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Had my first 2 sat transaction go through last-night in 10minutes.

Yep altcoins, goodbye~ bye byeaaaa bayyyy fucking scam shitcrypto!

All alt coins are a gruop of programmers working hard to promote their opensource copied scamcoin / 3rd industrial scamolution (revolution) stock portfolio.

Just do business in bitcoin and satoshis and the world will be a better place... for you, and me, for you, and me...

And will see! Put a little satoshis in your heart! And my lyrics, are all over the place!

Good vodka indeed.

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this year bitcoin mining arm race goes full swing with Samsung dropping billions into it to HODL in Korea.

Bitcoin can fly to $25k-$150,000 by february 2019 ( IF LUCKY ) If bitcoin hits over $100,000+

Gold will drop to like shit $100-$200 levels. Silver will stay the same why: Application and uses by supply and demand but for Gold. Fuck those horders and their tax middleman delivery fees. GO make some artwork, or clothing, or spaceship.

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bitcoin fires banks/accountants eth fires judges/lawyers (its coming)

The rich will try to outlaw it, but the masses will kill them. So either embrace it or die, being a book page in history.

The end.

"And class that was your lesson today is Feb 18, 2143." -teacher says in NYC

"Any questions?"

"Teacher. Are we going to the World Trade Center Museum this year?"

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Only idiots don't understand the difference between domesticated and non-domesticated animals.

Let the idiots go out in day and night.

Try to put up "billboards" and paper flyers by a pack of them coyotes and see how that shit ends up, "Them being the processed coyote shit compost out those wild animal mouths."

Rabbits for example are the fastest breeding animal on land. Just a male and female rabbit could become 100's in a year easily.

Coyotes are a little farther behind rabbits but it still 100+ just for a male and female. If you don't live in a farm region, just stfu. That why those properly raised hunter/rancher/farming gun-control educated children shot them, they are doing ranch chores and learning how to protect the food crops, vegtables, and making sure you tax freeloaders might get fed.

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When I read this post, these comments off youtube flooded my mind from the past.

Obs_y can cause:

"Dick Retardation" "MGTOW" "Pay for your own Shit at Dinner" "Become a 100 cat caretaker" "Bitcoin investing before Divorce"

P.S. Ethereum Blockchain will replace Lawyers and Judges. Bitcoin will replace Accountants and Banks.

But not technology will replace Obs_y other then EXERCISE.

If you want to eat then stop eating FUCKIGN PROCESSED FLOUR for all your sandwiches that shit is 100% pure sugar. You think its bread you are mistaken.

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Alt coins about to get Fucked.

"SEC" is already making plans and rooms with many Cockmeat sandwiches at "Harold & Qumars" fav prison for all those ICO scammers.

If you cashed out any BTC / USD -> Shitcrypto ICO crap coins The SEC & FED, will find you. Eventually.

Not even monero will help unless you went Monero <-> Btc first before USD.

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Bitcoin is priced at whatever the "private key" owner thinks its worth.

Just cause a exchange says this is what people are paying. Someone could sell a bitcoin for a "Million dollars" on Localbitcoins and confirm the trade.

That is a lucky SOB. If it happens.

Then all exchanges will be like "That Milllionare Was Stupid" that's until all the other milionsare realize there isn't 21,000,000 bitcoins left its more like 14,000,000 cause people don't know what coins are dead, lost, destorybed by formats, stupid fatfinger errors, or deaths of user.

The VOID is huge. That why bitcoin only GOES UP to the Moon! And with 18,000,000 mined.... its only gonna get slower, and better for those who got them first.

Years later after his death on news media network stations will be like "The Warren Buffet Berth Haathshire Blah blah blah LLC Trust is now worth 10 trillion dollars, who'd of thought one man could be worth more then -GOLD MARKET- alone. Not to mention Satoshi Nakamoto as well, passing even him."

Think of it like this... there is 3,000,000 left. that is 3,000,000 more milionares letting it pass them by. If a billionare jumps in and scoops up 100,000 btc ~ 180000 btc ( 1.8 billion dollars at currency prices ) think of what the other billionares will have to do to get whats left of the 2,280,000 bitcoins left?

See if Warren Buffet was smart he'd dorp at least 25% of his worth into Bitcoin. Even if he don't know shit about it. Do it. Or your gonna let it pass you buy, he might be the worlds most publically wealthist multi-trillionare then still don't give a fuck about bitcoin.

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i know some people who used ANC coin and was trading like localbitcoins.

But if it said $1.80 cents it meant $18,000 dollars. Just saying.

But they was doing illegal deals, guns, human trafficing.

This darkpool is bullshit beyond belief.

Ever hear of collecting rare coins, some "Indian Penny is worth a lot to a collector but to the USG its still "A penny"

How do you think they get by taxes?

Bitcoin tech is worth whatever you want to trade for it. Find a close group and you don't have to have BIG CASH numbers.. just make your own ESTIMATES and keep your chain small and secure...

People be like oh its only $170080 market cap but it could be $17.0 billion and you'd never know.

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What seperates a good player vs a top teir.

When someone pays you to be apart of their "FC / Linkshell FFXI"

was paid a full dalmatica set, astral signia all cause i had a kraken club. The end. That earned me a relic, i didn't care to claim i still got the 20000 dynamis currnecy i never cashed in. Got tired of the game.

But like they say "Are you in the Kraken Club?"

As for ffxiv, this game is easy mode vs ffxi till over lv75+ cap was released.

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All you need is the "Rothschilds to open up their 1600 estate hodl" as the richest dynasty on Earth.

Worth what $600,000,000,000,000 they claim? All over youtube, drop 20trillion into bitcoin.

And they still the top family by 580trillion? lol

Jushe 3 points

Do you have a source for those numbers? Those numbers are pretty large

bitcointwitter 1 point

Watch it while you clean, your house slowly. Then you will understand the "Genesis Block" of the bitcoin blockchain.

2nd great channcellor of the banks. ( Rothschild )

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