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biranouk commented on a post in r/gaming
biranouk -10 points

Not sure why the downvotes, still right

Maxwell3004 6 points

Why do you feel the need to keep replying to your comments? This isn't r/oldpeoplefacebook just edit.

biranouk -5 points

Still doesn't answer why the downvotes? 🤔

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DFxNickFury 1 point

Can someone provide proof that this happened?

biranouk 2 points

Yeah the source I used wasn't exactly the most reliable, here is a more reliable source.

biranouk commented on a post in r/todayilearned
biranouk 57 points

It's crazy to think how talented Freddy Mercury was. There was no pitch correction back then, he even doubled his vocals with so much precision that it sounds like a phasing effect. Probably one of the greatest singers in history.

biranouk commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Condawg 6 points

I wonder why yours got removed, theirs didn't, they used an old comment in your thread, and then reposted it and it stayed up.

nu2readit 2 points

Theirs didn't get removed because they posted a different link to the same information. Still a repost but not one that can get caught by the spam filter.

biranouk 5 points

I used the same link OP used when I posted this yesterday. The title is even identical to the one I used.

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