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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
NewThingsNewStuff 11 points

Hillary is a lot of things, but she's not stupid.

bitcoinhodler89 16 points

That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo

NewThingsNewStuff 22 points

She's absolutely right here, though. She knows what's happening in the world. She, and the rest of Washington, just like to play politics.

And because of that, moments like this video stand for potential HUGE REDPILLS. Show it far and wide!

bitcoinhodler89 8 points

I know, I’m just meming :D

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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
turdinthepunch 36 points

These are not reporters. These are activists.

bitcoinhodler89 18 points

EVERY fucking question with an implied or obvious bias.... holy shit it’s retarded

bitcoinhodler89 5 points

Holy shit these journalists are insufferable

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
stellamonkey 7 points

actually, most Canadians think Trudeau is a useless soy boy, BUT, the majority of Canadians have formed their opinions abour Trump based on the US MSM -- which is regurgitated by the Cdn MSM. So, most Canadians dislike Trump based on B.S. MSM reporting about him. Canadians have always felt "smaller and less successful" than the U.S., so being able to "boast" that "at least Trump is not our President/Prime Minister" makes them feel superior, in their minds. It is really pathetic. If I wore a MAGA hat or t-shirt on transit in any larger Canadian city, I would get taunted and most likely assaulted. PATHETIC!!!! I would say that about 30-40% of Canadians actually love TRUMP and wish he was our leader.....

bitcoinhodler89 3 points

Canadian here - accurate

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
[deleted] 3 points


bitcoinhodler89 1 point

Exactly. Mining is all based on greed. Otherwise why bother? That’s the whole intention.

kaito1000 1 point

Now you can save yourself some electricity costs

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

Now I have some useless PC parts. The electricity is mostly generated from the GPU anyways. And the other pcs I used to build are barebones shitty celerons won’t handle the multi gpu hack

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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
[deleted] -22 points


bitcoinhodler89 6 points

Thanks for your “comment” u/Bannedfromwalton - I guess you can anticipate what’s gonna happen next right? Post some FUD, then even inflate the numbers by 33%. If anything it’s 300K

Sock_Puppet_Orgy 10 points

It's not really about political views. That sub is just a bunch of stupid pepe memes and blatant racism.

bitcoinhodler89 -3 points

Actually.... no.

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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
thingstuff 376 points

Selling crypto now is like selling random .com startups in 199X.

If you sell one of the minority that end up being long term winners it'll suck, otherwise you're coming out way ahead.

No gamble, no future though.

I'm pretty bullish on $DYOR.

bitcoinhodler89 17 points

I’m big on $FOMO

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
scavicchio 2 points

Maybe you’re right, but I’m just referring to what actually happened after the multi GPU release. I’m sure many were waiting on parts and/or installing new OS.

I’ve also heard that some people have figured out how to remove the hash cap for GPU which I suspect if true is the real reason for this spike.

As far as the actual topic, IMO, any big mining farm already bought the multi GPU hack before the Reddit post. It was only selling for about 1 XMR which is nothing to a large farm like Digital Gold, who, spoiler alert, advertised having multi GPU support for Walton long before the public post. The only people i think this really helped were those who had 2-8 GPU in a small farm who couldn’t afford to pay for the hack that was circulating since just a week or 2 after mainnet launch.

On top of that, having it public puts every miner on a level playing field and keeps people safe from buying dangerous exe. the only real reason to be upset about the release is if you are one of those who paid for the multi hack before and are now upset at profits being lower. Meanwhile, WTC is still one of if not the most profitable coin out there at this moment. Sure my profits went down (I only mine on a 1700 and 1050ti), but the network security is higher now that the total hash is increasing.

Some other points I think are noteworthy:

1) if the hack to remove the GPU cap is true, then that is more dangerous than the multi GPU public hack and I bet that is to blame for the spike in difficulty.

2) if you look at coins like eth and xmr then you will see a good correlation between price and network hash. (More hash = higher price). This is i think due to both an increase in price to keep the miners happy enough with profit to continue mining, and that having more miners creates more transactions and “buzz” about a coin.

3) I think having to change cpu, mobo, and possibly psu to start multi GPU mining Walton is a barrier that has been stopping larger eth farms from switching

4) I think having to wait until mainnet to cash out is another barrier to large farms looking to switch - since they won’t be able to cash out until later

Of course, none of this is an attack on you personally, I just enjoy the debate :). And I’m willing to change my mind if you can convince me. I’m also curious if you agree with points 3 and 4 that I listed.

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

So why are we thinking GPU hashrate is capped?

scavicchio 2 points

Only because the hashrate is not as large as people expected. On most algorithms a GPU will outperform a CPU in large magnitudes but not as much for Walton.

Another reason is that if you look at HWMonitor or some other GPU usage monitoring application you will notice that you are not using 100% of the GPU just from the way the algorithm is designed.

Other anecdotal evidence is how close a 1080 is in hash power to a 1080ti.

For example, Walton CPU hash on a ryzen 1700 (my rig) is 250k. My 1050ti gets only 100k. But if I were to use nicehash, I would get similar profits on both.

Open to corrections if I am wrong

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

Depends on the algorithms though no? Can’t compare directly to nicehash. But yeah it’s weird how the power consumption isn’t as high

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
WaltHub 1 point

Wonder if this guy mistakenly sent too much out or what. Odd transactions.

bitcoinhodler89 0 points

No looks like a GMN who is leasing out his GMN as a mining pool?

WaltHub -1 points

There's only two outbound addresses from a quick look. Either way he's lost his GMN unfortunately.

bitcoinhodler89 0 points

There are more than 2. And it’s possible he’s only got 2 miners that find blocks at this difficulty. Who knows.

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
DC92T 5 points

Your not kidding. 1/3rd of my stash is in BNB, I wish I bought more at 5$...

bitcoinhodler89 2 points

Wish I bought more at $1.50 and didn’t sell at $4 Had 1800 sigh lol it just wasn’t moving at the time when I sold it

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
lurkwellmyfriends 75 points

He's got a new one, lauding Wray. Interesting. I like the "Good instincts" part though, lol.

spez: So glad twitter pushes the cancer responses to the top. Wow. Holy fuck.

bitcoinhodler89 10 points


bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Jumbuck_Tuckerbag 3 points

I got some months ago and it's the only coin that's held. I really just got a few to pay less for trades. Wishing I would have gotten more.

bitcoinhodler89 0 points

Sigh why did I sell my 1800 months ago? Bought in at like $1.50

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
lil-Blockchain 1 point

I'm seeing some indication that VEN is infringing on WTC patents regarding hash functions inside rfid/nfc chips. Will Walton take legal action?

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

You can only patent certain ways to do something. If VEN figures out a different way to go about the same thing, it wouldn’t be a patent violation. Depends what they’re doing and what Walton’s patent is for.

bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
SVTBert 1 point

Rosenstein is the Deputy AG, second in command in the DOJ. And since Sessions recused himself from the Russia stuff, it makes Rosenstein #1. So how can you properly drain the swamp when the swamp holds the #1 position?

There are a few caveats though - Sessions only recused himself from campaign-related issues. Theoretically he still has power and that's why we're seeing an unprecedented number of sealed indictments. He's just sleeping on them until the swamp is drained and justice can proceed smoothly.

Once Rosenstein is out, the next person with authority regarding the Russia investigation is one of /our/ guys. The Russia investigation can then be shut down. After that, there won't be a need for a second special council because Sessions has already granted Huber the full weight of the IG's staff of 470 investigators to completely clean house and tear down the swamp.

The show is just beginning, and the fireworks are going to be huge.

bitcoinhodler89 2 points

Hope you’re right pede. Thanks.

SVTBert 1 point

You're joking. You could say the same thing about POTUS by that logic.

Sessions can't do shit until the FBI is cleaned up and Rat Rosenstein is out. Unless you expect the SAME people who bungled the Clinton investigation to somehow magically not continue to fuck things up.

Until the FBI is cleaned out and is able to perform a proper, fair investigation in order to hand a proper, fair case to a prosecutor, in order to have a proper, fair trial for Clinton's crimes, Sessions' hands are tied just like POTUS.

In the meantime, he's deporting illegals and saving children, and you're complaining about it and wanting to kick him out.

bitcoinhodler89 1 point

Why does he need to wait until Rosenstein is out?

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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
FrankieDs 10 points

This just gets darker and darker the more you read it.

bitcoinhodler89 2 points

Any examples to point out?

a_non_tossaway 1 point

CTRL+F page



bitcoinhodler89 2 points

Fair enough

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bitcoinhodler89 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
User01262016 4 points

Pg 303 mentions the officer who was reviewing the laptop for child porn became agitated and very nervous and insisted on speaking to someone at the FBI. I mean if my job is to look at child porn evidence all day what could actually make me nervous and agitated? Must have been something out of the ordinary?

bitcoinhodler89 1 point


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