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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
redditbng 9 points

Next FUD wave inc...

bitcoinhodler89 24 points

FUD? they work together closely in a large office building as evidenced by the office tour video and annual conference. Could you imagine if two companies that work together rented office space from the same building? Oh the horror.

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
cogentat 1 point

Anybody know if non-masternode holders, say 1000 wtc, be able to stake and get returns?

bitcoinhodler89 3 points

Yes they will

Infinite-hold 5 points

It sounds like partners are being lent WTC initially so that they can replish it through mining. Thus keeping the buying off the exchanges. Let’s be honest, is a smart city going to stop functioning because someone has to go onto binance first to buy more WTC? Something is missing here.

bitcoinhodler89 4 points

Sounds like they have to buy through exchanges? What wording to you sounds like it is lent? Edit: I guess it’s just they’ll give some coins to new projects to entice them to use it. Doesn’t say how much. I imagine it wouldn’t be too significant.

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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
webeatpokemon 9 points

Did they ever announce what the "Ground breaking new application that would flip crypto currency on its head" was that they first mentioned at the annual event?

bitcoinhodler89 -3 points

They just mentioned something about gesture sensors... not sure the purpose of that and Blockchain

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Thunderbolt8 1 point

meh so why does binance do this?

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

Prevent orders differing by 1 satoshi

blackgaylibertarian 2 points

*Dip to 1-3k.

bitcoinhodler89 2 points

You evil evil man

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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
fishlessfishstick 12 points

Hey guys, look at the bright side. Walton beat out QTUM in Round One of Crypto March Madness ✌

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

What is this based on. Price differential between those times?

rulerslick 6 points

Not that it matters too much due to very low volume and no reason to buy but Binance just moved 600,888 WTC from cold storage to the hot wallet due to so many withdraws.

First time in 41 days.

bitcoinhodler89 6 points

Maybe it’s because of the FREC AirDrop?

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/educationalgifs
Captn-smak-a-hoe 1 point

I have seen 2 fire sprinklers go off so far. The water has never as blue and clean as shown. Each time it has been some dirty foul brown rusty water raining down.

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

Yep the water is usually really nasty after sitting for so long

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
roggoror 1 point

what the fuck?

How has no one given a correct answer yet? The difference is that you can never get money out of the Battle.Net system. You can only put more money in to buy games or services from Blizzard. Even if you exchange gold for a Token to buy Hearthstone cards or whatever - you're just exchanging stuff on a platform. There is no way for you to turn this token into actual money.

Blizzard does this because this way they don't have to care about money laundering. If they allowed money to flow out of their platform then the IRS would fuck them up.

Now of course you can sell gold to some chinese guy via a black market website but that's against Blizzard's ToS so they don't have to give a fuck. Also that would be a taxable event.

By the way, exactly what I just said is also true for Steam, Origin etc.

It's always possible to exchange your bitcoin or whatever for actual money. That's not (legally) possible with WoW gold.

bitcoinhodler89 2 points

If someone paid you money for it then that would be taxable, no?

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
ISHQISHQ 5 points

Hi just a noob question, how is frec chain working when the main net not launched yet? Pls enlighten me. Thx

bitcoinhodler89 3 points

It’s currently an ERC-20 token, to be transitioned to the WTC Blockchain as far as I know when ready.

JSmooveGG 2 points

I have a noob question, what wallet do I need to participate in this? Can I download it via phone? I've always kept my coins in an exchange.

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

Need to move your coins to an address you have the private key for before the date. After that they’ll send you the coins automatically. Amazing.

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
cubes0 1 point

I'm not quite sure what you're is a genuine question. If a company wants to incorporate Walton into their business somehow, they'll need to buy Waltonchain tokens, right?

bitcoinhodler89 5 points

If a company ever needs the services of another company they pay them right? Not trying to be smart but if the cost of WTC tokens is cheaper than their current solutions and there’s a value add... then what is stopping them?

cubes0 1 point

That’s true, it probably sounds stupid but I didn’t think of it that way. I just couldn’t imagine a multinational company buying WTC on Binance for example, but the technology seems to be advancing so quickly I’m sure it’ll be very easy to buy tokens in the next few years!

bitcoinhodler89 6 points

They can buy direct from Waltonchain over the counter. No need for Binance.

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