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throw-away_catch 7 points

I’m gonna call bullshit on that one until someone does the quick maths.

beardlesshipster 3 points


Quick maffs

Napalm-Ninja-Bunny 46 points

There is a portion of Yellowstone park, that nobody has legal jurisdiction over. So you could commit murder there, and no one could try you. I’m not sure if that loophole has been corrected or not.

beardlesshipster 12 points

Might as well try

Starscream5000 1 point

I’d like to add something else that is annoying as FUCK! Anyone. Try posting a Jeff Beck song to this sub. The auto nod won’t let you, because it mistakes it for “Beck”, who is in the r/Music HOF.

Edit: Proof

beardlesshipster 2 points

Report it to the mods, they’ll take care of it.

One of my biggest pet peeves with AutoMod is that it catches everything. Even if there is a new release from an artist in the HOF, AutoMod will flag the post so that you have to contact the mods for approval.

I don’t understand why just using the New Release flair would disable AutoMod. Makes more sense, cuts the hassle down a bit.

Slimerbacca -1 points

If only there was a way to listen to Beatles songs other than on Reddit

beardlesshipster 1 point

Sure, you can listen to music on other sites. The point of this sub is to share your musical tastes.

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