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Its basic supply and demand.

More eth dAAPS ICOS and other Shitcoins ->

BitCoin rises by Demand and Hodlers

657,000 more coins will be minted from 2018 to Jan 1st 2019.

Out of those mined coins; China ban on ICO affects it somewhat. Sorry to say there are just to many Scams out there with no Returns they just steal you Crypto of BTC cause they can't afford to Mine it.

Sorry; if there is NO INNOVATION behind the BTC other then speed of production of a shitcoin by blocksize, transaction time. These are shills now.

Its been fixed since Litecoin & DOGE. Monero & Aion took our privacy back; but the USG slapped you with Terrisom & Drug Charges if you get caught using those basically for Tax Evasion.

Eth is pretty much the only change, and that Vaporware HASHGRID which might dethrone EVERYTHING... if it comes true. But hashgrid is private tech.

Eth can't even run a Gaming Service but HashGrid claims they can run a Blockchain backed MMO-RPG with 450,000 transactions a second if this Vaporware becomes true. That is crazy. That 34% miner attack on Hashgrid is more risky then the 51% attacks though on Bitcoin.

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Been telling this to people since November 2017. USA exchanges are fakestream media.

So much easy profits to be made from Coinbase to Blinktrade in Sourthamerica.

The difference via escrow for 1btc was 8000 on USA while I was trading for 9800 on Coinbase every 1 1/2 hours while Daylight hours 2 to 5 coins profits a day.

This gap in value was going on all the way when america was like bitcoin hit 19000+ hell bitcoin was at 23000+ around the world. It already passed 20k

People need to stop trusting this exchanges, Localbitcoins don't lie about prices. You in fear of doing a local bitcoin exchange take them into a bank (public area business and ask them for a 1099 and promissary note.) At least you know you'll get your BITCOIN safe and secured.

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto stated in the past which is a fact.

"Bitcoin is worth what someone is willing to pay for it."

Just cause a group of webdevelopers get together first and claim they are the defacto price standard claim they post it on a central -fiat- exchanges don't mean it can't be controlled by -switches and -insider trading- deals behind shut door collusion.

That why I don't trust coin-marketcap still 100% People don't remember about Roger Ver & Mt Gox...? LOL... keep your own privatekeys make your confimed Escrow Exchanges, just update the IRS or have a nice jailcell.

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bitcointwitter 1 point

No QR CODE of PUBLIC WALLET! NEEDS ONE! First race car where people can donate to upgrade the parts (for fun)

Can see it now "Bitcoin taking the lead, behind it Ripple & Eth!"

BorisJGR 1 point

Dang. That’s true.

bitcointwitter 2 points

Get it DONE! PS ask the pineapple fund to support your race proproganda

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bitcointwitter -1 points

why are you saying bullshit~

I support only #btc, fuck those alt crypto.

jbaum517 1 point

I'd support another crypto on top of BTC if one actually came around that actually maintained decentralization, trustlessness, and security... alas...

bitcointwitter 1 point

Nah i thought he was shiling me directly; i didn't know he was talking about twitter... put my glasses on.

I use bitcointwitter here lolol

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Wait till they start engraving real diamonds with

"privatekeys" and saying "this 2 carat diamond is backed by 1 bitcoin inside it.

After all GIA can write and imprint inside diamonds now it wouldnt be far fetched to see if some jewlery tycoon would hide a privatekey on a diamond in a safety deposit box.

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If B.A. really had a head he of been like~

"I have a contract to honor your bitcoin while in my Coinbase Company, but guess what.... your bitcoin cash is mine...?"

"Its my private keys the fork was created it was my benefit. I just have to give you 'bitcoins' not bcash."

"That just social justice fud you know the terms of a fork yet you its not my responsiblity to know what days it will be forked that is YOURS."

"Its my cold wallet. The 1:1 is my Bcash."

That would of been the BEST LESSON to the WHOLE CRYPTO WORLD.

And if the US government sided with Brain Armstrong.

You would be more wary of leaving your money in a Exchange overnight.

He could of left a mega billioniare and said peace. Take your bitcoins. I'll bcash my life.

No where in the contract did it say he had to honor FORKS... the only people who deserve a fork of bitcoin splits are those who HODL their private keys.

Like Andre Anno says "Not your private keys, not your bitcoins."

Of course you might of wanted to kill him for getting one over on you, but who gave him your bitcoin.

You did. Be your own bank. You just are a shitty banker.

I might get a lot of downvotes for that comment.

But I think we need a "Villian with the Government Protecting him on this" lesson.

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