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No end product tho /s

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Unless your CD is rapid with excellent positioning, I suggest removing the cover role as they need to be v good to play that role. It doesn't matter if the defend role doesn't give a full green circle; base your decisions on the player's attributes in that role. I think that a pairing of CD-D is fine, especially if you're changing the HB to an anchorman which will not drop as deep into the back line to make a back 3 like the HB.

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Why do people care so much about one upfront? Most teams play 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 because it's more important in a game to win the midfield battle than have two upfront in attack 'like the good old days', and 4-4-2 is now a bit dated. We essentially played 4-4-2 against Birmingham because Soudani was far too high up the pitch and Watson and Colback were too deep, and, incredibly, Birmingham dominated midfield and we were lucky to draw. You can play attacking football with one upfront - Leeds and Brentford are doing it right now

Also there's no way you can put Guedioura and Carvalho in a central midfield two. It's way too attacking and, more importantly, Carvalho is a CAM and quite good at it - keep him there.

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When your one ST is Grabban or Murphy who are target men, it is essential the wingers are always running to support the ST otherwise he becomes isolated. I feel like this doesn't happen enough so when Forest play with one ST he often has no one to pass the ball to after holding the ball up, or no one to flick the ball on to if he wins a header.

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I am playing in 2025 of my very first FM save with Arsenal (club I support). My goal when I started this save was to finally get Arsenal that prestigious Champions League trophy.

After winning the League 4 times in 8 years, this was my 3rd CL final, while I also had 2 other semi’s.

Heartbreak after heartbreak, I finally won the Champions League, but it feels kind of bittersweet to win on a 107’ OG like this.

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At least you didn't concede that goal, your PC may not have survived the aftermath of that

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Missing a last min pen is frustrating but it's not really getting FMed. It's not like you had 20 shots and Juve had 1

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Did you agree to play a certain way when taking over?

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Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

Nope I have no philosophies or anything like that

How many games in to the save are you?

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Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

about 15 league games into the 2nd season (won League 2 in first season)

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Similarly if you see the highlight that leads to a corner that corner very rarely results in a chance, although you'll still have to watch it every time.

Here, lads. 23-year-olds born either in 1994-1995 (he could have had his 18th birthday in 2012) playing in the Prem. No way to exclude Frenchmen in particular, but you can ignore them. Does it say that the individual played in France? It's possible but I couldn't extract anything from the news. Maybe he was in a youth tournament?

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James Ward-Prowse, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Kortney Hause and Sulley Kaikai were all 16 on 7th July 2012 so it couldn't be them.

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It would also be cool if we could manage national youth teams

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In my Cambridge United save first season we have scored 7/8 penalties in normal time as well as 5/5 in a shoot-out. Maybe it's the keepers 'cos I don't have any particularly good takers.


I'm looking at starting save either in the English tier 4 or 5, or in the Scottish 2nd tier. I've never done a lower league save before though, how important is it to have foreign leagues loaded at a similar level, such as French, Spanish and German 2nd/3rd tiers? I normally play with about 35k players loaded, which is a good balance for player count and game speed on my PC.


The FMEditor databases are great. besides the newesr transfers (including this summers) they also allow you to manage down to the 11th or 12th English league I beleive.

Also, I'd simply load the normal upper leagues in other countries. Keep an eye on the development team and youth teams both national and international. In lower leagues you usually look for different things in your players then you would in upper leagues.

Had to edit cause I clicked post too early lol.

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Thanks :)

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not gonna lie, im not sure how to scout specifically lol

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In staff responsibilities you can set it so that you create scouting assignments rather than your chief scout. I recommend this, then you can send out your scouts to specific countries or to search for a specific position you need. Also don't always go with your scouts' opinions, they could think a player would be 4* for your first team but you need to check the player's stats yourself and see if they're well-suited to the role you want him in.

Might be able to get him to join if you spend a few months of sending out scouts to watch him, asking players to encourage him to join etc. you could maybe get him to join but too much effort imo

You sure that's not from Dick and Dom in da Bungalow?

Guys just use contain from 84th minute. It works

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I went on contain after scoring the 2nd goal. It evidently helped a bunch.

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I firmly believe that if we hadn't scored a 2nd goal, the game would've finished 1-0. It's like when you score it flicks a switch for the opposition to suddenly become unstoppable.

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I think that's one of the worst ones you can get. I don't know a lot about it but I know that the nicest one is when work permits are removed and there's simply a limit on the number of foreign players allowed in the squad.

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Yeah being paid by a league 1 team for a 34 year old as well. Money talks I guess

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I'm pretty sure that's only $7k a week

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