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Bees don’t normally have suicidal stings. Their stingers are designed to attack bugs, who have rigid exoskeletons. Bees can sting bugs multiple times with no problem, but human skin is different than the exoskeletons of bugs. Our skin grips the stinger, so the bees can’t take it out without gutting themselves. So when a bee stings a person, they aren’t expecting to die

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So when a bee stings a person, they aren’t expecting to die

They don't learn not to sting humans from other bees dying?

Lol no bees are smart but definitely not that smart.

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They're such good communicators though and lots of other animals learn that sort of thing pretty easily. Would it really be beyond a bee's capabilities to grasp the concept?

There was a news story a few years back about some guy who was rebuffed at the bar by a woman he was hitting on. The front desk gave him a key because he said he was her boyfriend, and then maintenance unlocked the deadbolt for him. He raped her.

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And everyone responsible was fired? That is a horrifying story.

I've been hoping for an update about the search for Bill, so thank you for this thorough blog post! Really fascinating stuff seeing you try to work out every possible scenario, no matter how unlikely.

This business about the car possibly being moved is maddening. I don't think I was aware of this discrepancy.

I also think it's possible Bill had more water than we can account for in his absence. And I think it's possible for anyone, no matter how experienced, to stumble and accidentally twist an ankle or break a bone, even in an area not known to be part dangerous or challenging.

The most recent post on by Bret Lamb mentions there being many mylar balloons in the area he searched. Would you happen to know why? To a reader unfamiliar with the area, that's a very strange detail I'd like some sort of explanation for.

One other thing, at the end of your blog post, you quote Sherlock Holmes, but you used the wrong word. It should be "however improbable" not "impossible."

Since you've determined the most likely area for Bill to be in, in your mind, is there any plan to search that area? Do others involved in the searches agree with your line of thinking?

2018 has been a great year for solving crimes and identifying victims... Would be great to add finding Bill to this list.

Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Aw bloody hell! I did make that mistake. What do you think, is it kosher for me to go and correct it? Dang, I love that quote, I hate that I screwed it up.

I have no plans to search in the area, I'm in Asia now. I might be back in the fall, might go, might not.

I have no idea why all the Mylar balloons are there but Bret is so right. One place in particular - I think it was Upper Covington - had a ton of them. You get sick of them because they're the only man made things out there so every time you see something, it's always a dang balloon. My guess is prevailing winds?

You're absolutely right about the ankle. I was all over Joshua Tree, and in January I broke my ankle just standing on the side of the road in Bali. Steep hill, wet road, boom, snap.

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Thanks so much for the reply! Enjoy your time in Asia!

Marilee Thomas of Beaver City, NE took this photograph of her daughter Audra about two miles from a Furnas County tornado in April 1989.

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It's crazy that the tornado is two miles away! It looks like it's right behind her.

I think if they make a film, it should be inspired by, not based on. Pick an angle and write a compelling movie around it, but don't try to cram all the real life "characters" into a feature length film. There's too much. It won't work. Plus the idea of deriving pleasure from these awful crimes is not appealing.. Better to fictionalize it.

And Tim Daly or Scott Wolfe for Paul Holes is spot on! Or he could play himself. 😉

No, I completely agree. The storytelling is getting completely out of hand. Why are people so desperate to give DeAngelo an accomplice? His brother, his wife... It's sick and sickening.

He's presumed innocent in the eyes of the law. Us lay people can think whatever we want and I think he's guilty.


I have been so wrapped up in the EARONS case, I completely missed the amazing news that Lyle Stevik was identified until two days ago! I am so happy that his family knows what happened to him!

I had never visited the Lyle Stevik sub, but have been aware of his case for a while now through this sub. It is honestly shocking to see how many people over there think they deserve more information. That they are entitled to knowing his name or having more pictures of him. For fucks sake, give his family some time to come to terms with this. Maybe eventually they'll share some information. And if not, get over it. They don't owe us anything but a thank you for helping to bring their son back to them. And if you feel otherwise, then your heart was never in the right place to begin with.

Pretend he was your cousin. He and his immediate family are entitled to privacy. As soon as his name gets out, everyone related to him will be fodder for the internet. All the whackos will come out of the woodwork to harrass them and shame them for losing track of Lyle. If he was my cousin, I'd want to grieve privately and have the space to take it all in without being forced to close my social media accounts and pray I don't become a target of the vitriol.

If I could talk to the family, I'd tell them that maintaining their privacy is the most important thing right now. Once it is lost, you'll never get it back.

And to everyone who thinks they were duped...get over yourself. Grow some empathy and understand that remaining anonymous is the smartest thing for his family to do right now. And be patient. It's only been, what, 20 days? Things can change.


For those who may be unaware of Lyle Stevik, here is a link to the Wikipedia page a summary of his case.

Lyle Stevik

In 2001, a man who had committed suicide was discovered in a motel in Washington state, USA. He gave the false name Lyle Stevik when he checked in. He did not have identification on him, so he remained unidentified for 17 years. Many people theorized about where he might have come from and why he chose a name that belonged to a character in Joyce Carol Oates' novel You Must Remember This.

The DNA Doe Project identified him on May 8 , 2018, but has not released his identity to the public. His family has been notified and they wish to remain anonymous at this time. Many of those invested in the case are upset that Lyle's real name is being withheld.


I think it is natural for people to want a conclusion, especially when they invest in a person's death.

They want to know who and most importantly why?

Imagine a movie without a 3rd act? Storytelling is ingrained in us as human beings, so I can see why some people are not just satisfied with Lyle being identified and that's that.

Look how giddy everyone is when the East Area Rapist was captured. We were glad he was brought to justice yes, but people are not leaving it there. They are investigating his life, investigating the how, the why, because they want to reach a satisfying conclusion.

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Of course it is natural to want a conclusion. We all want to know more. But people over there were literally saying they deserve to know. That they are entitled to know his identity. Some said that if they had known the Doe Project might withhold the answer, they would have never donated.

That's all kinds of fucked up.

It got so crazy that the mods of that sub shut down all comments. There is something very wrong with this picture. If these people are so invested in Lyle Stevik that they are throwing hissy fits all over the internet, what would stop them from harassing his family? The family takes priority.

Plus... Things have a way of coming out anyway. Eventually I assume we'll learn more about his situation. Patience.

I was initially following the EARONS case very closely, checking for updates every day. Now, I know new details will be few and far between because of the active court case being put together. Eventually we'll have our answers. That's good enough for me. Patience.

Comment deleted3 months ago
Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

I'm sorry. I've been here long enough I should know better than to post without a link or summary. I have edited my post. Thank you for restoring it.


These days, the opera is seen as something for the elites, not just because of the cost, but because the interest just isn't there for huge parts of the population (speaking as an American here). I'm curious about the accessibility of opera to the average person throughout history in various parts of the world.

Adjusting ticket prices and average incomes for inflation and putting it in US dollars would help me understand, but all answers are appreciated!

Comment deleted3 months ago

These situations are so wildly different, I can't see any comparison.

1 point · 3 months ago

BTK was known to be a doofus. He himself admitted he wasn't smart, in his memior he said he thanked his higschool teachers for passing him. He was extremely organised however and he used that trait to his advantage as did JJD.

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He wrote a memoir? Jesus Christ.

I didn't have any hardcore theories, but I did believe he was a college student. Every day here there was a new thread about how the dates of his attacks matched up with school calendars. A college student has lots of time on his hands, especially if he's a loner type.

I figured he lived alone or with absentee parents and eventually got a job which explained the branching out to Southern California. And I assumed, like a lot of people, that he slowed down or stopped because he got married and / or had kids, which is kind of true.

I never subscribed to the idea that serial killers never stop or take long breaks. Every one is different so nothing can be counted out. I thought possibly he developed some illness or disability that made attacks impossible or at least too risky. I always thought he was alive, but thought by the time we tracked him down (through familial DNA was 99% the only option for me), he might be dead. Identified and never brought to justice.

The first time I read about the Visalia Ransacker, my first instinct was that he was the same guy, but sooo many people here thought it was ridiculous that they would be the same guy. Even major investigators like Paul Holes thought they were not the same, so I admit that swayed me. But I did have an instinct that they were the same.

34 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

The FBI correctly guessed his age range (although he was within two years of the higher end of it, IIRC), and they put his odds of being alive at 80%, so it wasn't statistically more likely he was dead than alive, at least if you're looking purely at statistical odds and discounting the high-risk life he was leading.

Holes guessed the use of the surveying airplane incorrectly, but he did correctly guess that he was likely still alive, that Bonnie was a significant person in his history and not merely a coincidence, that he could have had a variety of jobs, including law enforcement, that he wasn't as young at the time of the crimes as many people supposed, and that familial DNA would be the likely solution to the case. It's inevitable that some of his guesses about the case would be wrong--e.g. he said that EAR/ONS and VR weren't the same person in part because "an ectomorph doesn't become an endomorph," which is pretty clearly wrong in this case--but he did get quite a bit right, as well.

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The airplane theory has been conclusively disproven? I thought the time between those attacks was quite close so the airplane was plausible.

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

That sounds about right but I don't agree with it..many people want to hear from these killers and in no way means we are glorifying them..

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The thing is it does even if that is not the intention. That's why they don't report on suicides. It inspires people to commit suicide. Watching an interview with a serial killer could be interesting and enlightening to most of us, but to some, he could become their messiah. Better not to give him screen time, even if it means our curiosity goes unsatisfied.

Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon

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Is it? Wikipedia says Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon is an illusion. This happens to me all the time. It's not an illusion. I think it's just a coincidence.

I'm glad for them. But I wonder how innocent men with small penises would take this?

Isn't this just body shaming?

But yeah flip the bird to him all day long.

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It's not body shaming, it's rapist shaming. Don't use your dick to commit crimes and we won't make fun of it.

I can understand why innocent men with small penises would be put off by this, but it's solely because this guy is a rapist. He deserves being mocked and tormented like he tormented all those people in California.

I care very little about the feelings of jjd, seriously f**k that guy and more. Poetic justice would be him getting raped in prison.

All I am pointing out is the women in said photo are contributing to the idea that having a small penis is a negative trait. If earons was well endowed, would they making fun of his penis then? Big penises or small penises, rape is rape.

Not begrudging their joy of finally getting justice after decades I am happy for them.

Pointing out that how can we expect men not to be insecure about their penis size when society mocks their penis size. Men are only human after all and are susceptible to insecurities.

Put yourself in the shoes of a man with a small penis looking at that photo. How would you feel? Would you feel embarrassed? Would you withdraw from relationships with women more? Would feel upset? Inadequate? Angry that people are making fun of a trait you have that you cannot control?

These women are actively laughing at small penises, it's a negative trait. That's the message.

People here say it's empowering, I say the opposite. It's childish, it's what I would expect from a mens high school locker room to be honest.

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Like I said, I understand why men with small penises would be put off by all this talk, but the small penis is not the negative trait. Using that penis to rape women is the negative trait. No one is making fun of regular law abiding men.

No, its not, but it's a detail people can pick up and wave around like it's a smoking gun because that's what impatient people do. There are so few details, every one can be twisted to suit any narrative and make the story teller sound like they know what they're talking about.

Certainly glad the woman and her family are being kept anonymous, and that so far the press has respected their desire to remain anonymous

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5 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

That was my first thought upon seeing this thread (and one of my early thoughts when the news broke it was familial DNA that led to his identity). I'm so glad this woman had the foresight to insist upon remaining anonymous.

I'm sure someone would be able to track her down, but I really hope no one does and she can go on with her life in peace knowing she and her father did a really great thing for the world.

Edit: I've realized that this is not the distant cousin of DeAngelo that led to his identification. What I said stands, but for the other lady.

People saw the merchandise as lower quality as well.

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To be fair, the quality at JCPenney has gone way down. I stopped shopping there not because they got rid of sales, but because it's of the worst places.

Advertising for a quality baby sitter because grandma has dementia and cannot be trusted.

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I'm going to start a babysitting company just so I can use this photo in my marketing.

Comment deleted4 months ago

You just wait til they've all had enough and fly away, saying so long and a half-hearted thank you.

Not a divorce lawyer, but was told of a client that filed for divorce with his wife because she kept eating his food

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I could see this one indicating a lack of respect (or an eating disorder?) and a reasonable grounds for divorce. Not the eating disorder explanation, but if the person refuses to acknowledge it or get help then... Yeah, I'd divorce someone for constantly eating my food.

471 points · 4 months ago

The long con.

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11 points · 4 months ago

What is the purpose though? Who benefits from this con?

990 points · 4 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Slapping in arguments.

If a woman slaps a man, people cheer her on and empower her regardless if he she was right or wrong, like "Heck yea! you go girl".

But if a man slaps a woman, people lose their freaking minds and he'd probably be arrested.

I saw this stupid ad, whole thing was about a girl throwing her ex-boyfriends stuff out of a 3rd floor window at him.

Then I started thinking "If this were a guy, and he were throwing full on guitars and heavy electronics at a woman in the streets, people would freaking riot against this company".

EDIT: Words

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For the record I hate that commercial. Besides what you said, it doesn't even make any logical sense. She is trashing his stuff just so she can enjoy DirectTV now? She couldn't do that before they broke up?

In the thread about the use of DNA about trying to solve the Zodiac case, after EAR/ONS, it says that Arthur Lee Allen got people around his neighbourhood to lick envelopes/stamps. These people are known so they can run the DNA and if it matches to someone who was a kid at the time?

If this was the solution, using other people to plant evidence, that's the kind of twisted thinking that surely typifies the Zodiac?

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Supposedly the rumor about him getting random people to lick his stamps started up after DNA more or less eliminated ALA. Makes me dubious.

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