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fawksapostle -11 points

Wow y’all really are okay with supporting someone who solicits photos from underage girls and doesn’t try to stay faithful to his wife.

Says a lot about y’all.

beardlesshipster 4 points

I do not necessarily support him as a human being or condone his decisions, I only support him as a musician.

MangoMiasma -43 points

Brand New are canceled. Stop posting them

beardlesshipster 8 points

No thanks

Tomnnn 1 point
beardlesshipster 2 points

full circle, bitch.

Tomnnn 2 points

I wasn't sure if we were going to make it, but 4 random redditors were there for me.

beardlesshipster 1 point

Congrats, man. I’m proud of you.

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hbs1951 2 points

Saw them @6 months ago, and was simply knocked up. That said it was flat out the loudest concert I’ve ever been to. I’d take ear plugs. Use em or not, but at least you’d have em.

beardlesshipster 1 point

So you liked em? I’m getting mixed reviews

colechilly -8 points

Art is not subjective. Sure, taste is subjective, but that doesn't mean subjectivity negates the value of art, which is inherently objective by design and function. Alt-J is objectively bad, as they have no clear aesthetic, only ideals taken from great bands. Their lack of aesthetic places them below the line of innovators, deeming them objectively shit.

beardlesshipster 6 points

Alt-J is not objective bad, and you have absolutely no right to shit all over people who enjoy their music.

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