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beerdsman commented on a post in r/spicy
JanwaRebelle 1 point

It wasn’t as hot as I thought it was going to be. Out of the three, it has a really strong vinegar flavor just like Tabasco. The heat stays longer in the mouth than the Hamajang and I reckon more versatile when used in cooking since it has a neutral taste. I plan to add it in my bolognese sauce this week.

beerdsman 2 points

The Maui is fuck'n killer in soup.

beerdsman commented on a post in r/spicy
beerdsman 1 point

Ya I feel the same way bud, that's why when I finally get rid of what I have I am only gonna stick to my 2 favourites, Adoboloco's Hamajang and El yucateco's Kutbil-ik with just a couple new ones here and there.

GarrusBueller 2 points

Yeah I’m just trying to figure out what my core hot sauces are. If yi bacon stand the heat that Optimus Primo is legit.

beerdsman 1 point

I've got the original 708, solid sauce.

beerdsman commented on a post in r/burgers
beerdsman 2 points

Thing of beauty my friend.

optionalgambino 10 points

Potato buns are very under appreciated on this sub and in general- glad to some one ever now and again

beerdsman 5 points

Real burger lovers understand the potatoe bun is about as good as it gets, especially for smash burgers.

beerdsman commented on a post in r/hearthstone
DieBones 3 points

Opened 37 packs, got Glinda on 9th pack, Lady in White AND Hagatha on the 32nd pack! First time I've ever gotten 2 legendaries in one pack :)

beerdsman 1 point

I gotta stop reading this sub,making me feel like shit lol I only opened 1 legendary in 36 packs

The_Anti_Guy 4 points

Was the drop rate on legendaries higher for today or something? I’m a F2P player, saved up gold and had enough for 18 packs. I opened Splintergraft, Genn, A gold Glass Knight, and houndmaster Shaw. That seems CRAZY high. It’s either the luckiest day in my life and I should go by a lottery ticket, or the drop rate today is high, lol

beerdsman 2 points

You got lucky, I opened 36 packs only got 1 legendary.

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beerdsman commented on a post in r/spicy
luciferprinciple 2 points

Incidently the pre-sale $35 price is about the same cost by volume as the small bottles. $25 seems more sensible given that the bottles must be somewhat costly

beerdsman 2 points

I just wonder how long the sauce would be good for without refrigeration, I go through this shit FAST, about a bottle a week or less if I'm not trying to conserve it, but that's one big ass jug.

luciferprinciple 2 points

I have a bottle of the black version. I'm just about to run out, it's been roughly six months in the fridge and the flavor didn't change much

beerdsman 2 points

In the fridge is key, my wife would not let me put that thing in the fridge lol

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msjtx 7 points

Honestly this was the intention. It should feel like more of an accomplishment to move up the ranks and you're no longer facing people at 16 who were Legend the season before. Push for 5 ranks per season and you'll make permanent progress.

To me these kinds of posts mean the new system is actually working.

beerdsman -1 points

I thought the whole point was to make it easier for new players, which I don't think it is since I'm not new and I am having difficulty.

msjtx 3 points

You're at rank 18. New players are at rank 25 and they are now dozens of stars away from experienced players like you and hundreds away from people who usually make Legend.

There was never a promise that you would stay at the same rank you used to attain, the point was to put people at the same level as those with similar skill and collection sizes.

beerdsman 1 point

Guess i just suck now :p

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beerdsman commented on a post in r/hearthstone
BackwardsSnake 5 points

If a card is nerfed, you get all the dust back if you disenchant. So you can safely craft the deck. I also don't think any of the high value cards are looking to get nerfed any time soon.

beerdsman 1 point

You may get the dust back for the cube but not all the other dust spent to craft the deck, if all he needs is the cube then by all means, if not I wouldn't craft a deck that will most likely get nerfed.

SelfStarter91 2 points

You make the pickles?

beerdsman 1 point

I wish! Just some naturaly fermented pickles I sliced up with a mandolin.

0xjake 6 points

what's a cheese onion?

beerdsman 2 points

An onion made from American cheese :p

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