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beerdsman commented on a post in r/spicy
beerdsman 3 points

Some hot sauce recommendations to pick up from heathotsauce, Adoboloco's Hamajang, Marie Sharp's Belezian Heat, Bigfats 708 7 pot citrus, and Hot Winter's Bulgarian Carrot just to name a couple, good variety of heat, flavours and textures :)

filemeaway 7 points —sort by hot and superhot. Can't go wrong.

beerdsman 2 points

Seconded, there is no better site for your hot sauce needs.

beerdsman commented on a post in r/hotsauce
beerdsman 3 points

I LOVE El Yucateco! But I really do NOT like the green, I'm pretty positive your problem isn't with Hab's. Try their Kutbil-ik Xxx or try Marie Sharp's Belezian Heat for 2 of my fave Hab sauces.

rwhitisissle 2 points

Yeah it's just strange. I see people here swear by El Yucateco Green, but I just can't seem to get into the flavor. I really like the burn and the level of salt in it, but beyond that the taste of it is kind of dull or, I don't know, vegetably? I'll try the Marie Sharp's. I've heard good things about it, so that might be a good one to try next.

beerdsman 2 points

I've never seen much praise for the green myself, it's usually always the Kutbil-ik(brown sauce) or the black label, El yucateco is cheap so you can't go wrong with trying a few, the brown and the red are hotter than the green and taste nothing like it. Seriously the Kutbil-ik along with Adoboloco's Hamajang and Marie Sharps Belizean are my favourite sauces. :)

beerdsman commented on a post in r/hotsauce
stanfordy 2 points

Similar, but aardvark is a bit less imo

beerdsman 1 point

I find Aardvark a bit more if comparing the Habs.

espangleesh 2 points

I'm just going to order an Aardvark one and see for myself; seems to be very popular, so I'm sure it won't go to waste. But I am curious about the flavor and heat factor.

beerdsman 1 point

Heat is pretty mild and it tastes just like chili as in chili dogs :p

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zombisponge 3 points

Thanks man! They're cooked smashed on cast iron with a gas stove.

beerdsman 2 points

Smash burgers are the best burgers, got a special tool to smash them? I just use a heavy metal spatula at the moment, I also use cast iron, wish I had a gas stove though! 😭

zombisponge 2 points

I use this. This piece is perfect, but honestly anything will do. Experience has taught me that smasher is expensive but really just a piece of metal. Put a piece of baking paper between the smasher and the meat and it wont stick. Use any object of the right shape, we're talking max 10 seconds of high heat, so almost anything will do.

Enjoy :D

beerdsman 2 points

I have been considering something like that for years but was afraid it would leave grill marks which I didn't want, glad to see it doesn't!

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beerdsman commented on a post in r/hotsauce
caveman_tan 8 points

I have Beware currently. Love the heat, but find it too salty. Tastes great on a sub sandwich, though. I haven't tried some of the others to see if they are less salty. Instant buy, if so.

beerdsman 3 points

Ya belezian is awesome as well but hella salty, the original is far less salty but sadly lacks the heat.

mexta 3 points

Holy hell is the Belezian salty! I mean I saw the sodium warning when I bought it but I didn't think it would be that salty. I am a salt lover and may end up chucking it which is a shame because beneath the salt there is amazing flavor with nice heat.

beerdsman 2 points

I feel the same way, I LOVE salt and I LOVE the flavour of Belizean but yeah it can be pretty overwhelming, need to find just the right use for it, or use it on foods with little to no salt.

beerdsman commented on a post in r/spicy
BassyClastard 7 points


on-the-go snacking

keep refrigerated

What are they like? I'm picturing a bag of moist pickle slices

beerdsman 2 points

They are actually quite crunchy.

beerdsman 2 points

Oh man, I live in Canada and whenever I cross the boarder into the US, I stop at the gas station and buy this brands spicy pickle in a bag! Now I must find these, if I could buy these on the regular I would never buy chips again!

beerdsman commented on a post in r/spicy
agentshags 1 point


beerdsman 1 point

Yes, read the link someone listed below :)

Sturmov1k 0 points

Looks like a keeper! I wonder if I can get it in Canada?

beerdsman 4 points

You Can get Melinda's anywhere pretty much, but don't bother, read article above :)

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