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bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/discgolf
Bluescardsfan86 8 points

I really struggle hard with shifting my weight against the brace and leading with my hips. Most days I feel like I can drive just as far standing still which is super frustrating.

Edit: more than anything this shows me how bad my overall timing with my lower body is. At this point in my throw I would probably already have opened my hips and begun to round already. I need so much more work haha

bigcliff10 1 point

I think there is a huge advantage if you have ever played baseball at a higher level than little league. The basics of a swing and good throw are very similar, just have to learn good arm habits rather than starting from scratch.

OiMouseboy 1 point

i've been telling people this. it's nice to see someone else finally think the same thing. too bad i never played baseball hah.

bigcliff10 1 point

I'm right handed and had to teach myself how to throw RHBH because I could only do LHBH which felt natural because of my right handed baseball swing!

bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/beerporn
TooManyCooks3 17 points

It's like how Boneyard in Bend, OR used to be before the new taproom. They had chalkboards with "NO PINTS" scribbled all over them. They were 100% serious. All they offered was a comprehensive tasting of each of their 9 available beers at like 10$ for a 3oz pour of each brew. Fucking bizarre. Left somewhat tipsy, but confused as to why I couldn't buy a simple pint...

Georgetown in Seattle does something similar. It's weird and I don't like it.

mawdurnbukanier 10 points

Georgetown employees have told me that it's because several bars in the neighborhood pour their beers and they don't want to hurt those on premise sales, which is a reason that I can respect. Boneyard is just Boneyard.

bigcliff10 3 points

That's what they told me as well. They said that it is some of their first clients and that's the same reason they don't sell food, they would rather encourage you to go to one of their spots.

bigcliff10 3 points

Georgetown is totally free though and you can buy Growlers out of the fridge there. It's wonderful thing. I went at lunch breaks often when I worked up the street haha

bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/BetterEveryLoop
My1DigitIQ 329 points

Back in high school after we got off for the day a lot of people would go to a beach (Waimea Bay) and jump off the 30ft rock into the water. Often people would jump with a plastic water bottle to do pretty much the same thing and see how high they could launch it. That and body surf using stolen McDonald's serving trays. I presume they still do it today.

sweatiest 8 points

Don't really see theee ole bottle trick performed very often today and I never see the stolen trays either, teenagers now days are lame! I live a few minutes from waimea, actually just drove past it on my way home and it was looking very glassy and calm.

bigcliff10 2 points

Almost summer time again! I drive by for work every day, turtle traffic is the worst.

bigcliff10 2 points

I drive by there for work every day, I dont see people riding stolen McDonalds trays too often. Cliff jumping and getting slammed in the shorebreak still seems to be pretty common though!

bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
hardysingh 2 points

Will do. Will have fresh limes on the counter every day. Looking into other fruit too.

bigcliff10 2 points

I would say oranges would go a long way as well. My wife loves Blue Moon and Orange, I like to put a twist of the peel in an old fashioned. I'm at a loss for other fresh fruits that it would be plausible to carry regularly with stuff going bad.

bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/baseball
TheySayImZack 42 points

This is so tough. I've been a Mets fan for 38 years. I've been through it all. I know enough not to get crazy right now, because we've seen this movie before and then gotten kicked in the dick. I'm just trying to stay on the straight and narrow, enjoy every game and celebrate every win. By August, if the numbers show a similar dominance, I'll become much more relaxed. For now, I wait for the other shoe to drop. I don't want to be this way, it's just what I know. May be things are different now. Coo be, coo be.

And I'm not even worried about TDA or Plawecki. It doesn't concern me. Subliminally, that is confidence in this team.

Fucking fun to watch tho. Man oh man, I used to turn the game off if they were 3 down in the 7th. I watch every game to the end now no matter what, even if it's late and I'm exhausted and I have to be up at 4:30.

bigcliff10 14 points

That was me as an Astros fan last year. I knew we were good, but I didn't want to believe it because then it would have broken my heart if we lost. I got confident as the year went on and especially when we got Verlander. What I failed to realize is that my confidence completely reset over the winter and I'm starting from square one again!

bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/discgolf
bigcliff10 1 point

My wife plays from time to time and she likes to throw lighter and more understable plastic in general. She likes my 165g Leopard a lot, one that she uses that doesn't fit the typical recommended molds is a super beat in Champ Orc that I've had forever (literally the first disc I bought) in the 169g range.

bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/WatchandLearn
bigcliff10 1,976 points

That's the knot I use when I tie fishing line, its convenient because it tightens on itself as the fish pulls against it!

Edit: Hey! My most upvoted comment, thanks for teaching me Dad!

bloodshotnipples 114 points

It's the one I learned fourty years ago. Both of my kids know it.

bigcliff10 2 points

My old man taught me as well, I'll teach it to my kids when I have them also!

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logicbomb666 3 points

For a second I was confused becuase I was pretty sure I was on reddit but I have only seen this disc on facebook. Glad to see someone win it!

bigcliff10 3 points

I didn't actually expect to win, I just like to comment about the Dart on any "favorite disc" post. It's one of my favorites!

drk_evns 3 points

Found Nate Sexton.

bigcliff10 1 point

I'm convinced that he is the only reason Innova still makes Darts, I feel like I have to stock up to be ready for when they stop making them.

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bigcliff10 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
6r1n3i19 3 points


1 - Mulan

16 - Hunchback of Notre Dame


8 - Big Hero 6

9 - Zootropolis


5 - Little Mermaid

12 - Tarzan


4 - Wreck it Ralph

13 - Pocahontas


6 - Princess and the Frog

11 - Treasure Planet


3 - Aladdin 1

14 - Aladdin 3


7 - Frozen

10 - Fantasia 2000


2 - Moana

15 - Tangled



1 - Toy Story

16 - Emperor’s New Groove


8 - The Great Mouse Detective

9 - Toy Story 2


5 - Bolt

12 - Inside Out


4 - Up

13 - Chicken Little


6 - Pinocchio

11 - Alice in Wonderland


3 - Monster’s Inc

14 - Black Cauldron


7 - Winnie the Pooh

10 - The AristoCats


2 - Toy Story 3

15 - Monsters University


Mid West:

1 - The Lion King

16 - Cars 3


8 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

9 - Brave


5 - Dumbo

12 - 101 Dalmatians


4 - Sleeping Beauty

13 - Home on the Range


6 - The Fox and the Hound

11 - Dinosaur


3 - Beauty and the Beast

14 - The Sword in the Stone


7 - A Bug’s Life

10 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


2 - Ratatoullie

15 - Cars 2



1 - Finding Nemo

16 - Melody of Time


8 - The Rescuers

9 - The Rescuers Down Under


5 - Peter Pan

12 - Hercules


4 - The Little Mermaid

13 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire


6 - Lilo & Stitch

11 - Finding Dory


3 - Coco

14 - Saludos Amigos


7 - Lady and the Tramp

10 - Robin Hood


2 - Wall-E

15 - The Good Dinosaur


Haters gon hate

bigcliff10 1 point

I'm glad someone was as dedicated as me! Your included some that I didn't think about and I did the same to you haha

bigcliff10 3 points

1 Seeds:

Lion King Beauty and the Beast Toy Story Cinderella

2 Seeds:

Pocahontas Mulan Finding Nemo Hercules

3 Seeds:

Peter Pan Tarzan Remember the Titans The Little Mermaid

4 Seeds:

Aladdin Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Emporer's New Groove Guardians of the Galaxy

5 Seeds:

Tangled Brave Frozen Jungle Book

6 Seeds:

Black Panther The Incredibles The Avengers Inside Out

7 Seeds:

Lilo and Stitch Moana The Santa Clause Enchanted

8 Seeds:

The Princess and the Frog Mary Poppins Monsters Inc. Finding Dory

9 Seeds:

Robin Hood Tuck Everlasting Saving Mr. Banks Iron Man

10 Seeds:

The Fox and the Hound Up Ant-Man The Sword and the Stone

11 Seeds:

Treasure Planet Bolt Meet the Robinsons Toy Story 2

12 Seeds:

The Rescuers Dr. Strange Toy Story 3 Monsters University

13 Seeds:

The Brave Little Toaster Saving Mr. Banks Enchanted Cool Runnings

14 Seeds:

Aladdin and the King Thieves How the Grinch Stole Christmas Into the Woods Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

15 Seeds:

Newsies Rescuers Down Under Thor The Incredible Hilk

16 Seeds:

The Return of Jafar The Incredible Hulk Miracle Kronk's New Groove

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