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Sugar puff?

Loved her in Seinfeld

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You mean wizard of oz?

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every time i watch grippo i feel like he's training at the wrong camp; he isn't relentless like Marcelo Garcia and doesn't really do any of MG's techniques. he could have either stayed at renzo's and become a leglock monster, or moved to AOJ and gone all in with the berimbolo game, but as is he has this in-between game where he's good at getting positions but has a hard time finishing his moves

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Relentless is a pretty good description for Gianni’s passing. P

Baby steps my man. Set small goals. A 20 minute walk outside a day with a favorite podcast. 10 push ups each morning as soon as you wake up. Baby steps.

I’m not a heel hook guy, but I did buy Eddie Cummings’ thing on digitsu. It covers heel slipping, and the knee positioning that’s necessary for that to be safe. Might be worth your while if you haven’t already seen that.

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If I really get thrown off by a spelling or someone's vernacular I tend to Google it to see if I'm about to get learnt. Relatively recently I learned something about British vs American that I'd never known. I'll go find it.

Edit: Found it... Turns out "orientated" is the common British version of "Oriented".

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As an English guy who’s been living in the US for over 10 years, I’ll get called out for saying things and I’m no longer sure if it’s because I’m English or I’m just making shit up. Orientated is one. Slippy is another.

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My wife named him so at this point I believe he's going to be just as much a part of the family as our newborn daughter!

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Should have named him frogger

You can eat nuts. Tim just cautions against "domino foods". If you want to grab a handful of nuts, that's fine. Just don't snack on them unconciously throughout the day, as those calories will quickly add up.

I mean, it’s because he’s super hot. That was the reason. I’m not gay or anything, but I’d love to fall asleep with my head gently resting on his beautiful chest.

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Only gay for Holloway.

Just straighten your leg and foot with force. The sub will go away and it’s quite painful for the opponent. They won’t do it again.

Kit’s is a bunch of random techniques which is funny given his emphasis on concepts. Only seen the clips of JH’s so far, but you know it’s going to be heavily concept driven.

Super under the radar—nick Sallas who’s a MG brown belt. Incredibly technical. Check out some of his matches on flo if you have that.

Are you eating enough, and eating your beans?

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actively working on being a better person in every way. Become happy with yourself

These are two contradictory statements

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No. Generally people start feeling happy when they are moving forward in a positive direction, no matter where they are starting from.

They are kind of contradictory. For example, I wouldn’t be motivated to work out if I am happy with the way my body is. I work out because I don’t like the way my body and I want to improve my fitness, not because I enjoy working out. Those two statements aren’t contradicting for only those people who actually enjoy the improvement activities and not everyone does that

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It's pretty much impossible to remain in homeostasis on everything. You're either progressing or regressing.

Considering you can recover to 90% in under 5 minutes under clinical observation, pretty sure anyone is fine unless they're greatly fasted/nutrient deprived.

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There's rest between lifts to try another lift--which is what your link is. Recovery time refers to the time it takes for a trainee to recover from a stressor. This is normally measured in days, but is a function of the amount of stress, the training history, and sleep/nutrition. The amount of stress is a function of weight, reps, movements (basically amount of work), and density of training. All things equal, training to failure will be a higher stressor, and the trainee will require additional recovery time.

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Something similar happened to me. Showed up for the viewing, it was an open house- perfect location, beautiful apartment, rent price was ok- if a little high. But we were ready to sign immediately! This was our dream apartment!

Turns out that apartment had been rented the night before this open house. I asked, sooo why have the open house if the apartment is already rented? Conveniently there was another more expensive unit downstairs that was also for rent and they'd be happy to show that to us as well.

Uh huh. Sure.

Still not sure whether that was a bait-and-switch or a true mistake. Our broker seemed pretty upset about it, so maybe she really didn't know.

In the end, you either like the apartment and negotiate the rent to something comfortable or you walk. There are plenty of places.

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This doesn't even make sense as a sales tactic. The broker might get more people in the door, but they are setting up higher expectations--literally the opposite of what would be the most effective.

Heads up on MTC: it's pretty loud--you'll probably have to shout a bit for your date to hear you. You can go downstairs after for some drinks/dancing, or there's another dive bar on the block to the left as you walk out, and a more upscale, and quieter, cocktail bar on the block to the right.

Congrats. From this point forth, I will no longer "work technique" while rolling with you, but will fully apply the shoulder of justice into your windpipe. :) :) :)

This wasn't at the seminar, it was after at our Christmas party. The 4 time world champ that we were affiliated with (that had just promoted me to brown belt), decided to choke me unconscious with a standing cross collar choke as I was talking to him with a full drink in my hand. I tried to tap and even resorted to flailing and pushing away (I heard, don't remember since I was out). Then he let my limp body fall to the ground. The back of my head was the first thing to hit, and what it hit is the metal foot rest at the bar. I laid unconscious in a pool of blood for a couple minutes while he decided to flee to his hotel room and never apologize or offer to help with the thousands in medical bills that it caused.

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BJJ banter.

Shit shouldnt be illegal. The enhancement aspect, pain relief, is cancelled out by the foggy brain and slowed response time.

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Rules are in place for fighter safety, not just to prevent PEDs

Edit: to clarify, I’m not saying weed is dangerous, just that being high in a fight is dangerous.

Nothing he can really do bar taking you to court, which is extremely unlikely. You did the right thing by him by giving your notice. Move on with your life.

This is not her. Melania's facial muscles are not nearly this expressive.

Yeah I have strained my back doing deadlifts, one rep with poor form is all that it took. Luckily my gym has a trap bar, so I've switched to using that and adding in Good Mornings to my routine. These two combined are just as good if not better than the deadlift by itself.

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Trap bar is great. Especially the ones with handles at same height as a traditional barbell.

The only benefit I can see would be to flush digestive tract of bacteria. Alcohol was historically best used with questionable meat.

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Could be a correlation with meeting up with friends socially.

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