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bigboiiiiirob commented on a post in r/news
hardtobeuniqueuser 1,958 points

I would feel so bad for girls exposed to our shit hole locker room

so me and another kid got in trouble for skipping class and basically had to be the janitor's slaves for a month. the boys' lockerroom was a cesspool. the girls' lockerroom on the other hand, i still wonder if we should have sued for not being issued hazmat suits before we were sent in to clean that place.

bigboiiiiirob 2 points

As a pledge for a fraternity I had to clean the bathrooms after parties, one time a girl piled up toilet paper on the floor and shit on the toilet paper instead of the toilet

Squishy301 1 point

How is the Fat Cat?

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

It's good, it's pretty chunky which I'm not the biggest fan of but it goes great on eggs and tacos

yagidy 2 points

I appreciate that all of sauces in your collection clearly get used. Nothing drives me more nuts than seeing a collection of fantastic hot sauces with ever bottle practically untouched.

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

I find that each one goes really well with a different type of food so I'll purposely cook something with using that sauce in mind

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carmooch 429 points

This is a pretty depressing reality among entrepreneurs. Everyone thinks you're crazy until you prove them otherwise.

A friend of mine recently sold his company and became an instant multi-millionaire. Literally up to the day that he sold the company, people were still belittling him and his business. Now there are flocks of people that worship the ground he walks on because the money has validated him in their minds.

bigboiiiiirob 34 points

Todd graves (the founder of Raising Canes Chicken Fingers) wrote his thesis in college about how a restaurant that only served chicken fingers would be successful. His professor failed him saying it would never work. There are currently over 300 locations with annual revenues of $100+ million.

640212804843 0 points

Which I still don't get, the chicken isn't anything special at all. The lack of variety should limit that place's ability to grow.

Did he tap into some kind of secret fetish or something?

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

I used to work at a canes when i was a teenager, the chicken is never frozen, which isnt a crazy claim now a days, but compared to most other fast food chicken it just tastes fresh. I think the real appeal is the sauce though, its better than zaxbys in my opinion.

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randomized_botanist 9,883 points

Follow the 1/2 mile rule: Crowds thin out if the poont of interest is more than 1/2 mile from the nearest parking lot.

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

I did Observation Point in Zion (8 miles) and the trail was pretty much empty because everyone and their mom was doing Angels Landing

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

Just called raising canes in i-10 and Shepherd, they are considering opening the drive thru if they can get enough employees in

htxcountrymuffin 1 point

Omg if chic fil a is open y'all let me know . Saving this post for updates

bigboiiiiirob 2 points

Just called, they're closed

bigboiiiiirob commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
DrSteveChipperson 40 points

Dear linkedin recruiters. tell me the salary range. dont make me do three messages back and forth to realize you are just some IT farm.

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

As a recruiter I can say that people who are only interested in salary will accept a counteroffer if one is made because they are only looking for more money. Also if I tell you a range you'll only focus on the top number and if you do get the job and they don't make an offer at that number, you will feel cheated. For those reasons I don't tell people a range, instead I ask people what they're making and what theyre looking for and I'll tell them if its in THEIR range because I don't like wasting peoples time

bigboiiiiirob commented on a post in r/AskReddit
DeliSlicedLongPig 934 points

I ordered extra spicy at a local Thai place near an old job site. The waiter gave me a look and shrugged. A cook brought the food out and looked around and finally settled on me being the only person without food. He came over and said something to the effect of he was going to remake it because it is ordered Thai spicy and clearly I am not Thai. I said, No, I ordered it that way.

Needless to say, it was hot. Spice like I have never tasted before. And it was fantastic. The cook and waiter both stood across the room and watched as sweat rolled down my forehead and met the tears flowing down my cheek.

I ate there fairly often and I must have been memorable because they never asked again and always brought the heat. I should go back. It has been a long while.

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

This place wouldn't happen to be Thai gourmet in Houston would it?

cerulean2453 2 points

I have driven between Sacramento and Denver 3 times! I have also been up and down the Central Valley a fair amount. Here is my advice. I am an outdoorsy person so my trips have focused on seeing those types of sites:

Death Valley National Park is really cool and not too far from Vegas. Not sure of your route but it could be worth a stop. You also have Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite NPs in the central-west part of the state.

I much prefer taking US50 across Nevada instead of I-80. US50 is called by some the "loneliest highway in America" and is just more interesting. Great Basin National Park is really cool -- caves, dark sky, and aspens. But this may be out of the way to getting to SLC.

I'm not sure if you are going through SLC because you need to/want to -- I haven't done much there so I don't have advice on that, but my favorite route skips going through there. Instead, in Utah, get on I-15S to I-70E. Don't take I80 through Wyoming, it is much more boring than through Colorado on I-70. There is a nice loop off of I-70 in Utah that goes through Capitol Reef National Park and you can also do an out and back to Goblin Valley State Park, very cool formations and off the beaten path. Getting back on I-70 after the loop, you can stay in Moab and see Arches and Canyonlands NPs.

The drive from Moab to Denver on I-70 is beautiful with many places to stop -- peaches, wine, and Colorado National Monument in the western part of the state, then you head over the Rockies. You can do a loop on US-6 getting off in Dillon and going over Loveland Pass that is very scenic, then you get back on I70 the rest of the way. is also a good resource for finding small quirky stops along the way. Feel free to PM me with more questions!

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

would you say that Ely would be a good halfway point between San Fran and Denver instead of SLC?

bigboiiiiirob commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
Semanticss 19 points

I always start to sneeze when I get really hungry.

I've also taken this all the way and gotten so hungry that I vomited. (I don't have an eating disorder--I think I was on medicine or something that took away my appetite)

bigboiiiiirob 2 points

i was specifically looking for this comment, when im hungry i get the feeling that i am about to throw up and then i sneeze and i feel fine.

dudukakapeepeeshire 3 points

How's the "Hot Ones" sauce? And how spicy is it?

They always talk it up on the show but there's obvious bias there, I've been curious to try it.

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

It goes really good on pizza (which goes without saying for hot sauce lol) but it has a strong pineapple taste, not very spicy probably a 5/10, the reason its almost empty is because the bottle is very small so it goes by fast

Edit: its also a very watery sauce so it comes out very quickly

xkillx 1 point

I really like gator hammock on pizza.

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

try it on fried chicken, its amazing

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bigboiiiiirob 1 point

I do the same but I check my front pockets and my back pocket in a rhythmic way to where its like playing drums, ba dum tss

barrybejesus 1 point

Duck breast in sour cherry sauce. 1 brown breasts in skillet 2 drain most of the fat off 3 transfer ducks skin side up to oven bake 35 minutes 4 in duck fat braise chopped onions chopped frozen cherries 5 add cognac to sauce and light Slice breasts and top with sauce

bigboiiiiirob 1 point

What temp do you bake at?

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