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deadsoul88 2 points

Man this thread is LIT

bigbabydram 7 points

Way more lit than I thought it’d be lol

deadsoul88 8 points

Yo DRAM, spread the message to other artists to hop on here and start a movie related thread. Like I wanna know whats Young Thugs 3 all time favorite movies are

bigbabydram 7 points

Not a bad idea

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pcechos 4 points

I want someone more talented than me to make GIFs of pretty much everything in this video.

bigbabydram 8 points
[deleted] 1 point

My favorite video you’ve done DRAM

bigbabydram 2 points


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bigbabydram commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
m0_m0ney 2 points

Big Baby I just want you to know I’m a California boy out here in Germany right now using my international data to download this right now. All Love

bigbabydram 9 points

Aye you a real one! I actually was born in Germany

m0_m0ney 1 point

Damn I remember reading that somewhere. Where at?

bigbabydram 3 points

Lol probably Wikipedia or some shit

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bigbabydram commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
blacksun9 1 point

DRAM still having fun. His set at Soundset in Minneapolis was so fun

bigbabydram 6 points

as always!

jrock5528 4 points

DRAM Sweet Virginia Breeze is the shit man

bigbabydram 10 points

That's probably my favorite song on that album

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RayzTheRoof 6 points

Just curious, why didn't you release all this new music as an EP?

bigbabydram 21 points

It just didn't feel right, tbh

ingenious_gentleman 13 points

Love them, but why are the new songs not available on Spotify? The album is up but I can't play any of the new 5 singles... Says "This Song is Not Available"

In Canada if that makes any difference

bigbabydram 47 points

Whaaaat??? let me makes some calls

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Dropthatbass13 2 points

The hook on this joint is one of the catchiest all year. Haven't been able to get it out of my head.

bigbabydram 11 points

That means i'm doing my job

karstonjim 8 points

You my brotha. I saw you at the Damn. Tour in Boston, you killed it. Everybody was sparkin blunts durin broccoli.

bigbabydram 11 points

Boston was one of my favorite shows on that tour

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STICK_OF_DOOM 10 points

Bruh how much Bron get paid to literally say 4 words

bigbabydram 11 points

I'm sure he got a very nice amount lol

Supanini 1 point

My mom told me wrappers belong in the trash. I said not DRAM

bigbabydram 7 points

DAMN right

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mohaned_hossam 5 points

Hey dram ever considered having a show over here in Egypt been a fan since I first heard $

bigbabydram 7 points

Hell yeah!

respecteduser 33 points

I got a dj in krabi town, thailand, to play cash machine and he fucked with it heavy, heard him play it every night I was there after that. folk recognize good ass music everywhere!

bigbabydram 36 points

That's WILD!! 🙏🏿🙏🏿

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i love you too.

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