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Neutral DE: the ultimate, forbidden mix-up.

It happens when you initiate the parry too late.

Man, imagine if nobu had both the HS and a FB. oof.

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Isn't HS just a better FB, point for point?

Well it can't block...

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Well you don't need to block if you dodge... And dodging beats both attacks and bashes. And you don't give up a free GB from HS.

"Remember kids, it's only a 'gg' when you win."

14 points · 1 day ago

A re-animated light attack? The popularity/memery of "half-swording" aside, what does this even bring to the warden gameplay wise?

Prob already exists in the plans. There was a perk that had a little cat face as an emblem and I'm assuming that's what it does.

96 points · 1 day ago

Same here, the no feats and no gear score makes it more even ground. The new gear perks that will be replacing gear stats coming in season 8 would be fine for the mode as well as they aren't as powerful as feats or gear stats.

I do hope this variant of dominion makes it way to normal dominion instead. It's much more enjoyable.

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50 points · 1 day ago

My only criticism is that health regen from minion kill is a bit too high. It's such that when you're fighting at B, if someone is able to slip away and do one zone attack (or just zone while fighting you), they can quite literally get 100% of thier HP back. If it we're tuned down just a bit I'd be satisfied.

20 points · 1 day ago

The only thing I don't like is the flame buff. The damage buff on it seems way to high. One surprise heavy while otherwise engaged can take 50% of your health.

I feel like the speed boost and immunity to fire walls was a big enough benefit the damage tips it into the extreme I think.

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Well the person with the buff is marked, visible at all times with a white outline. So they can sneak up on you, sure, but it's not in thier favor.

Am I the only one that thinks lawbringer is more viable than warlord??? He has the highest win rate too.

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I mean outside of throwing 75 damage AoEs in Dominion and ganking with impaling charge/longarm, he's def less viable than WL in my opinion.

No gear stats. Shugoki is so bad without exhaustion recovery and revenge gain in 4s lol

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And no rock steady! This is true Shugoki hard mode.

"DeAd GaEm LoL"

(I know it's not, just beating the retards to the punch)

Don't forget what Sulfuric Sparks smell like, though. Sure you may look cool, in any color potentially, but don't forget that to everyone around, you smell like rotten eggs and metal shavings every time that effect goes off. It's especially off-putting on my Shugoki - and I wondered why people stopped hanging out around me...

They probably stopped hanging out with you way before you got the effect, you fat nerfed weeb.

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You aren't even wrong... FeelsGokiBro.

Original Poster2 points · 4 days ago

I landed crappy castle, got a couple of kills there and went to industry
I got at least 8 of those kills with sniper shotgun and rest with auto shotgun and deagle
For some reason sniper shotgun works better for me than an actual sniper, dont know why

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The sniper shotgun is a freaking beast at mid-long range, no doubts about that. At super-long range, a regular sniper (Kar98, AWP, Barrett) can kill faster but it is harder to confirm a hit on moving targets b/c of bullet-speed and bullet-drop. Any of those weapons with long-barrel though, regardless of range, is just craziness.

56 points · 5 days ago

Well, to be fair, Jason Statham is the manlinest man anywhere.

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Any Caucasian male with a shaved head and stubble: "Look, it's Jason Statham!"

He does look a lot like Jason Statham though. He's got the same lines on his face, and his jaw is fairly close. Overall head shape is slightly off. Hardly a carbon copy, but the similarity is definitely there.

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You're right. I'm just saying it's kinda like that old Family Guy episode where Peter goes to Japan and is like "Hey look, it's Jackie Chan... Hey look, it's Jackie Chan..."

They're either up in the sky box with the helicopter or just glitched out somehow. Happens fairly frequently.

I always try checking the middle of the map often to see if anyone is exploiting the helicopter like a bitch so I can shoot them down.

For some reason when I blow up vehicles sometimes people don't get launched out of them, though. Which is unfortunate because exploiters can be just as annoying as hackers and I wish they would be punished too.

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You can't shoot them down, though. They're too high sadly.

67 points · 5 days ago

Only Shugoki buff in For Honor history!

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When your only buff is just reverting a nerf... FeelsGokiBro

Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

This is the exact commemt Ive been talking about. Did I ever say that rolling should fully be removed? No I said it needs to be fixed so every duel encounter - which is the core of the game doesnt get ruined.

A balancing solution that benefits both situations.

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To the same effect, you can survive 1vX encounters for a very long time just by running away and rolling at the right times. You even build revenge by doing it. Also there are characters (Shugoki, etc) who can't do much about it. It's useful strategy but ultimately just very annoying in that you can play the same get-out-of-jail-free card repeatedly without much consequence from players who actually want/need to fight you.

This is Ubisoft. Look how long it's taken for them to fix old characters.

Surely you can't be so naive to believe they'll fix individual characters, right?

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Surely you can't be so naive to believe they'll fix individual characters, right?


It actually can deviate based on enemy player position. As part of the broad unlock Tech fix patch, it will automatically gravitate towards enemy players so usually I'll start with what you said but if he's going to whiff, feint after first hit and correct orientation

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Oh interesting! I have to say, when I'm forced to minion clear as Shugoki - I rather enjoy it. I wish he could have a feat that allowed him to more-safely perform that role.

You can feint your chained 2nd heavy. Yes. Apparently some Shugoki's don't do this even if they whiff their light or it gets blocked.

Something I was trying to test yesterday is my theory that: the recovery from a single heavy attack is actually longer than if you were to throw another heavy and immediately feint it. That is, you can shorten the recovery and return to your ability to block faster if you always just throw and feint a 2nd heavy. Needs testing but visually it appears faster!

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I play shaman, but at least she has to run to the person, I'm a little jealous.

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Pretty sure shaman can do this with her double lights. Initiate a light attack, hit, and right before the second one confirms, swap targets.

46 points · 8 days ago

It won't do a thing to change how slow and defensive duels are.

Dodge, roll on reaction to gb, still beats all heavies safely.

Every hero needs a actual kit, the issue is people have become attached to sword fighting with pencils, and don't want that to change.

By an a actual kit, I mean complex offense, multiple avenues of aggression (Not just 400ms lights, or a 500ms bash), and a "Goal" (Like how shamans goal is to bleed you).

HP pools need to be higher (So getting hit is less of a death sentence), Dodge-roll needs to have gb vulnerability, static guard bug needs to be fixed, every hero should be default have a light heavy and heavy light combo, momentum overall needs to be re-evaluated. Oh, stamina also needs to be increased significantly, and possibly reworked to be a defense-only resource.

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Oh, stamina also needs to be increased significantly, and possibly reworked to be a defense-only resource.

I'm picturing a concept similar to the stun meter in SFV, except that instead of "building" up the stun meter through could consecutive attacks against your opponent, in FH the defending party's stamina bar would deplete with each attack blocked. Upon reaching 0, the defender would be opened for a punish. However, as a defender, parrying/deflecting would momentum-shift and allow your stamina to regen. Super rough idea but interesting to think about.


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