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bechillbro commented on a post in r/forhonor
VoidMaskKai 6 points

Gotta say this stream was kind of a disappointment.

bechillbro 13 points

Well they can't all be major reveal or season kick-off streams. Sometimes you have to settle for some fan fiction as narrated by the Pope himself.

KenseiRadical 213 points

Part of this means if you're a super high rep and really bad, you might have trouble finding matches


bechillbro 3 points


bechillbro commented on a post in r/Seaofthieves
thewwwyzzerdd 32 points

order of souls is at present my least favorite order to grind because of this. Going up against a full pack of pistol skellies of any variety is just straight unfun. Ive stopped taking bananas with me to fight skellies just because its a waste of resources. Its just more effective to let them kill you and run back lol

bechillbro 9 points

Or you could just line of sight them with thier allies bodies. Use them as shields from oncoming fire.

Houchou_Returns 6 points

Downvoted but this is entirely correct. Even if they can shoot through geometry they shouldn't be able to, they usually can't shoot through each other.

Stand right in front of a skelly at the edge of the pack, chip at it with sword to stun and prevent it shooting you, wait for the pack behind to shoot into its back harmlessly, then finish it off and move onto the next one. Doesn't work with golds (they don't get stunned) but works with the rest.

bechillbro 1 point

Yeah, it's definitely one of the harder waves. But as someone who has solo'd a lot of OoS quests, this is how I dealt with it (if I couldn't just cannon them from my ship). Deaths are kind of a given and that's OK. My big fear is, with potential changes, skeletons becoming too easy (they already are very cheesable and simple) and then people will complain about it being boring (which they already do anyway).

I could get behind having blunderbuss/flintlock skeleton-waves maybe only represent 50% of the wave (the rest being melee). But much more beyond that and the combat will just be too mundane.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/gaming
thekindledpeace 450 points

This looks...genuinely bad.

Really all this talk about dramatic and personal war stories with front spanning from the snowy mountains and valleys of Scandinavia, to the European fronts of France and Belgium. But in the end I feel like a watched a trailer for some soulless military popcorn flick.

It's really missing that "military" feel that BF3 and BF4 had too.

And also what exactly was that woman with a prosthetic arm? I mean come on...

Oh well, I guess it's BF4 until 2020.

bechillbro 1 point

This looks...genuinely bad.

It's one trailer. That's too bad it doesn't appeal to you upon brief glance. I find it more fun to be cautiously optimistic and open-minded about games but you're welcome to outright condemn them, too. Let's just not pretend like we have all the facts from a couple minutes of trailer footage, though.

Oh well, I guess it's BF4 until 2020.

Good for you.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/Seaofthieves
ImTotallyGreat 2 points

What would be awesome would be if you could keep the bucket full of air and get a breath from it to stay submerged longer. Like a tiny primitive diving bell.

bechillbro 3 points

All for the small price of being deprived of all visual stimuli!

Dons head-bucket

DaLuckyNoob 4 points

Then, explain this !!

bechillbro 1 point

Checkmate, hydrotheologians.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/CompetitiveForHonor
TickleMonsterCG 5 points

The Warden players are the special snowflakes who think warden needs everything about him changed when in reality he can actually put on more pressure than a good portion of the OG cast.

bechillbro 4 points

And there's just a large volume of them voting for thier own rework.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/forhonor
2Mayonnaise4U 1 point

165 gsync master race

bechillbro 1 point

Don't think ya need GSYNC if you're getting 165 fps consistently. I've had better results turning it off.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/Seaofthieves
bechillbro 22 points

The complaining on the official forum regarding the removal of the mentioned cosmetics seems really silly to me. They're removing them because it represents a trend that Rare doesn't want to, apparently, promote anymore - simple recolors. They've essentially agreed to fix the issue secondary to people's criticism about it. Yet, here people are, complaining in the wake of making a positive change. People even get to keep what they already bought, basically making them limited-time cosmetics. And people are getting reimbursed for price changes too. Can't knock them for nit making efforts to be fair.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/forhonor
Nev4da 34 points

They're intended yeah, but you can be damn sure I'm going to hate every Warlord that insists on pretending they don't own a sword.

bechillbro 3 points

They should just give him 2 shields.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/CompetitiveForHonor
MemelordThornbush 37 points

Yes please, I'm fine with a longer queue when playing solo if I know I'm not getting matched against 4 stacks

bechillbro 2 points

This would actually make the game so much more enjoyable for me personally. I don't mind getting stomped as long as I know it was a fair fight (in terms of the 4v4 game-type) to begin with. When you're getting 3-point held by a stack of recognized players while they harass/meme you in chat, I become a sad fellow.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/Seaofthieves
magvadis -4 points

Thanks for the data, I thought it was hyperbole and that the grind was just becoming so boring and obnoxious that it felt like you were only half way...this is so disheartening to know they really want me to grind for 4 months of my freetime for 1 cosmetic set, a party shuffle on quests, and 1 ship cosmetic set. I had fun till level 20, became skeptical but still hopeful for Pirate Legend around 30, then lost all hope but powered through because content was coming in May only for it to come the literal last second of May, and then to find out I'm barely half way.

Yeah, I'm done. I can't go through this game over again only entirely bitter because they want to waste my time with this pointless grind requirement. At least other games add more new things to do as you level up...this game is the same game passed level 20.

To boot they are nerfing Merchant Alliance grind and nerfing if OoS wasn't just a respawn simulator already, they threw down extra crap you have to deal with.

Have the devs even played their game as much as they are asking the players to just to secure end-game status (which is empty right now)?

bechillbro 1 point

Yeah, I'm done.

Aww man, does that mean I won't get to read your your unflinchingly pessimistic posts anymore?

magvadis 1 point

I'll never leave this's much more entertaining than the game right now.

bechillbro 1 point

Then don't get my hopes up next time.

bechillbro commented on a post in r/forhonor
Brycen986 7 points

It was always unbalanced, the speed of fights gets more enjoyable the more you get used to it, unless you playing warlord or shugoki in which case I feel sorry for u

bechillbro 1 point

unless you playing warlord or shugoki in which case I feel sorry for u

Why's that? Just curious.

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