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Sheesh, you eat your cereal bowl?

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This isn't funny, it's fantastic. Wonderful imaginary vision. Great job, whoever did it.

Mildly interesting indeed. I have never seen lettuce or other produce stamped with the personal name of the grower before. Is this common in the UK? Or is Rob Parker the name of the farm?

This was a Family Guy episode with Chris and Meg

Spider Man's perfect defense strategy of blindly running into a tree really paid off.

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In the kid's defense, he probably can't see squat in that spider man mask.

I've seen something like this at a flea market, but they sell root beer, birch beer, and other flavors I don't remember. All non alcoholic.

what if... behind the emoji, it's a man with mustache

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Less surprising than a woman with a moustache.

Let me get this straight. The guys orders a hooker at plentyofhoes, his daughter comes to his hotel room.

This guy and lady realize their folly, they go to the media and share their story?

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Kinda like CNN and the dossier

Electronics can be dropped off for free for recycling at any Best Buy.

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No TVs accepted in my area. Costs $25 to take to the electronic recycling.

So why would collapsing cause an explosion?

Where does the % come from?

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So what's the problem here, y'all?

That's really cool, but I bet it's much harder to control with winds, than a normal balloon shape.

That doesn't look real. Looks like some kind of paste and the reddish paint is smeared.

Is Homer working this shift?

Aside from the humans, wolverine looks out of place. I understand they are all Marvel.

So if she's a witch then she must weigh as much as a duck and be made out of wood. (Trial by water)

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Could someone explain to me what this picture has to do with the text?

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She's hot, so the chicken came first.

What manner of stupid is this?

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Spelling of “Antarctica”

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It Aunt Artica.

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Why do people say stupid things like this? History is true. Your great grandparents were not a myth. Just because some people ADD things to historical facts, doesn't mean that that the facts change. St Anthony was a real person and Elrond is pure fiction. The myth may be the holy deeds of St Anthony but that's her faith.

Did her prayers come true?

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Prayers are not wishes. She wasn't blowing out birthday candles.

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