_squirrel 1 point

Thanks! I was really having trouble with my pinch wrap on the tail I finally gave up and left them long. Agree it would look better uncut

Firearm107 2 points

No problem! It all takes practice and most of fly tying boils down to personal preference. Just keep doing it!

be_my_squirrel 1 point

Appreciate it! Definitely enjoying it so far

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be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/flytying
be_my_squirrel 1 point

Nice tie! Just started tying myself, what is the clear stuff on the back?

Firearm107 2 points

That’s Loon Outdoors UV finish. I would definitely recommend it because it makes all nymph wing cases look so much better. Thank you!

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Thanks! Putting it on the ever-growing shopping list!

be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/bigfoot
CaptainAsh 9 points

I’ll get this out of the way first: I’m convinced it’s a real animal.

but the majority of shit is shit. Bear tracks look like Bigfoot tracks. Hoaxers are a thing.

Such is life.

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Have to agree that bear tracks definitely look like bigfoot tracks. Buddy sent me a picture of some pretty well defined impressions in his lawn and without context in a photo they could definitely pass as bigfoot prints, and they weren’t even double steps. He also sent me pics of the big ass bear in his yard that made them, so no squatch proof yet.

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Pretty sure my copper windings could have been a wrap or two longer and/or tail starts too far back. Any input welcome. Thanks!

puntaserape 4 points

Use a smaller diameter wire and tighter wraps. Tails should be half as long as you think they should be.

be_my_squirrel 1 point

Thanks for the tips! Lost it in a tree today so back to the vise for more practice

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be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/pics
beernerd 426 points

r/DIY is the worst at this. You could share a 50 image step-by-step album about the treehouse you built for your kids and the comments would be nothing but “Uhh yeah that’s a fall hazard so your kids are gonna die” and “How exactly is my friend in a wheelchair supposed to use this? Epic Fail.”

be_my_squirrel 1 point

Or puns and tv references.

be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/flytying
be_my_squirrel 2 points

This is amazing. Love that the hook is sideways, he’s ready to scuttle! scuttle crab

eveeon 2 points

This is how that walk and flee in the wild. So it only makes sense to tie them up this way.

be_my_squirrel 1 point

Heck yes just thought it was cool you thought of that. Beautiful tie!

be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/videos
DecepticonLaptop 120 points

Positions of power, especially religious power, can allow you to get away with things like this. Who wants the stigma of being the one who got your local pastor arrested or harassed by police? You could very quickly be alienated by your fellow church goers who likely include your family among them.

Edit: Stigma not stipulation

be_my_squirrel 9 points


be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Pinbot02 627 points

They were originally known as "Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips", but other snack manufacturers objected, saying Pringles failed to meet the definition of a potato "chip". The US Food and Drug Administration weighed in on the matter, and in 1975, they ruled Pringles could only use the word "chip" in their product name within the following phrase: "potato chips made from dried potatoes".[15] Faced with such an unpalatable appellation, Pringles eventually opted to rename their product potato "crisps" instead of chips. From

be_my_squirrel 1 point

The US Food and Drug Administration weighed in

Jesus Christ maybe the world has always been this stupid.

be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/bigfoot
be_my_squirrel 1 point

Assuming Bigfoots exist, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they would respond to the sounds they allegedly make. Bobo and Co. got callbacks from coyotes and owls. Hunters call in turkeys, deer, elk, moose. There is precedent for animals behaving this way. That being said, it doesn’t seem too effective for Sasquatch and you would think researchers would at least try something else from time to time.

Edit: Removed a misused comma before that guy showed up and yelled at me.

be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/flyfishing
be_my_squirrel 1 point

One thing I do, but you still have to have some line on the water for tension(a current helps too) is to start your rod low, and start raising without pinching the line, so that the water “pulls” a few feet of line out for you. Then pinch it off somewhere between 45 degrees and 90 degrees and continue your cast. You can also do the same but do a roll cast as stated above

be_my_squirrel commented on a post in r/flyfishing
be_my_squirrel 1 point

Do you fish now? How often, and do you enjoy it? Do you have fishing opportunities nearby (rivers and ponds)? I started a few years ago and I now rarely take out my spinning gear. It’s a lot of fun and not really that difficult, though you can always be challenged with new waters and techniques. And it’s a hobby you can keep doing for years and years. Give it a shot!

Independent 7 points

Do not get in to flytying to save money. Think of it as another separate hobby. It is an enjoyable one that you can do when you can't fish. And you can eventually create flies that are hard to buy.

Some approach flytying as a production run. Some of us just like having a dedicated flytying area that can stay more or less permanently setup, (but can be quickly dismantled and stuck in boxes in the closet when absolutely necessary), where we can sit down and work on just a few flies a night whenever we want to.

I recommend getting tools and materials separately as needed and buying quality tools once, instead of buying a kit full of crap and then upgrading later.

Starting out you don't need a lot of tools, but I would suggest quality over quantity of tools.

Get a good quality bobbin with ceramic insert.

Quality scissors are a big deal. At 1st its tough to see why a pair of fly tying scissors costs $25. After you screw around with sewing scissors for awhile you may come to appreciate something like a good pair of dedicated Dr. Slick fly tying scissors. The requirement of the very tips to cut well, cleanly and close repeatedly may be somewhat unique to flytying.

When looking at vises, make sure the jaws can accomodate ALL of the hook sizes you see yourself using for the next 20 years from teeny to huge. The rotary function is optional, but nice to have for tying upside down patterns like Clousers and for examining or working the underside of flies. It's over rated for using the crank arm to spin materials on.

Oddly, one decision you will be faced with is pedestal or clamp base, unless you get a vise with both. I opted for one with both and never use the clamp, prefering to just pull or push the vise closer or further from me as necessary. Others swear the C clamp is all they ever want. Whatever.

Decent rotary vises start at $150-$220 which is a lot for a hook holder, but often to get truly versatile jaws, you may have to go to a rotary. Wolff Atlas, Peak, Griffin, Renzetti all make suitable vises in that price range. You don't have to spend that much, but like everything, tradeoffs may be involved. If you are only ever going to be tying flies in the #14- 2 range, which is a solid range, there are lots cheaper non rotating vises, but beware of vises that are just cheap imported junk.

Pro fly tyers and production oriented folks tend to make a big deal over how quickly, with how few adjustments a vise can switch from one hook size to another. Honestly, if you are a more laidback slackadaisical flytyer like me, this feature is overrated. You'll spend more time agnozing over which pattern, which hook, what materials, what colors and such than you will switching from adjusting the jaws on a good vise from size 18 to 2/0. And, frankly, I can't envision too many senarios in which the home hobby tyer will ever really be rapidly switching hook sizes and styles back and forth multiple times in an evening. Generally speaking, I would think most folks just crank out a few similar flies at a time before moving on to something else.

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Thank you!

be_my_squirrel 2 points

Thanks for suggestions all.

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