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My guess is he is alluding to the fact that they sold to AB InBev and people who like to support their local craft breweries refuse to drink it anymore.

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This, and the book that recently came out about it

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I'll have to take a look at the book

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You and I have almost the exact same hair. This happens to me when I go surfing or swimming in the ocean too, my hair looks amazing with nothing in it! Wish there was some way to replicate that.

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Original Poster1 point · 9 days ago

I've started using less and less products in my daily routine, I think that helps. My sister and I are hair twins, so it helps that I have a sounding board for ideas! She doesn't use hardly anything either.

I got my first pair of varifocals recently and they have a similar thing, so it may shed some light.

For two full days I was constantly moving my head around to get the thing I was looking at in focus through the right part of the lens. The optician even said "you'll be a nodding donkey for a while" and she was right. Because the lens power varies continuously across the lens in both directions there are no straight lines and only a small area that actually works for what your looking at.

For the first day I even had to take them off occasionally while nascent motion sickness went away.

When I woke up on the third morning and put them on I thought I'd picked up the wrong glasses, everything was just in focus wherever I looked.

They were the right varifocal glasses though. Even more interestingly (to me at least) if I try to make the image go out of focus or warped I can't do it.

I only ever see the warping effect (that I couldn't get rid of for the first two days) out of the corner of my eye maybe once every couple of days, and it's one of those things that goes away instantly if you try to look at it harder.

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What are varifocals?

Since you're an American fan, I want to plug the USAFL. Look up their website and see if there is a local team! You might be lucky enough to see some games live if there is a club near you!

Seeing it live/playing helped me understand the rules 1000% faster than if I was watching by myself on tv.

Original Poster4 points · 11 days ago

I’ve checked before there’s no longer a team in South Carolina so the nearest team would be atlanta but that’s too far away

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That stinks! My knowledge of that area is lacking, but there is a North Carolina team that may be closer? Hopefully South Carolina picks up the slack soon!

I was done for the night, but I'm gonna open one more for the two of you. The good die young.

I’m more irritated with the boasting about it. No guy likes photo day, selfies, or pictures in general. But saying it’s a W, that feels like he doesn’t give a shit about fans.

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Taking pictures with anyone is tedious and boring after more than a couple minutes, much less a bunch of random people!

I expect if he wasn't starting today, he would have been out there with a smile on his face though. Hopefully he's focused enough to pitch well!

I live I NZ and feel that way about HI. My cousin plays in Cultural Nation and I want to see them play more. Also I love Oahu

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Well that's actually a long trip vs a 45 minute drive haha

Let’s carpool.

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Next time I'm wanting to get out to town, I'll shoot you a message.

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This sounds similar to the dice game they play on the Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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We call it Liars Dice. Same concept just with dice under a cup instead of numbers on a dollar bill.

I keep it fairly simple, dark brown sugar, white sugar, pepper, smoked paprika, garlic powder. I typically do a 24 hour dry brine rather than using salt in my rubs. I think it keeps the moisture in the meat and I don't ever end up with something over-salted

I love watching the catcher flinch as he tries to catch this! Imagine a regular human trying to catch or hit that!

People bash Old Crow, but it's one of my favorite cheap mixing bourbons.

I've never seen this, but now I need to know more! I guess this is different than standard Crow.

13.1k points · 1 month agoGilded1

Don't know if this counts. I'm a safari guide in Kruger, South-Africa. I know the area very well, and I know as well that the image (of this area) that people get by surfing the web is not correct at all. Over the years I've become an expert (so to speak) of finding awesome safari deals in this area.

The web paints a picture that the options for tourists are either going to the National park (which is cheap but there's lots of people and the animals may be far from the road) or go to Sabi Sands private reserve (which is bloody expensive but it's away from the crowds and you get an awesome safari with guides that go off road and take you very close to the animals).

In reality there are equally awesome but much less known private reserves, with lots of very affordable lodges on them. And hardly anyone knows about them. These reserves have open borders to Kruger, and from a cost perspective some lodges on these reserves even compete with the low prices of safaris in Kruger National Park. It's just that travel agencies tend to promote only that one reserve, because the lodges on that reserve give them the highest commissions (up to 40%).

TL;DR If you think an awesome safari is out of your budget range, drop me a line, and I'll be glad to give you some kickass tips.

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I'm just commenting for if I ever plan a trip to South Africa haha

I just got back from a beach vacation and have been lamenting about my hair since :( it's so sad now! I'm trying to convince my boyfriend we can tooootalllly afford to move to SoCal 😂

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Hawaii is not too different on price!

I do the same thing and that's the best my hair looks on a very consistent basis!

Have you ever tried out a Stormblade? That might be something that fits your liking! Lots of foamie options with them!

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

It's from the same company.

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I know, but they make lots of different options than just the Wavestorm within the Stormblade side of the brand. I was just trying to suggest other options....

8 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I'll ask around and update. I know most of the people involved.

Edit: the September 11th date seems accurate.

Oh man. Your hair is gorgeous! I’m only half Japanese (technically one quarter Okinawan and one quarter Japanese), and my second pregnancy has made my hair really wavy!

It’s nuts and I just started CG (not even a week ago!) and I would absolutely love to have hair like yours! Mine used to be like a 1b (so basically just straight with a bend at the tips) and now I’ve got all this wave and I’m really struggling!

When you add the oil are you adding it on top of the gel or are you scrunching out the crunch with oil? How much oil are you using? Also, do you scrunch upside down? I have so much damn hair I think I’m adding frizz by scrunching.

I’m having some texture issues and I can’t decide if I just need to give my hair time to get properly moisturized or if I’m sensitive to the coconut oil in my conditioner, or if I’m doing something wrong when applying my products.

Your hair is amazing!

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I realize that my hair is very different than yours, but I have a ton of hair, so I target a less is more strategy. Minimize shampoo, wash with just conditioner or water and use leave-in conditioner, scrunch lightly with a towel (basically just to grab dripping water) and let it air dry. It minimizes my frizz and maximizes my curls!

Thanks! I’m still new to this so I can’t decide if I need more moisture or less product. The feel is real dry and straw like, but I definitely have low-porosity hair, so maybe it’s just the wrong conditioner? Idk I’m going to focus on adding moisture right now and keep trying. I know my hair can’t be that damaged because I never dye or use heat, so I’m hoping it’s just a moisture issue. I’ve been looking into adding an oil to my routine but I’m not sure how/where to add it.

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I use a leave-in conditioner that has coconut oil in it, that might be the easiest way to start?

Tbh I wish I had the luxury of all these form videos when I started. I started years ago and boy... first year thumbers only, 3-4 years basically only forehand, and now just this year focusing improving backhand. So many bad habits lol

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This sounds exactly like me haha, less time spent on only forehands though!

I throw only backhand now, it's so much easier on my body. I dont get nearly as tired after a couple rounds!

It took me like 6 or 7 smokes to ever have dinner ready on time and sometimes it still doesn't work! Keep the fire burning!

This is the kind of thing that I hope Pat sees and replies to. I hope he knows that the majority of us love the creation he has made and what it means to each of us. I love KKC and I can't wait to see how it ends, but the journey is just as much of an adventure.

Comment deleted1 month ago

I read this as resigns instead of re-signs and my brain couldn't comprehend why Kawhi would just quit and walk away haha

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