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I was there a few years back. It was at the San Diego Convention Center. I'd imagine it would be at the same place. It's a really nice venue, in the Gas Lamp Quarter, with plenty of good food/drink choices in the area. It is A LOT of walking though, but I've heard Orlando is a lot of walking too.

San Diego 2015 was my first CLUS and it was great. Definitely happy they're headed back there.

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I agree. San Francisco was my favorite so far but SD was a close second. If you’re a beer nerd (like me) it’s awesome!

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Where's the part when you cut your hand and bleed all over the place, get really pissed, swear, and say you didn't want this stupid fruit in the first place and grab an apple?

Just like avocados, but you eat the bloody avocado anyway

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Eaten Bloody Avocado - New band name! I call it!

Got the go ahead from work so registered today. 3rd year, first in Orlando. Sounds like the customer appreciation event will be fun.

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I agree! This is the first CAE I'm actually excited about! I did enjoy ATT Park in SF, but the rest have been kinda meh.

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So Cisco has a map of all the hotels available. It looks like the on-site hotel (Hyatt Regency) is not available to book. Has anyone gotten in there or have the rooms not opened up yet? Also, if it is booked where else is good to stay? This will be my first year to go in Orlando.

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TIL people from Toledo actually say "Holy Toledo!"

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I plan on making a trip up to see you guys next saturday. Is it pretty easy to get Boss Tweed cans at the brewery? I have a friend from NC that wants to try your goodness.

Black Cloister down south a little in toledo makes a very nice Helles Angel.

I had pretty much the exact same issue. I very quickly received my new controller and was informed to keep the old one. I like to tinker so I tore into it to find a ribbon cable came undone. I reattached the ribbon cable and it works great now. I would guess the ribbons cables are coming off through the shipping process.

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It's strange because the packaging is top notch. Maybe I'll get lucky and get to keep the defective unit. If it's an easy fix I could always use a backup for days like today.

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That’s exactly what I’m doing. I agree about the packaging, it may just be a design flaw to where if it gets bumped around it comes undone. Like it should lock in somehow, but it doesn’t.

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I've made almost this same trip except from NY to CO. My recomendation would be to go Albany -> Philly -> Pittsburg -> interstate 70 on the way and then 80 -> 90 on the way back.

On the way down:

Hudson Valley (NY)

Sloop (NY)

Suarez (NY)

Industrial Arts (NY)

Tired Hands (PA)

Dancing Gnome (PA)

VooDoo (PA)

Hoof Hearted (OH)

Columbus Brewing (OH)

Upland (IN)

Side Project (MO)

Perennial (MO)

4 Hands (MO)

While There:

Weldwerks (CO)

Odd 13 (CO)

Crooked Stave (CO)

Casey (CO)

On the way back:

Toppling Goliath (IA)

3 Floyds (IN)

18th St (IN)

By way of Ohio

Cleveland (OH) Fat Heads, Platform

Buffalo (NY) Thin Man, Big Ditch, Old First Ward, Resurgence

Prison City (NY)

By way of Canada

Bellwoods (TO)

Im sure I've missed some but that should be a decent start.

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If you're on 80/90 on the way back it would be a shame not to stop at Goshen Brewing Company. It is not far off 80/90 at all and has amazing beer and great food!

Anyone have any thoughts why I don't see Cisco Aironet 2600 Series Access Points listed? That's the only model we have deployed.

Bell's Two Hearted Ale, Old Nation M-43, Founder's Breakfast Stout, rotate one with a local brewery.

Maybe an Atwater Kolsch or Lager for the 4th.

Thank you so much for this article! My wife and I will be flying in on Monday and will have three days to enjoy the Festival. On Friday we did book a tour to guarantee a way into a tent.

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That sounds nice! I think after you go this year, you will be back every year...:) lol Prost!

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I hope you're right! By the looks of it we could have done a r/beer meetup!


My wife and I are traveling into Munich in a couple weeks to enjoy the festival. We have a couple of days free and would like to visit Berchtesgaden/Eagles Nest. We have been trying to research the most affordable, fastest way to get there and have came up empty handed. The tours we found are on Monday and Friday, and neither day works with our schedule. We have looked into trains and they appear to be expensive and time consuming. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you! I can't wait to see your beautiful city!

Original Poster1 point · 11 months ago

Thank you all very much for the information! My wife and I can't wait to visit your beautiful country! We are so excited to see the sights, taste the food, and to drink the beer! If anyone has any lesser known suggestions for in the city of Munich feel free to let me know. We will be in town from the 18th to the 23rd of this month. Thanks again!

See my post here for alternatives to Berchtesgaden. The Autobahn is currently under heavy construction and a real pain in the ass. Get yourself a Bayern-Ticket for the trains and go to Mittenwald. Better Alps, impressive view, less tourists.

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Original Poster1 point · 11 months ago

Thank you so much for the advice! It sounds like we're going to Mittenwald and Neuschwanstein for our two day trips out of Munich. Does the Bayern-Ticket reach both of those locations? I've just started researching that. Thanks again!

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MadTree Entropic Theory is pretty fucking fantastic

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Have an upboat! That stuff is phenomenal! I love Bells Two Hearted Ale as well, for just a plain old everyday drinking beer. Plus you can get it in 12packs for $20 at Meijer :)


No beer at the tweetup!? Come on!

Any way, my plans fell through for tonight so I'm pretty bored. Might just end up down at the casino. That is, unless someone or some people want to grab dinner or drinks somewhere.


The only differences between the gen 1 and 2 are the controller is upgraded to the connect and the switch at the bottom changed from a mash/boil switch to a on/off switch. Also, you can buy a connect controller for $150usd and add it to gen 1 GFs. That being said there's nothing wrong with the gen 1 controllers. I personally feel like they're built better. If you buy a gen 1 and have to wait a while to upgrade to the connect you'll still have a nice piece of brewing equiptment.

If you're in the US, the best upgrade you can add is the Graincoat, it really helps with the boil.

2 degrees a minute with the graincoat, that's what I found. Not bad considering I had a bitch of a time with propane burners and I don't have to rely on a tank or worry about wind.

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The biggest selling point for me is brewing indoors! My other brewer friends are freezing their butts off in their garages and trying not to die from inhaling propane fumes. I'm indoors sipping a cold beer! I looked at 240v systems, but I didn't want to invest in the electrical needed, and was worried about wanting to move locations.

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I want beer in my room though, you know, just in case I accidentally get sober during the week xD

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Sounds like we should plan a reddit roadtrip to whole foods! I had a Founders All Day IPA last year and it was $12. F-that! There is a brewery around Fremont Street that has pretty good reviews.

I'm down for a brewery trip, all of my untappd friends will be hella jelly when I'm throwing back vegas locals!

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There's a bus that runs the strip 24hrs a day and a 24hr pass is only $8! At least one day I buy that pass and ride up and down the strip, eat at Tacos el Gordo and get my wife something nice at the shops. That would be a perfect way to hit up the brewery.

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Flight, hotel, and sessions all booked. This will be my 4th consecutive year, so my first year as a NetVet. No friends or co-workers attending this year, so if anyone wants to have a reddit meetup/function let me know, I'm in.


Has anyone sat the 210-250 SECFND yet? I need to renew my CCNA's by the end of May, and was thinking about sitting this exam. I've looked on Ciscos page of what's covered on the exam and it all seems pretty basic. I took the SCYBER at Live last year and passed it with no problems. Any thoughts?

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I contacted support and all of the current available block at Mandalay is gone. Thy did say another block will open up on march 21 (I think), when the rates change. I booked first week in January and Mandalay was book up already at that point.

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Bold prediction? Cubs in 4 and Grandpa Rossy MVP with a Walk off pinch hit grand slam in game 4 Kirk Gibson style:

Reality? Cubs in 6 and Chapman series MVP

Yeah I'll be sitting this exam for sure. I have a year until my CCNAs expire so I need to pass something soon!

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Hi All! I'm new to r/jeep :) This my european Wrangler YJ Laredo from '89,2.5l 4 cylinder engine. It's currently completely dismantled for a body-off restoration as there are some rust spots underneath the paint. Despite its age it is in a remarkable good condition :)

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Sweet YJ! I had a '94 with the 4cyl. One of my biggest regrets was selling it for a TJ. I should have kept both! Be sure to post pics post-rebuild!


For the love of God! If you're going to Cisco Live, make no changes today! None! Even if your manager tells you to do something! That ACL can wait! I spent almost a whole day of CLUS my first year troubleshooting a change I made right before I left. Just don't do it!

Original Poster1 point · 2 years ago

Also don't forget business cards, floss, a cell phone charger, and wall wart!

Also, anyone doing anything Saturday night?

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Let me know if you hear of anything. I hear in Saturday early afternoon and have nothing going on.

I'm in as well! I get in Saturday and am staying at Mandalay Bay. I know we're having an official Reddit Meetup on Sunday but if anyone wants to get a beer or some grub Saturday, let me know.

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