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If I were someone who believed the conspiracy theories this guy spews out of his mouth and then the FCC shut him down, I would 100% believed everything he said cause otherwise why would everyone else be trying to censor him

For the record, I don’t believe in conspiracies and I don’t believe anything Alex Jones says

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I’m gonna make it so dry for you

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I’m gonna make my tongue like sandpaper

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One time I got pretty high and began noticing every time a rapper would take a gasp for air. Now I can't stop hearing it in songs.

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Listen to lose yourself, it will drive you insane


I’m a 26 year old male and have been smoking for 12 years so when I started experimenting with alcohol around 16 I was already a smoker. I had never not smoked a cigarette when I drank and the two just seemed to go hand in hand with each other. In college when I had tried to quit I was surrounded by friends who weren’t trying to quit and who drank and smoked heavily so it was very counter productive to my goal. Fast forward to three weeks ago when I decided I really needed a change, my hangovers had gotten to the point where I felt like I was dying. They would last two days, my chest would be extremely inflamed and would give me shooting pains that mimicked a heart attack, I had crazy anxiety, and I would just lay around and mope. I am by no means an alcoholic, I normally only drink socially on Friday’s and Saturdays and I’ve never gotten drunk by myself, but when I do get drunk I smoke a lot. So after having enough of feeling like I was dying, I decided to quit smoking. I was so hungover that the first couple days of not smoking were easy, it was day 3-7 that we’re the hardest, and that first weekend of drinking was crazy.

Some tips on how I’ve gone three weekends in a row without smoking while still going out with my friends to bars and drinking. Go out, don’t let the cravings control you, if you get a bad craving, go to the bathroom until it passes or go get a drink inside where you can’t smoke anyway. Tell your friends not to let you have one, if they care about you they won’t let you. If the craving gets too bad, go home. Don’t worry about what time it is, just get yourself out of that situation. Talk to people, holding a conversation will distract you from cravings, especially talking to non smokers who aren’t blowing smoke in your face. What works best for me, remind yourself that cigarettes are the reason you feel so shitty when you’re hungover and if you smoke one, those feelings will return. If CBD is legal where you live, I highly recommend buying some gummies or oil, it doesn’t get you high and it minimizes anxiety, which makes your cravings all but go away. Have one beer a day through out the week and don’t smoke, you’ll start to make a habit out of drinking without smoking over time, it helps change the hand in hand relationship you’ve built over time.

It’s not easy, it’s fucking hard. But if I can do it, so can you.


On the one hand, I'm tempted to belt out a couple of CCR lyrics and see who's along for this ride.

On the other hand if it's no-one, I'll feel like my time has passed and I've begun the long slide into irrelevance.

I see a bad moon a-rising

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I see trouble on the way

I got you

A long long time ago, I can still remember...

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How, that music used to make me smile

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Sneakily pick my nose

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Bodies - Drowning Pool

Dead bodies everywhere 🎶🎶🎶 Yeah, it sucks!

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I think that’s a Korn song

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This scene in the last Jedi where Kylo Ren smashes his helmet in the elevator reminds me of this moment


And I didn’t smoke a cigarette!! I’m only on my 7th day but that was a big barrier for me and I was really worried about being able to go out with my friends, and it was the first time in my life I got drunk without smoking a cigarette (12 years)


You will not get any congrats from me. This was a huge mistake and will bite you in the ass soon.

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Good to know my experience will be the same as yours

I hope so, I am 820 days since my last nicotine in any form. This happened after I got sick of resetting my badge every other Sunday morning after getting a load on at a bar . Oh I got away with resisting a few nights. All tht did was give me false confidence. H=Had to abstain or a while

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

To me abstaining is just putting it off, if I can’t handle it in the beginning then I won’t be able to handle it later. I like putting myself in stressful situations where I’d normally smoke, because when I don’t I feel that much better

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I think people forget that the dead can run without getting tired, they don’t just walk slowly all the time. They could easily get to kings landing before the north does

Can they?

In the books, after the Fist of the First Men, they relentlessly pursue the Night's Watch to Craster's Keep.

It seems true that they don't need rest, but if they could outpace the normal humans over a long distance, why didn't they simply overrun them?

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I remember them running at hardhome, and when they were chasing Bran in the three eyed ravens tree house, and when they were encircling Jon and the gang when they went up north

Got back a test from a physics teacher in high school and I asked her why I got one of the questions wrong, her reply was “you should know why you got that wrong.” Um ok

I don’t understand the point in buying all those sauces if you aren’t going to even open them and at the very least try them

I had never seen that before, thanks for putting it out there.

Youtube link for anyone else who hasn't seen it.

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For anyone wondering, that’s 495 pounds

that's impressive, but for someone with superhuman strength, he seemed to be struggling here, am I wrong?

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When you lift a lot of weight with no spotter you want to take things slow so you don’t hurt yourself, he seems more unsure of his own strength and is being cautious than he is struggling

But don’t use it for fuckin.

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It would spice up your love life for sure

True, but I want the ones with flavor, not just heat.

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I’m the same way, I bought Dave’s insanity and it tastes terrible just for the sake of being hot

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Full, in my opinion, implied that 100% of the population were children

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I’m not a statistician

Well I wouldn't fuck with Voldermort's army even if I had magical powers, so..

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That’s why no one will remember your name

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I did this in Vegas but was woken up by security who proceeded to take me downstairs and find out which room I was really in. They then took me back to my room and my friends answered the door at 4 am and said they didn’t know me....I have great friends

That's a lot of cameras.

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That’ll be $5 baby!! You want some fries with that?!

I will be heard - Hatebreed

I look at the clock at 3:11 PM every single day without fail and without doing it on purpose, I have no idea why. It’s become my number 23, I see it everywhere

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When I die, I simply "respawn" keeping all my knowledge etc.

No matter if anybody finds out about my power, I don't care. ;)

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Discover winning lottery numbers, kill yourself

The company has a website and they will ship anything they have in the store to you. I’ve been here a few times and probably a quarter of the stores selection is hot sauce, the rest is salsas, bbq, spice rubs, and other spicy foods.

They do have an “18+” section in the back that has some crazy extracts and reaper sauces. The people are very knowledgeable and have a taste testing section in the back.

Some of the sauces they carry are bravado, secret aardvark, Marie sharps, fat cat, Dave’s gourmet, Blair’s, cajohns, lucky dog, and others

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