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Throughout the EP there is an angry woman yelling at something. Johnny get your ass here!! Fuck your shuttin' mouth. etc. like at the start of this song:

I've wondered who that is for a long time. Is that woman sampled from a film? Is she someone from Sacramento? Is it... mexican girl?? OMG

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I hate to be that guy, but does anyone have mp3s of these demo songs? Been after them for some time now but I suck at finding things.

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Yeah it is in that Israel interview. He mentions how his brother was on 4chan in the early days and how he cares about the video games and whatnot.

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He never mentions 4chan in this interview.

Okay, scratch that part. Maybe I have a false memory on that.

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Happens to me all the time.


I've always been curious to see one. Each copy was hand-drawn by Hill and Seim, right?


I own two of them. One has drawings, the other has a bunch of stickers which are letters and numbers.

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Cool! Could you scan them and upload the images? Would be nice!

I'm actually about to head out but I can do it later. If you feel like scrolling through my instagram account, I have pictures of the one with stickers there.

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No rush! Also how do I access your instagram? I'm not good with that stuff >_>

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